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Claire is coming into her own, and I'm loving every single moment of it. 

On The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 7, the resident aimed to give her cancer-stricken friend, Kayla some more time to live, and it resulted in one of the most heartwarming hours of this ABC hit to date. 

Kayla was clinging to her mortality, and with her time running out, I struggled to connect with her because she wasn't acting like she had days to live. 

Claire Gets Help - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 7

While Claire and Dash were worrying about her, all she seemed concerned with was bettering their lives, and it certainly made me question what the heck was going on with her. 

It's only natural to worry about what will become of the love of your life when you're no longer in the land of the living. But asking your best friend to get together with the man in your life seemed like a recipe for disaster. 

Kayla was adamant that she wanted Claire to live her best life, and if you watch The Good Doctor online, you know that Claire has been a little too passive in the past. 

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Hell, The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 1 kicked off with Andrews telling her she was a pro in the O.R. but she needed to make some bolder decisions to show that she was capable of doing just that. 

Kayla's issue was that she felt Claire was letting opportunities pass her by, and that's a fair assessment in my book. 

When Claire blew up at Kayla for attempting to manipulate her, it became clear that being assertive has been an issue plaguing Claire for longer than I could have ever anticipated. 

You Should Date My Husband! - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 7

Kayla thought she was just helping matters all of these years, but instead, she was being too overbearing for Claire to handle. 

Knowing that Kayla was headed to surgery, and the high risk of her dying while being operated on, the argument really stuck with me. 

Everyone has that one overbearing friend, right?

The argument could have been their final interaction, so I'm thankful Kayla pulled through because I shudder to think how Claire would have held up in the aftermath. 

People say things in the heat of the moment that they don't really mean. I do believe Claire had grounds to push back, but right before life or death surgery was not the appropriate time to do it. 

Claire successfully helped her friend come to terms with the fact she was dying, and essentially drummed into her the fact that she needs to live these final months with that in consideration.

There was no chemistry whatsoever between Claire and Dash, so I'm glad both parties agreed that there was nothing there. 

Claire's Review - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 1

Despite the emotional punch this case packed, it seemed more like a plot device to get Claire closer to Melendez. I suspect the reason for Neil not allowing Claire back on his team is that his feelings are growing for her by the day. 

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There's an attraction between them, and they both seem to gravitate towards each other whenever they share the screen. It's difficult to get on board with a workplace romance because they almost always end in tears and convoluted drama. 

There has been a lot of back and forth between Claire and Neil, and I wouldn't be surprised if they share a kiss before the midseason finale comes to a close. 

And then there was the case of the feuding brothers. I mean, I'm all for some family drama, but I was not a fan of watching the two brothers sulk because each had different views about keeping the family business alive. 

Man: Everything in life is transactional and in this case, I've got all the leverage.
Shaun: Leverage?
Man: It's what you have that they need. It's how you shift a deal in your favor. You guys have no leverage, and no cards to play.

It was a run of the mill storyline with little in the way of surprises, and we could have done without it. The only positive I took from it was that it helped Shaun when it came to poor Hubert. 

Looking for a Pet - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 7

Hubert barely got any time to shine before he was dead, and that's sad. Given that Shaun and Lea can't seem to remain civil for more than a few scenes, I rolled my eyes when they were in the pet store. 

I did laugh out loud when Lea complained that there was something wrong with the fish because he looked bored. I was blindsided when Shaun returned home to find the fish upside down. 

In any case, this showed viewers a more vulnerable and likable side to Lea. It was heartbreaking to watch her wonder if she was the cause of Hubert's premature demise. 

I love him enough to give him a kidney. He should love me enough to accept an offer that would improve my life, too. I mean, it's a much lower ask than a vital organ.


It was typical of Shaun to use the hospital resources to do some digging into the real cause of Hubert's death, and the result was actually a shock. 

As someone who has dabbled in the world of looking after goldfish, I know that a lot of issues can arise in those first few days in the tank. 

Lea's Pain - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 6

From issues with the water to the filter to PH levels not being up to check, I understood Lea's frustration. But witnessing the reaction on her face when it emerged there was a genuine issue made all of sad scenes leading up to the big reveal worth it. 

As for Glassman, his story continued to be well away from the other key players once again, and it's starting to get tiring. 

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He's supposed to be on the road to recovery, but all the poor man seems to be getting is setback after setback. Blaise has been vocal about his recovery being tough, and we learned first hand that his brain is not functioning as well as it should be. 

Now that he's forgetting things, I'm growing increasingly concerned for his wellbeing.  He's well aware of what health complications could be on the horizon for him. 

The chances of him returning to work are getting slimmer by the week. 

Glassman's Prognosis - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 1

He's putting on a hard as nails front because he doesn't want to appear weak and thinks that will help him in the long run. But deep down, he's petrified and is quite literally hanging on by a thread. 

It's difficult to watch someone who has given out such sound advice since the series debuted waste away like this. Hopefully, he can pull through, but I'm starting to wonder where this storyline is really going. 

I can't imagine how Aaron's death would affect Shaun. Aaron was the one constant in Shaun's life after his brother died, and I hope the powers that be don't toy with our emotions by thrusting Shaun into a world his mentor in it. 

That's all I got, The Good Doctor Fanatics!

What are your thoughts on the latest episode?

Hit the comments below. 

The Good Doctor continues Monday on ABC. 

Hubert Review

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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Man: I'm not selling Santiago anything.
Morgan: You're receiving money from a third party in exchange for your kidney.
Shaun: He's receiving money from a third party for his business. So is his brother.

I love him enough to give him a kidney. He should love me enough to accept an offer that would improve my life, too. I mean, it's a much lower ask than a vital organ.