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Did Khalil collapse under the pressure?

That was revealed on Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 5 when Tobias gave the teenager more work than ever before because Syonide was no longer his right hand. 

Meanwhile, Jefferson and Anissa worked together to investigate the hometown of a man at the clinic. 

However, the father and daughter found themselves in the midst of their most fatal fight yet when they learned all about the man. 

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Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Tobias: Well, if it isn’t the man we all know and love, Councilman Kwame Parker.
Kwame: Tobias Whale. So this is your version of a law-abiding citizen looks like?
Tobias: Depends on what law you’re referring to. I adhere to the law of the jungle. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. Either you’re dining or you’re dinner.

Anissa: Look, I’m sure I’m selfish for just popping by like this, but my uncle ... he died tonight. Yeah, it was unexpected, but it got me thinking. If I knew I only had one day to live, who, besides my family, would I want to spend that day with? I only came up with one name: you.
Grace: What do you expect me to say to something like that?
Anissa: I don’t expect you to say anything.
[They kiss]