Gotham Season 5 Episode 3 Review: Penguin, Our Hero

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There doesn't seem to be any hope left for Gotham.

After a bomb ripped through Jim Gordon's Haven on Gotham Season 5 Episode 3, good citizens seem to be lacking, too.

It was a shocking turn of events after what seemed like a major victory for Gordon and the rest of the good guys after they secured a place people could call home until Gotham got back under control. 

Jim's Haven - Gotham Season 5 Episode 3

The Haven was a place where everyone sought refuge. It was a place of hope, but now all that is destroyed.

It has to be frustrating for Jim. His life is a series of one step forward and a million steps back. 

He also continues to ride the line between a good cop and a cop willing to compromise his morals if it benefits him the long run.

Once again, Jim teamed up with Penguin to get himself out of a tough situation. He had no choice because Penguin wasn't going to give up the key to get them out of that cell.

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And they both wanted to get out. Penguin to wreak his wrath on the Street Demons for betraying him and Jim to try to restore order and ensure the people living at The Haven that all was okay.

But even if Penguin didn't end up in the cell with Jim, he wasn't really going to do anything to take down Penguin.

He made that clear on Gotham Season 5 Episode 2 when he told Barbara that other things needed to be done before going after Penguin.

And when Barbara came charging at Penguin before The Haven blew up, I seriously think Jim might've taken a bullet for Oswald.

It's frustrating that he's playing both sides at this point. He wants to maintain his relationship with Barbara (because, you know, he loves her), but he also feels some need to protect Penguin.

If he let Barbara (or anyone for that matter) kill Penguin, he wouldn't have to worry about anything because all of his dirty secrets would die with Oswald.

Odd Couple - Gotham Season 5 Episode 3

But Jim isn't choosing a side right now, and he doesn't have to because all attention will be on saving whoever might still be alive in the building and finding out who was responsible.

If Penguin were smart, he'd stick close to Jim because now he has no friends, no protection, and no Mr. Pen.

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It had to be crushing to see his number one get shot, but even worse were the parting words Mr. Pen said before he died (and let's not forget the hilarious fact that even Penguin's dog defected).

Being hated is a recurring theme for Penguin, and it's one that's going to come full circle as he moves towards his more villainous role.

He's already been losing his small shred of humanity, and Mr. Pen's words could be the turning point for him.

Working Together - Gotham Season 5 Episode 3

I don't see Penguin helping out with the devastation at The Haven. He has a one-track mind, and he'll be trying to hunt down the person responsible for leaving graffiti in his name all over Gotham. We know Ed is responsible, so a reunion between the two former friends is right around the corner.

While Jim was dealing with the chaos at The Haven, Bruce and Selina were on the other side of town getting entrenched in their own world of chaos.

The union between Bruce and Selina is slowly slipping as he has started to set his limits on how far he's willing to go to take down the bad guys, with Selina deciding she'll go to any lengths to get what she needs and wants.

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She won't be following the high and might road with Bruce as was evident when she was fighting the gang from the Dark Zone. She would have killed someone if Bruce had not stopped her.

She's also willing to take a lot more risks than Bruce and certainly more than he wants to see her take.

Tall Clown - Gotham Season 5 Episode 3

The whole arena scene was insane, and I loved how it harkened back to one of my favorite episodes of the entire Gotham series.

If you remember Gotham Season 2 Episode 2, Jerome played a crazy game of Russian roulette to see who would be the boss of the Maniax -- which Jerome won, of course.

It's the game Selina had to play first with the group and then witness one-on-one when she faced off against the crazy girl (I don't think it's Ecco).

What's curious is how Jeremiah even knew about that little game his brother played, but no matter, the fact that Jeremiah catapulted it to even larger, legendary status was brilliant.

Selina didn't know about Jerome's game, so it was a wink to the audience, but it made it clear to Selina that was she dealing with people far more dangerous than she thought.

Bruce Goes Dark - Gotham Season 5 Episode 3

It didn't matter, though. Selina has a new set of advanced skills that she had already put to the test when she took on the crazy girl in their epic fight.

The only thing that bothered me about Selina's story was how her Catwoman outfit appeared out of nowhere. One minute she was in a hospital gown and the next she had this slamming costume complete with snazzy killer nails. 

I also wasn't too fond of the hissing thing she did with the crazy girl, but that might have been a nod to Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman. I just can't remember her Catwoman doing it, and it seemed out of place here.

Things aren't quieting down in Gotham. The chaos is getting worse, and we haven't even seen Jeremiah yet. 

On the Edge - Gotham Season 5 Episode 3

But we know he's behind more than he's letting on at the moment.

Jim and Gotham need the Batman -- and soon!

Over to you!

What did you think of "Penguin, Our Hero"? 

Who's behind the bombing?

Who will come across Jeremiah first, Selina or Bruce?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Penguin, Our Hero Review

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Gotham Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Bruce: Jeremiah shot you to get to me. I can't lose you.
Selina: I'm not yours to lose.

As long as we survive, hope survives in Gotham.