Dynasty Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Evan Worms Can Procreate

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Just when you thought Alexis couldn't stoop any lower, this happens. 

The roll-out of Dynasty Season 2 Episode 13 was slow paced, but it set the stage for Alexis' ultimate and deadly act of jealousy. 

Nicolette Sheridan has done exactly what she was hired to do -- she has made me despise Alexis. 

Unraveling a Relationship - Tall  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 13

What started as a level of pettiness had spiraled into this toxic need to ruin everything around her. 

Alexis hated OG Cristal, but finding out that the new Cristal was pregnant with Blake's baby pushed her over the edge. 

And to top it all off, she realized that getting rid of Cristal was going to be a lot tougher than she thought it would be. 

But what really did the trick was Cristal finally illuminating Alexis' role within her family. 

Kirby: Oh, he's an influencer now.
Fallon: Are you sure you two aren't under the influence?

Everything Cristal said about how the children and Blake perceive their mother was on point, but it had to have stung like hell coming from a woman who can't get pushed down.

The only reason Alexis is still relevant in their lives is due to her constant meddling and inserting herself into their lives to ruin things. 

I wasn't sure where the ending with a clearly drunk and unhinged Alexis and a gun was going to go because Alexis doesn't strike me as a woman who would contemplate suicide.

Murder seems to be more her style. 

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The moment I saw her walk outside, I knew it spelled trouble. 

Obviously, Alexis was aiming to shoot Cristal but in a drunk tizzy missed Blake's baby mama and hit her ex-husband, Mark Jennings.

However, when the shot scared the horse, Cristal also went flying into the air and was dragged unconscious.

Meet Mark Jennings - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 13

Given the daytime soap vibes, I'm going to say Cristal will survive, but she's going to have amnesia. 

The baby's fate is up in the air, but I'm thinking she'll lose the child as well thus making it a double blow for Blake.

Isn't anyone else a tiny bit upset that Mark didn't even get through one full episode? I would have loved to see the drama unfold with him.

Clearly, Cristal wasn't entirely over him, not to mention he would have given Blake a run for his money. 

God, where have you been all my life? I bet I wouldn't even be in this situation if I had a decent mother growing up.


The Carrington family has given Alexis plenty of chances, but this is going to be the last straw for Blake. 

Since her arrival, Alexis has managed to take away everything that Blake cared about. 

She's responsible for OG Cristal's death, she took Steven away with the reveal that he isn't Blake's biological son, and now she killed Mark, and possibly Cristal and Blake's unborn child. 

She needs to get out of Atlanta, stat. 

Don't make Blake call in Mack again. 

The only way Alexis can get out of this is if Mack, who had orders to rough up Mark, somehow takes the blame. 

It's a blessing that Fallon realized she was turning into her mother before things got out of hand. 

Fallon's level of pettiness wasn't anywhere near that of her mother. But it was still unnecessary. 

The Baby Daddy - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 13

Given her history with Culhane, she should know how hard he's worked to become something more than a driver. 

Why would she try to tear him apart like that? Why wouldn't she let him have a bit of happiness for once?

It seems Fallon just needs some time to re-group and figure out what kind of person she wants to be because sabotaging the men she loves or loved is not a good look on her. It's kind of pathetic. 

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Just a few episodes ago she was professing her love to Liam, so I don't understand why she's so bitter about her break-up with Culhane. 

Especially when all Culhane wanted was to remain amicable and do what was best for the team.

Why can he be an adult while Fallon wants to continually play games?

And yes, I'm disappointed that he eventually stooped down to Fallon's level. 

So, Who's the Father? - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 13

Often, Fallon is so caught up in getting her way that she doesn't see the hurt she's causing. 

She may have thought that letting PJ Reed's addiction slip past Culhane would have been innocent and allowed her to shine, but she failed to realize that reporters always go one step further. Those are the people who want the "real story" at any cost. 

Thus, she turned what was supposed to be a successful team launch into reputation sabotage for Culhane. 

And while watching Fallon discredit a man she once thought she couldn't live without was painful, it was more painful to see Culhane excuse her behavior. 

Anders: Hashtag blessed.
Sammy Jo: No. No one says that anymore.
Anders: Oh.

He's so used to Fallon and her machinations, he just accepted it and moved on. 

He even chalked it up to "people finding out" one way or another. 

And the worst part is that after all of that, he still slept with her.

It's almost like saying that everything she did to discredit him was just fine because they have chemistry. 

Honestly, I thought Culhane was better than that. 

Influencer - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 13

There are a lot of fans out there who are devastated that Fallon went back to Culhane instead of Liam.

However, it's normal for exes to hook up after a bad break-up so I'm not counting Liam out yet completely.  I do think he's Fallon's "end game," she's not mature enough for him at the moment. 

I am over the back and forth between Culhane and Fallon, though. They need to let it go or fully commit. 

Sammy Jo using Anders to become an influencer was odd. 

It's pathetic watching you hold on to your old life long after it ended. Your family is done with you. Steven left the country to get away from you. Fallon fears turning into you. And Blake, Blake only pities you. Your time at the manor is over. And the saddest part is you know it.


I didn't really understand the point of the storyline, but I appreciated the sweet moment between "father and son."

Since Steven isn't around, Anders has become very protective of Sammy. 

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Seeing the always stoic butler express his emotions in such a millennial way was sweet. 

And speaking of Steve, where the hell is he with that spotty ass cell service?

All Sammy was able to gather was that Steven was in danger, he got robbed, he needed help, and he wasn't in Paraguay anymore. 

The promo for Dynasty Season 2 Episode 14 teases Fallon and Sammy in Paris, but is Steven there? How do they find out?

And what has Steven been up to this whole time that has been more important than being at home with his new husband?

Is Cristal alive? Will Blake forgive Alexis? Will they get her the help she needs? 

And for those who watched the original series before the reboot -- how are these storylines stacking up in comparison?

Remember to watch Dynasty online and leave comments below! 

Evan Worms Can Procreate Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Kirby: Oh, he's an influencer now.
Fallon: Are you sure you two aren't under the influence?

God, where have you been all my life? I bet I wouldn't even be in this situation if I had a decent mother growing up.