Days of Our Lives Round Table: Choose the Next Mayor for Salem

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Chad made a choice about Dimera Enterprises, Eve convinced Jack to run for mayor, and Eric flipped out when Xander and Sarah hit the sheets this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Stephanie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if Chad should resign, is there chemistry between Ted and Hope, can Xander be redeemed, and who would make the best mayor for Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Is Chad right to resign and walk away from Dimera Enterprises or should he stay and fight for the company?

Stephanie: I think Chad is right to resign. At this point in time, he has to choose between his family and continuing to battle with Stefan, which is what led to him losing it all in the first place.

If he truly wants Abigail back, then he needs to do everything he can to regain her trust. I think giving up Dimera Enterprises is a good start since it will show that he is willing to give up his birthright for the sake of his family and their safety.

Jack: I’m so over the CEO drama, so if Chad walking away means an end to sitting at the chessboard sniping with Stefan about who's better qualified, I'm all for Chad walking away.

That said, I don't see why being CEO means he has to live at the Dimera Mansion so he could have had both his job and rebuilt things with Abby just by moving out.

Christine: I think moving on could be the best thing for Chad. With the experience as CEO, I’m sure he can find another job, and he and Abigail deserve a fresh start without the constant turmoil that being around Stefan provide.

Sleeping With Her Enemy - Days of Our Lives

Did Sarah sleep with Xander to get back at Rex, Eric, or some other reason?

Stephanie: I think Sarah slept with Xander to get back at Rex. Her main objective after she found out about his affair with her sister was revenge, and she made sure she got it with the first guy who was willing, no matter how terrible he was.

Jack: I think it's partially she wanted to get back at Rex and Eric and partially because she was tipsy. At least this time it wasn't a sober person taking advantage of a too-drunk-to-consent one as has happened countless times.

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Could we please let Maggie help Sarah with her alcoholism and stop portraying these childish tantrums and drunk behavior as normal?

Christine: She wanted to get back at Rex and she was hurt that Eric rejected her. Xander just happened to be a willing participant at the right place and time. I don’t even think the alcohol played that much of a role in it. Xander’s a hot guy and obviously attracted to her, so Sarah indulged in a fun distraction.

Ted Laurent - Days of Our Lives

Do you feel any chemistry between Ted and Hope?

Stephanie: I do think that there are sparks between Ted and Hope. That’s why Rafe was so quick to believe they were having an affair when he caught them in that hotel room together, and Ted told him that little lie. He could see it too!

Jack: No. I kept thinking that if Hope rejected Aiden for a lie that meant nothing, what is she doing giving the time of day to the far sleazier Ted?

Christine: I feel nothing between these two characters and think this whole storyline is a waste of time, but if it eventually gets Hope away from Rafe permanently then I’m on board.

Back Again And Causing Trouble - Days of Our Lives

Can Xander be redeemed? Would you like him to be or have him remain a villain?

Stephanie: I’m not sure that Xander can be redeemed since he has done so many reprehensible things. I think I want him to stay a villain though. He is evil, but he is also a fun type of villain who brings comedy to the show.

Jack: I think they are trying to make Xander/Sarah into Sami/EJ part 2. Xander can definitely pull off the grey character semi-villain bit, though it does make me think they should have just had Paul Tefler be a recast EJ in the first place. If Xander does soften I'd rather it not be because of whiny annoying Sarah.

Christine: I think he can be redeemed in the same vein as EJ or Victor, who are never going to be “good” guys but still have good qualities. No one has ever believed in Xander or given him a chance and perhaps if someone did, he might surprise them.

Stunned By the Truth - Days of Our Lives

Who do you think would make the best mayor: Abe Carver, Melinda Trask, or Jack Devereaux?

Stephanie: I think Abe is the best choice on the list even though he hasn’t always been the greatest character in recent years.

Melinda is too crafty and too focused on getting her way to serve the citizens of Salem well, and Jack has absolutely no idea who he or anyone else is at this point. If he can’t remember his own family, he most likely doesn’t remember the first thing about Salem or how to run it.

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Jack: Abe gets my vote despite his insistence that Hope is a good commissioner (which unfortunately Trask is right about).

Trask would run Salem into the ground, and while Jack might have good ideas he is too easily manipulated by hearing bad things about himself that he doesn't remember and that's a problem because if the wrong person gets his ear he'll make poor decisions for the town.

Christine: I think Jack would be great if he could only remember his past. He needs Jennifer as a stabilizing influence to be able to do the job well. As things are, I suppose Abe is the best choice even though I’m not his biggest fan. Melinda is so arrogant and selfish that I wouldn’t trust her to look after a goldfish never mind an entire town.

Claire Makes a Move - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you the most this week in Salem? 

Stephanie: I was disappointed that Tripp gave in to Claire’s advances so easily. He told her that if anything is going to happen between them, he wants to take it slow, but she wouldn’t listen and pushed him right into her bedroom.

I hate how desperate she is acting and would much rather see her focus on her music than on trying yet again to attach herself to one of Ciara’s old boyfriends. Tripp should have been much more firm and told her no the same way Eric said no to Sarah when she was trying to seduce him.

Jack: Stop focusing on the Eve/JJ debacle. That's not what defines JJ. And since we did have to go there, Jack should have been angry at Eve for more than 2 seconds about it!

Also, way too much Rex/Sarah/Eric nonsense. There is no one to root for in this story. Eric was ALMOST rootable when he declined Sarah's invitation for revenge sex, but then he ruined it by being a judgmental ass when he found out about Sarah and Xander, Rex is acting stalkerish and ridiculous, and Sarah is acting like a toddler.

Dishonorable mention: Gabi thinking that she can win if she goes toe-to-toe with Stefan. Evil Gabi is not enjoyable and without Kate's help she will get nowhere, and since these are my two least favorite characters at the moment I'm not looking forward to seeing her try.

Christine: Eric acting like he and Sarah have been friends for years and she owes him anything. They’ve only known one another for a couple of months, and he might have reason to hate Xander but Sarah’s a grown woman who can have sex with whom she pleases. I hated that she ended up apologizing to Eric in the end.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Stephanie: Even though I am disgusted by Sarah’s recent behavior, I did enjoy her and Xander together. They have fire and this type of love/hate banter that makes them fun to watch.

It was also good to see Sarah with someone who she actually has chemistry with instead of being forced to watch her and Eric being pushed together when there aren’t any sparks there.

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Jack: Even though I think Haley is a rewrite of Paige when the original was much better, I am thrilled that JJ finally took out his guitar again! And I loved seeing Jack and JJ bond too. In fact, all things Jack were awesome this week.

Christine: I enjoyed Xander and Sarah together too, as a matter of fact, this might be the first time I can say I enjoyed Sarah. I also loved that Xander had condoms and they were shown on screen. It bothers the heck out of me that characters are always jumping into bed together and we never hear anyone ask if they’ve got a condom!

Your turn TV Fanatics. You choose the next mayor of Salem…

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