All American Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Back in the Day

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As Olivia so wisely pointed out, addicts never stop being addicts. 

That became increasingly evident on All American Season 1 Episode 12 as Olivia struggled mightily to maintain her sobriety.

In the end, she succeeded, but she couldn't have done it alone. 

Family Hug - All American Season 1 Episode 12

Olivia's struggles with drugs and alcohol began because she felt invisible in her own family.

Her mom always had a new campaign, and her dad and Jordan were always preparing for the next game. They were busy people focused on the future while Olivia was stuck living in the present. 

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Olivia's near overdose was their wake up call, but unfortunately, they didn't stay awake for long. 

Now that she has completed rehab and managed to get her life back on track, her family reverted to their busy lifestyles, forgetting that Olivia still struggles with her addiction every day. 

Chip - All American Season 1 Episode 12

Thankfully, Olivia has amazing friends in her life. 

Layla: Have you taken any?
Olivia: No, not yet. But it's been really hard. Every day I make an active choice to stay sober. One day at a time. Today it's just not working.
Layla: Liv, you don't have to go through this alone. I am here for you.

Spencer and Layla could see the pain she was feeling and knew she needed support. Layla was the one who pushed her into telling her family how she feels.

Hopefully, now that they know, they won't forget to check in with her periodically and make sure she is okay. 

Brotherly Support - All American Season 1 Episode 12

Based on the flashbacks, we can easily see how far Olivia has come and how much she has changed since getting clean. We always knew she had a problem, but we hadn't seen it until now. 

I had tears in my eyes watching Jordan discover Olivia passed out on the couch, and they continued to well throughout the AA meeting, especially when her entire family embraced her. 

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The flashbacks painted a better picture of everything we'd only heard about until now. 

The flashback to Olivia and Asher's hook up made it look worse than it had previously sounded. Asher didn't appear all that drunk, and could easily see how messed up she was. It felt like he took advantage of her when he should have walked away. 

Also, did he leave her passed out after they hooked up? He commented on her mixing drugs and alcohol, but he did not appear to be all that concerned about her well-being. 

Happy Couple - All American Season 1 Episode 12

Samantha Logan did a fantastic job portraying Olivia's struggle from the moment she found those pills in her closet.

She showed raw emotion when telling Layla how hard the day has been for her since she found the pills. She followed that up with another heart-wrenching performance when she was pleading with her parents to realize that she still needs their help.

Spencer: What did you expect?
Layla: I expected you to trust me!
Spencer: I do trust you.
Layla: No you don't trust me. You want to believe those words when you say them, but the truth is, you don't. And what hurts is I have never given you a reason not to.

Spencer and Layla's relationship hit some rocky ground. 

Asher moving into Layla's house stirred up some old memories of jealousy for Spencer. 

Lucky for him, Coop is always there to help him realize when he's his own worst enemy. Spencer's repressed feelings about his dad leaving him have made it difficult for him to believe other people he loves won't do the same. 

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He has issues to work through, but all he needs right now is to believe Layla when she tells him she's not going anywhere. He wants to, but does he believe it enough to stop pushing her away?

He could probably benefit from some real therapy, but for now, hopefully, he can get out of his head and see what's right in front of him. He is loved, and no one else is planning to walk out on him. 

Coop's Surprise - All American Season 1 Episode 12

Wow writers, way to break our hearts all over again. 

Just when we thought Coop would reconcile with her mom, the rug was promptly ripped out from under her (and us). Why can't her mom get over herself and love her daughter for who she is?

Coop isn't going to change, and she shouldn't have to. She's the same person she's always been, but her mom is too blind to see it. 

Her dad's return would have been the perfect opportunity to reunite the family, but alas, it's never that simple. 

It was surprising to learn that Tyronne made an effort, and while his intentions may have been in the right place, they nearly made the situation much worse. 

The good news is that Coop's dad does care about her, and he doesn't seem to have a problem with her sexual orientation. The bad news is he's still standing by his wife. 

Reunited - All American Season 1 Episode 12

At least he gave Coop her emancipation papers so that she can stay in Shawn's apartment, but why isn't her dad more concerned about where she's getting the money to pay for it? 

He has to know that Tyronne is a gang member, and while quitting his job was admirable, he needs to find another one and help her support herself without gang involvement. 

It's downright sad that Coop's mom is more concerned about who Coop is sleeping with than the part of her lifestyle that is proven dangerous. 

Her dad's determination to reunite his family means there's still hope, but they better not try again until he is certain Coop's mom is ready to accept her. They can't keep putting her through this. 

Applause - All American Season 1 Episode 12

Billy finally confessed to Laura that he switched out Jordan's urine sample, and expressed concern about the consequences if it ever got out. He could lose his job, Jordan could lose his eligibility, and it could affect Laura's campaign. 

Of course, Jordan overheard every word. Will he do anything with this information?

All it would do is hurt himself and his parents, so here's hoping he knows how to keep his mouth shut. There's no benefit to telling the truth on this one. 

Your turn!

What did you guys think of all the flashbacks?

Did they give you a better sense of the people Olvia and Spencer used to be?

Are you worried Billy's secret will get out?

Hit the comments and don't forget to watch All American online!

Back in the Day Review

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All American Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Olivia: How are you and Layla? Look, I'm sorry if the whole Asher thing is causing problems, I really didn't mean to stir anything up.
Spencer: I know. We just jumped into everything so fast, man. I just don't want it to end before it's even gotten started, that's all.
Olivia: Then don't let it.

Layla: We're supposed to be studying chemistry.
Spencer: We are. We're studying our chemistry.
Layla: That was corny as hell.