Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Le Cafard

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Martin found himself in the middle of nowhere on Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 4, but what he learned may give him another opportunity to save the world.

That seems to be his life's calling, but being an Elvis impersonator would be a lot less stressful -- and fun!

I'd pay a good buck to see Jonas Nay expand on that way-too-brief Elvis impersonation he did for the Arab guy. I don't know what was more humorous: the actual impersonation or the confused look on the Arab guy's face.

Lovebirds - Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 4

He spoke nearly perfect English and had a weapons supermarket in his backyard, but he never heard of Elvis. That had to be a joke.

I don't quite understand why Gary Banks brought Martin to the middle of the desert, or even why he decided to keep Martin alive in the first place.

He could've let him die at the oil refinery.

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But Banks is a dealer in all sorts of things (and a scumbag to boot), and he saw Martin as an opportunity to make more money for himself.

He quickly figured out that Martin was the infamous East German spy, Colibri, but how anyone, even the Arabs, could think they could use Martin as a way to broker a deal with East Germany is beyond me.

Martin and the Arab Woman - Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 4

Martin was banished from his home country, so they aren't going to necessarily welcome him home with open arms.

Of course, if he had something valuable in his pocket to sell, they'd be all ears.

The truth is like the sun, we can try to shut it out for a while, but it ain't going away.


Martin could have been the key the East Germans needed to get their Love Boat smuggling operation off the ground, but unfortunately for them, Brigitte Winkelmann had more money to spend and was the highest bidder in Banks' "Who Wants Martin" sale.

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I never thought Brigitte was innocent, but for her to know and deal with a guy like Banks is a little disturbing.

Now that she wants to take him to Paris, especially after he just learned about the Arab connection to the Paris bombings, it's clear she's up to no good.

But who exactly is she working for and why?

Buying Garbage - Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 4

It's possible she might be an East German spy.

If you think about it, it'd make perfect sense because someone had to have given the East Germans the information about Frank Winkelmann, and it makes sense if she was the one who had done it.

If she is up to no good, then Martin is going to have to figure out a way to keep her from doing whatever destructive things she has planned.

He's all alone now, convinced (thanks to Banks) that both Lenora and Roberto are dead, so he has no one to turn to for help.

Walter: Excuse me. We're letting the West dump its trash here just to balance our books? Isn't that beneath us?
Dietrich: Why shouldn't we profit from the West's excessive consumption?

While Martin was trying to navigate through his latest dilemma, Walter was facing a dilemma of his own.

I'm not entirely convinced he's doing the whole Operation Love Boat thing because he cares about East Germany and its coffers or even about resurrecting his failed career.

Obviously, his cruise ship idea was a way for him to combine all of the above with his love for The Love Boat, but Walter isn't a happy guy.

Walter's Friend

He realizes he's made many mistakes in his life, starting with his failed and doomed relationship with Ingrid.

He has a son who doesn't even know who he is and a grandson he's never going to meet. 

His boss is the very woman he brought into the agency who also happens to be the mother of his grandson and who has never even (after how many years now) made an effort to allow Walter to get to know her son.

And after he found out that his beloved country is buying garbage from West Germany to balance the books, it has to be dawning on him that the East German dream doesn't exist.

Walter and the Woman - Deutschland86

Traveling to West Berlin was good for him. It gave him a chance to loosen up just a bit, but it also allowed him to see that the "free world" wasn't as scary or evil as he thought. 

He also realized just how lonely and isolated he is. He knows he doesn't fit in anymore, but he's still tied to his old loyalties which is why he didn't dance with the woman.

He's not quite ready to give it all up just yet, but he will. 

The Love Boat is just the beginning for Walter Schweppenstette.

Other Thoughts:

  • I hope Martin adopts Roberto at some point. That kid loves him.
  • Lenora is clearly upset at the possibility Martin is dead. I think her devotion to the East German cause is coming to an end.
  • It was hilarious how quickly Banks figured out that Martin was only drinking water. We have to remember that Martin is still pretty green.
  • I'm still convinced that Thomas is Max's father.
  • And while I thought that maybe it would be Martin who would shake Annett out of her idiocy, it may be Thomas who does the trick. She clearly is still in love with him.

Over to you!

What did you think of "Le Cafard"?

Whose side is Brigitte on? Has Lenora finally had enough?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Hartmann: Curfew is 11 p.m. Be back by then or you'll turn into a pumpkin.
Walter: Pumpkin?
Harmann: Cinderella?

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Walter: Excuse me. We're letting the West dump its trash here just to balance our books? Isn't that beneath us?
Dietrich: Why shouldn't we profit from the West's excessive consumption?