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Did Beck manage to make things right with Joe?

That was addressed on YOU Season 1 Episode 10 when Beck was locked under the bookstore after realizing that everything she feared about Joe was right. 

Meanwhile, Beck finally revealed everything about her dark past, and it made Joe question whether the woman he was obsessed with was actually likable. 

Also, a revelation about Peach came to light but did it lead the police to Beck's location. 

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YOU Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Ethan: It's pretty weird when someone dies, and you literally can't get away from them on the news. Enjoy the book. She was a really good writer.
Joe Voiceover: You really were, Beck. I miss you so much. It's been a weird four months. I had to do a lot for you. In the end, you wrote the story. All I did was bring it to life. The story was perfect so everyone believed it. It's true maybe not everyone was completely convinced, but you know what? It doesn't matter. The evidence was overwhelming thanks to your hard work and mine. It's the last thing we ever did together. In the end, you couldn't love me. I feel at peace with that now because I loved you the absolute best that I could. And I gave you what you wanted. I feel good about that. I helped you become the writer that you so wanted to be. Your lurid memoir of Dr. Nicky was the lead, but I cobbled that manuscript together from every one of your pieces fit to print. The book is yours, Beck and it made you famous. It's sad you aren't here to see it, but I know you would be so happy.

Joe: I'll be back soon. The basement is off limits until I finish performing open heart surgery on a first edition, Sylvia Plath.
Ethan: Nice. What kind of position is she in?
Joe: Fragile. Very fragile.