Celebrity Big Brother Mystery: What Happened to Anthony Scaramucci?!

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Anthony Scaramucci is out!

Celebrity Big Brother may have just kicked off on January 21, but we already have our first big departure, and it's already happened off-screen. 

His absence from the famous house came to light when the live feeds were switched on after Tuesday's episode. 

Anthony Scaramucci - Big Brother

Jonathan Bennett, Joey Lawrence, Dina Lohan, and Tamar Braxton were caught questioning whether The Mooch's picture on the memory wall would fade, confirming that something was amiss. 

Thanks to the power of the internet, Scaramucci appeared at an event in Switzerland, confirming he was out of the game and the running for the $250k cash prize. 

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While Anthony definitely not returning now that he's back in the outside world, he said the following to TMZ:

“I just left the Big Brother house… you have to tune in Friday to understand what happened. Unfortunately, I signed a confidentiality [agreement], but there’s a little bit of a cliffhanger.”

Anthony Scaramucci In the Diary Room - Big Brother

It's a cliffhanger indeed, Celebrity Big Brother Fanatics!

All of this means that The Mooch lasted longer inside the White House than he did in the Big Brother house. 

He lasted 11 days as Communications Director for Donald Trump before being famously fired. 

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However, Scaramucci lasted just six days on the sophomore run of this special Winter edition of the CBS smash. 

If you've been watching along with the show as it's been airing on CBS, you will know that Anthony's future in the game was left up in the air on Tuesday's episode. 

Anthony Scaramucci Attends Golden Globes

Olympic gold medalist and current HOH in the house, Ryan Lochte opted to put Anthony on the block alongside his ally Tom Green. 

With no word from CBS, it remains to be seen why the star has opted to leave, but there could be an easy explanation here:

If Scaramucci was given the boot this coming Friday, it would still mean his tenure in the house was shorter than his turn in the White House. 

Are we to assume he decided to cut his losses and exit the game instead of a likely eviction?

We have no idea, but we'll find out on Friday's episode which will also feature the eviction of a houseguest. 

What are your thoughts on this, Big Brother Fanatics?

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition continues tonight on CBS. 

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