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What was Caitlin's father up to?

That was revealed on The Flash Season 5 Episode 6 when the father and daughter finally met up with each other and chatted about their differences. 

Meanwhile, Barry and Cisco learned some shocking information of their own and set out to confirm the validity of it. 

Also, Iris and Sherloque followed a clue about Cicada, and it appeared that only Nora could help get them closer to the truth. 

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Caitlin: He's the only family I have left.
Barry: But Caitlin, that's not true. We're your family too. And we're only asking you to keep an open mind because we care about you. Especially Cisco.

Nora: Do you mind if I actually come with you, too? It’s just that I saw you jump off a building last week and that was awesome so I thought maybe I’d come with you while you did some detective work?
Iris:We would love to have you come with us.