General Hospital: It’s November Sweeps Featuring, Murder, Mayhem, Dark Secrets & Regret!

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Life in Port Charles is full of mystery, murder, mayhem, secrets that can be exposed at any time and past regrets.

Mayhem erupted at the mayoral election thanks to Spencer. Young Cassadine hacked the election by infecting the voting machines with a virus. The computers spit out ballots with happy faces, as opposed to real votes.

I knew Spencer was up to no good, but I thought he would rig the election. Instead, he added his own touch by merely getting the election postponed. Now Laura has time to run a proper campaign.

Laura Spencer & Lulu - General Hospital

It never occurred to Spencer what he was doing could land him in big trouble. The shocked and terrified look on his face as both Laura and Ned vowed to make whoever tampered with the election pay was priceless. I almost felt sorry for him.

There is no love lost between Charlotte and Spencer. I love watching those two. They are so full of disgust for each other thanks to their family disputes it is a delight. Not all cousins get along, and these two are the perfect example of cousin dislike.

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The timing of the story has people in an uproar. I guess considering what is politically in our country it might not have been the best time for the story.

However, when the truth comes out, I believe the payoff for viewers will be worth it. There is no way Spencer can charm his way out of this mess. Laura is not going to be pleased with her conniving grandson.

Curtis Voter - General Hospital

I know lots of people don't like Spencer, but he is one of my favorite characters. Yes, he is full of himself, entitled, and a schemer but he brings such great energy to the show.

Speaking of characters people love to hate, pals Britt and Brad have reunited thanks to Anna's plan to trap Dr. Cbrecht. They are both liars and cheaters, but those two are kindred spirits.

Finally, Brad was able to share the whole secret regarding baby Wiley. It was perfect that Britt was the person he opened up to; she does have first-hand experience when it comes to baby stealing.

Brad Britt - General Hospital

Britt understood his dilemma but told him to man up and keep it together. His secret was a reminder of what she lost because of her own lie, Spencer, Nicholas and baby Ben, aka Rocco.

Side note here, how great was it to witness just how much Spencer and Britt still mean to each other. Despite all the drama, they love each other and grieve Nicholas, as well as their time as a family.

Brad Michael Baby Wiley - General Hospital

Both Britt and Spencer don't have a lot of family left, which makes their connection more special.

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Now that Brad has spilled the truth to someone, maybe he will chill out a little. His paranoia is going to get the best of him soon if he doesn't calm down.

Brad is right about one thing though, Michael is everywhere he goes now. Think about it, before the baby switch Michael, Brad and Lucas hardly ever interacted. I am pretty sure Michael was not even at their wedding.

I know it is part of the story, but it is overkill. I mean Michael holding Wiley so much and Brad freaking out all the time, is beyond annoying. How many more times are we going to see Michael fawn over his own kid before the truth comes out?

The baby switch story can't go on too much longer. It is getting redundant at this point with Brad freaking out and Michael mourning the baby he thinks he lost.

I can't wait for the fallout of this storyline. I think it is going to be much more intriguing than the actual baby switch.

Ryan & Ava - General Hospital

Ryan murdered Mary Pat, but it looks like he is going to set up poor Carly. Seriously she just got her life back after Nelle set her up, give the lady a break.

Carly has been running her mouth about finding out who her neighbor at Ferncliff was and Ryan's can't have that happen. He is going to frame Carly for murder, so he can keep murdering.

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Even though Carly hated Mary Pat, it is not believable that she would kill the nurse or even have Sonny have her killed.

The Port Charles PD is not the greatest, so I have a feeling Carly as a suspect is not going away.

Carly Fights - General Hospital

Speaking of Ryan, I am so over him, as well as the story. Can someone please just find out the truth about him. Seriously why is no one questioning ‘Kevin's" ethics or morals or his rash decision to separate from Laura?

Ryan is going to kill again and likely soon now that he fulfilled the urged with Mary Pat. I still think Kiki is going to be his next victim and he will frame Ava.

I have heard rumors the story would be wrapped up by the end of November sweeps, and I hope that is true.

Ryan Kevin - General Hospital

General Hospital Fanatics now it is your turn.

What is your least favorite storyline right now?

Are you happy Brad finally told someone about Wiley?

Do you think Spencer went too far with the election?

Who will be Ryan's next victim?

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