Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Give James Pickens Jr. All the Awards!!

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James Pickens Jr. deserves an Emmy! 

On Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 7, it was a Richard-centric hour that was moving and gave the "Chief" time to shine. Also, Catherine has an uphill battle when she gets diagnosed with cancer. 

Jackson and Maggie hit a snag in their relationship, and what do our Grey's Fanatics expect to see in the midseason finale? 

Join TV Fanatics Rachelle Lewis, Stacy Glanzman, Paul Dailly, and Kim Russell as the discuss the episode. 

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Catherine has cancer. React.

Rachelle: I think I would like this storyline better if Richard wasn’t already dealing with so much. He lost his sponsor, Frankie, and he is barely hanging on to his sobriety.

I was hoping it was a false alarm, but I knew it would be cancer because hello, this is Grey’s Anatomy. I am not on board yet but going to give it a couple of episodes before I truly decide how I feel about her cancer.

Stacy: I don't think it packed the punch that it was supposed to. It wasn't surprising or shocking, and our emotions were definitely with Richard and his patient. I understand they wanted to show that while Richard was going through everything back home, but it just didn't have the intended impact.

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Paul: Yeah, Catherine disappears for months at a time. It would have been a better twist if it was a character who was a consistent part of the narrative.

Kim: That sucks. Richard is already hanging on by a thread, and they're gonna do this to him? Not cool. I know, I know, he's not the one who has cancer, but I'm not too worried about Catherine.

Catherine is tough as nails and will do whatever is necessary to carry on. I really hope she does because I love her character. Richard, though, is a different story.

Opening Day - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 7

Did you enjoy a more Richard- centered episode and his case with Frankie?

Rachelle: I loved it! I thought it was a great way to show his inevitable downward spiral. Even though he went to the meeting, he left. It was smashing up the bar that had the chips for shots sign that gave him the breakdown he needed.

The bartender and sign triggered him, which is what he needed. I was upset they killed Frankie, but after I saw how it led to Richard finally hitting rock bottom, I liked it. Richard’s battle is far from over, as he continues to hide his struggles and now faces criminal charges.

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Stacy: I did. His storyline was by far the best one of the episode. I felt for him when he lost Frankie, but that little baby should give him some hope and comfort. I'm curious what will happen to him now, and if we'll ever find out his name.

Paul: I liked it a lot. It was evident this was coming. There have been little crumbs placed throughout several episodes of late.

Kim: I did. I love Richard, and ever since he hasn't been chief, he's kind of been on the back burner. It seems with Catherine's diagnosis and his alcoholism struggle at the forefront, he'll get more story time, and that's a good thing.

Jackson has been secretly talking to another woman and confessed to complicated feelings for April. What are your thoughts on the Jaggie spat? Did you side with one over the other, or understand both sides?

Rachelle: I am over Jaggie. I think Jackson should have been upfront with Maggie from the start when he returned. She should not have picked up his phone, but he should not have lied. Instead of just jumping back into bed and professing his feelings for Maggie, Jackson should have said what was really going on.

I understand what he is going through, but I don’t like that he wasn't upfront. I also understand Maggie walking out after he was honest. Just because you are honest, doesn’t mean a person is going to be understanding.

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Stacy: I was incredibly bored during every one of their scenes. I initially thought Jackson's spiritual journey could be interesting to see, but it hasn't been, and I'm over it already. I was never a fan of their relationship, so I hope it's over.

I love both characters, but I just don't see any chemistry between them. I don't side with either one. I think they're simply not right for each other, and it's neither of their faults. They both need something the other can't give.

Paul: Yeah, I hated Jaggie to begin with, but the 'ship grew on me with time. After this episode, I genuinely don't care. It's needless drama being thrown in, and I'm past the point of giving a damn.

Kim: Personally, I wanted Jackson and April back together. They were a great couple who went through something horrendous, but there was still love there.

I think Jackson has a huge point about Maggie being closed off. She tries to be there for everyone else and is, but when it comes to opening up, Jackson is spot on. They don't belong together anyway, so buh-bye.

Jaggie Make Up

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Rachelle: Richard was total MVP of the episode because he finally got all his anger out. Now, it was not in the right way, but it was so needed. Plus, I like that his breaking point was not a typical Richard response to something.

It was out of character but perfectly fitting for what he has been going through. I was so shocked by his actions but pleased at the same time. I was kind of cheering him on as he smashed the bar.

Stacy: I agree, it's Richard. A bar that trades shots for chips is despicable, and I was so proud of Richard for not drinking them. I wish he had just walked out. I know smashing the bottles was therapeutic for him, but I just don't have any desire to see another character combat legal troubles after we saw Alex go through it.

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Paul: Richard. The scene in the bar was a culmination of everything that's been eating away at him as of late.

Kim: Richard. When he went into the bar, there was no doubt in my mind why he was there. Watching him smash the liquor bottles while he cried was really powerful. Hope he doesn't spend too much time in jail.

Another Loss - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 7

What was your favorite scene and/or quote?

Rachelle: It has to be Richard smashing the bar. I know I keep saying that, but the scene just stuck with me. It was my favorite part of the whole episode.

Stacy: I liked all the scenes between Richard and Frankie, as well as all the other nurses that were gathering around her in support. It was heartbreaking to see their reactions when Richard walked out of the OR.

Paul: My favorite scene was Richard struggling to say the time of death. It was the moment everything changed for him, and it was powerful.

Kim: My favorite was the bar smashing scene with Richard, although I enjoyed him this entire episode.

What do you hope to see in the fall finale?

Rachelle: For the love of God, I hope Teddy tells Owen about the baby. Enough is enough already; let him find out. Even if it is a fall cliffhanger, I do not care; just let the secret come out. I would also like to know where the heck Betty is since that was not addressed at all in the current episode.

Stacy: I agree with both of Rachelle's answers, and I also want to see Richard start to pick himself back up. I am hoping the arrest and learning of his wife's cancer will be the kick in the pants he needs to find a new sponsor and get back with the program.

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Catherine is a very strong woman, and she emphasized how much she had to do on her own, but she will need his support through this. She can't do it on her own, and he has to get it together and be there for her.

Paul: I hope to see all the action on Grey's Anatomy, and none of it on Station 19. I'm tired of having to check in with Station 19 regularly to stay up to speed on what's going on with the Grey Sloan Memorial characters.

Kim: Teddy needs to fess up, and Catherine needs to tell Richard. I'm curious how he's going to handle the news.

It's your turn, Grey's Fanatics. Give it a go in the comments below! 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 7 Quotes

Frankie: Chief.
Richard: I haven't been a chief in years, Frankie.
Frankie: You'll always be my chief.

Tom: I'm sure if you ask nicely that flight attendant could scrounge up a kickass sedative to knock you right out.
Meredith: If you knew my history on planes you would not be making jokes.