Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Byte Club

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Isn't LA a large city? 

There were so many things happening on Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8, but something that stood out was the case of six degrees of separation.

Even Jesus got in on the action.

New Ventures - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

Noah Centineo is a sight to behold, and Jesus is as lovable as ever. Jesus had one of the best arcs in the latter years of the mother series, and it was one of many reasons fans have been clamoring for Centineo to make his appearance on Good Trouble.

His visit with his sisters was understated.

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One thing that may have contributed to that was the flashback sequence and nonlinear storytelling that has garnered mixed reviews. This hour was the hardest one to follow yet. For the life of me, I could not figure out the timeline.

I had no idea when Jesus arrived. It felt like he appeared offscreen at some point, was introduced to some of the other housemates, namely Dennis, at some point, and was on the tail end of his visit.

Mutual Respect - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

Plus, he spent more time with Dennis and Becca than he did with his sisters. We can still say Jesus and Callie have had limited screentime together in both series; thought their scenes together were so freaking adorable.

Although, who is to say what may happen now that she found out he and Becca have been casually seeing each other since he arrived in town?

Mariana did opt into "bring your twin to work day," and he made a few protective bro comments about beating up the guys who were harassing her. That was on brand for Jesus; he has always been the most protective out of the bunch. Overall, he didn't add much to those scenes though.

Protective Bro - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

He was there to commend our boy Raj on stepping up, and he also was present for Mariana's moment of triumph when Angela laid into Alex.

His best scene was him and Mariana having it out and him reminding her that life has never been easy for him either. Both of the twins have always been charming and likable.

However, Mariana was always the intellectual one who did well in school. Jesus struggled academically, and it only became more difficult with his TBI. He, better than anyone, knew what it was like to have to work so hard for scraps.

Twin Support

It was unfair of Mariana to get that upset about him lucking up with an opportunity via Dennis's friend when she knows better. Their disagreement was the closest Mariana has been to her younger The Fosters version thus far.

No one can light a fire under Mariana quite like her twin. Jesus couldn't understand the extent of what Mariana was going through, but all he knew was his Mariana had more fight in her, and he wanted to remind her of that.

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I got emotional when he gave her a pep talk and told her he loved her. They also hugged, and Mariana and Jesus' hugs are some of the best hugs because the height difference is too precious for words. Also, Noah Centineo looks like he gives the best hugs.

The Best Hugs

When Callie joined in, it was all warm and fuzzy feelings for days.

Mariana's Byte Club was a success once the wine loosened the ladies up and they started sharing their experiences. It's not the least bit surprising that Josh attempts to be Speckluate's rite of passage.

Admittedly, Casey sharing that her nickname when she first arrived was Double-A or AA made me laugh. Double-A for affirmative action and the double minority being both woman and Latinx. They sure get creative, don't they?

My first year at Speckulate, they called me double A. For affirmative action.


The women coming together in solidarity was delightful, and so were their techniques and tactics used to assert themselves and combat the workplace sexism. Much of it was familiar, but some things were new, and the names were hilarious.

The women have a nice thing going for them, but I'm concerned about their plan to violate their nondisclosure by anonymously obtaining and sending out salary information so the women can demand equal pay.

They deserve it, but there are so many ways this can backfire. All of their jobs are at risk now, including Raj. Speckulate is a tech company; I don't know how they can avoid someone tracing this back to them.

It's already troubling that some of the women can't keep quiet about what the others are discussing at Byte Clube. It irritated the hell out of me that somehow Josh found out about what Mariana said regarding being hit on.

Mariana should have felt comfortable sharing that experience because of how it made her feel in that moment without it getting out at work. It also sucked for Raj who probably felt worse.

Raj is a good guy. Yes, it did suck that he took so long to stand up for Mariana. It also sucked when he hit on her the way that he did, and when he did it.

Jesus: That was a savage move, dude.
Raj: I should have done it sooner, and send me that spreadsheet.

I'm so happy Raj had the chance to clear things up with her. Mariana's frustration was understandable, and Raj did need to hear how his actions could be perceived, but she needed to know that he never had bad intentions toward her.

Raj taking a stand was a long time coming, and that made him all the more lovable. He's sticking his neck out big time, and hopefully, it doesn't cost him in the end.

I would hate to see that, but also I would hate it if he feels compelled to make amends to Mariana all the time. The only person who should be tripping over themselves to make things right is Alex.

Mariana and Raj - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 4

Callie was having women supporting women moment over her own at work. Rebecca was running point on a case of a woman wrongfully terminated after being sexually harassed.

Callie and Rebecca's relationship is contentious and competitive. It was a nice change of pace having the two women bond over their experience of being harassed or assaulted. I also loved when Callie reminded her that all abuse is an issue and avoided diminishing Rebecca's experience or allowing Rebecca to downplay it herself.

The moment Kate at the clerk mixer mentioned Handleman, it was apparent to all but Ben what Rebecca's issue was. It's such a specific look.

Callie: Becca, did Handleman sexually harass you?
Rebecca: It wasn't as bad as you.
Callie: All abuse is bad.

Ben is such a mess. There are times when he's so perceptive, but more often than not, he lets his biases cloud his judgment.

No matter what is happening, he always mentions Rebecca's family and connections. He's so blinded by her status, that he didn't realize that Rebecca's transfer to Wilson had nothing to do with social climbing.

However, Ben is also a guy who is oblivious to someone hitting on him. Poor Kate was rejected so hard, and Ben didn't even realize he gave her the cold shoulder.

It's just funny that the guy who spills more tea than a teapot can't get it right.

Becca - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

Also, there are like no secrets at that place. Ben tells everyone's business but his own. Wilson's assistant alluded to Rebecca's experience with Callie.

This was a strong hour for Rebecca, and I do feel like we have a better understanding of her character. She always comes across so reserved, and it was nice to see her let her hair down and flirt and have fun with Jesus. 

It's an odd pairing. Jesus can have chemistry with a lampost, so the chemistry between the two wasn't an issue, but they aren't a pairing that I ever would have envisioned together. 

Jesus: Excuse me, my buddy wants your phone number because he wants to know the best way to get ahold of me in the morning.
Rebecca: You said you had no game.

Again, of all the guys in LA, how did Rebecca end up having a fling with Callie's brother? The only thing stranger than their coupling was how we were teased with Callie finding out in the promos, and that was the final scene of the hour. 

Rebecca is the type of woman who has boundaries, so I imagine it wouldn't sit well with her that she and Callie's brother were hooking up without her realizing it. I don't think Jesus is staying around longer than this installment, so I don't know what his role will be in the matter. 

He mentioned that he was off to visit Brandon next, and it sounds like his latest venture (tiny houses) will take off. They seemed casual, but you never know with any of these people. 

Jesus and Becca - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

I'm so proud of Jesus for making something of himself with his contractor's license. It is serving him well, and it suits him. He seems happy with it, and he is the type of guy who probably needed to be his own boss. Jesus and Dennis becoming instant friends made perfect sense. 

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Dennis respected Jesus following his passion, and I loved that he arranged to help Jesus. Even though there weren't nearly enough scenes with Jesus with his sisters, in my opinion, I love how much he has grown over the years, and we see it through his work and his interactions with his sister.

He has come a long way. It was great having him around, and hopefully, he'll drop in for another visit soon. 

Boyfriend Goals - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

As if the Jesus/ Rebecca debacle wasn't enough, poor Callie is neck deep in Wilson family drama of which she didn't ask to be a part. She couldn't escape that office fast enough, but Tate tipped Wilson off that Callie was there.

The final scene with Callie and Wilson was one of the best of the hour. Their dynamic continues to be a fascinating one because of the respect their despite their differences.

As suspected, Wilson does look at Callie and draw some parallels to Tate. Their conversation about nature versus nurture was interesting.

Wilson: Can I ask you a personal question?
Callie: Sure.
Wilson: You had a tough childhood. Foster care. Juvie. How did you end up going to law school without screwing your life up?
Callie: Well, I was adopted by my moms, and they made me feel wanted and like I can do something with my life.
Wilson: Yeah, but it's not just about good parenting. It's what's inside you that drives you to want to succeed.
Callie: I don't know.
Wilson: My son has no respect for me, or his mother, or himself. He had too much privilege. No one really appreciated that which is not earned. In many ways, I blame myself, but sometimes I think character is just something you're born with or not. You have character, Callie. Try not to compromise that as you go forward in your career. Situations can get complicated. Gray areas are not as easy to navigate. I'll be expecting your memo on the defense motion for the Thompson case on my desk on Monday

He's aware of all the privileges that his son was afforded and wondered if that contributed to his lack of character. Wilson's genuine respect for Callie came through during that conversation.

He also expressed guilt over his position. There are a couple of ways you could take his final observations, but for now, I still believe the best in him. He's torn about the position that he is in, but he's still focused on this case.

Gael was nowhere in this installment, but he came up a few times, and he's on Callie's mind.

Sharing Life Philosophies - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

Messy Davia couldn't help but reveal that Gael has taken up with Bryan again. Bryan thinks that their relationship is exclusive, but I wonder what Gael thinks?

It's not fair to Bryan if he's a consolation prize since Gael can't be with Callie. Gael made his choice, but it's by default.

Jamie inquired about the sexy artist too, and he was quick to point out upon Callie catching him flirting with other women including Becca, that he was following her rules.

Davia: So Callie, what happened with you and Gael?
Callie: Why are you asking?
Davia: Well according to Bryan, they're exclusive now.
Callie: Oh, like married exclusive? Like your boyfriend? I gotta work.
Mariana: You had that coming.
Davia: I didn't think she had it in her.

Their sexy romp in the bathroom felt like Callie was trying to distract herself from Gael. I don't recall her being that sexually assertive with Jamie before.

Their scene was hot, and they have such a fun, easy, flirty vibe. It's hard to choose which of these 'ships is better; they're both great, and Callie has incredible chemistry with both guys.

At the moment, I'm all for Callie and Jamie. It's appealing how he makes her look at things from a different perspective, and he doesn't mind helping her sort through and adjust to life as a lawyer.

Bathroom Romp - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

Speaking of help, you know what Dennis gets for being a helpful, beautiful person?

He gets pain. Leave Dennis alone! Let this man find peace, dammit!

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Dennis is such a Den dad. I couldn't stop smiling when he made those coconut bars for Mariana, and neither could he.

It was an adorable moment, and it goes to show that he can't turn that paternal side of himself off even if those around him don't realize it.

Guy's Night - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

Dennis is always cooking and sharing his meals with everyone. He attempts to ostracize himself, but he's a reason The Coterie feels like a family.

He's slowly opening up and revealing more of himself, so it does seem he's taken Stef's advice to heart whether it's intentional or not.

Consider me a Dennis fangirl forever and always. He warms my heart. His instant bond with Jesus was darling.

I've actually been meaning to reach out to you. I ran into Jennifer a couple of months back and I probably should have asked first but we've been seeing each other.


He could appreciate Jesus following his dreams and doing something he loved by his standards. He had no qualms about contacting an old friend to help Jesus out even if it means enduring some discomfort, prying, or pity.

Nathan probably meant well commenting about how good Dennis looked and asking about how he was doing, but he had to know Dennis wouldn't give him much.

I'm still trying to understand how he was dismissive of the fact that he should've run it past Dennis before he started dating Dennis' wife. Also, why did this crushing blow that he has been dating her for some time had to come from Nathan instead of Jennifer?

Crushing News - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

Your friend dating your ex is hard enough to accept, but maybe your ex should tell you that themselves. Wouldn't Nathan telling Dennis the truth seem like he was rubbing in the wound?

"FYI, I'm banging your wife now. Thanks for signing those divorce papers, buddy. No hard feelings!" And this is why we have a "Protect Dennis At All Costs" squad of which I am an unapologetic member.

That news had him right back out with Jesus at the bar and considering picking up Rebecca when Jesus asked for a rain check to deal with his sister.

Old Habits Die Hard - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

He does distract himself with women, doesn't he?

What did you think of Jesus' appearance? What will come from him dating Rebecca?

Will Mariana's Byte club backfire on her? Are you happy Raj stood up for Mariana or are you worried about his involvement now?

Are you 'shipping Callie and Jamie? What did you think of her final moment with Wilson?

Am I the only one obsessed with Dennis and his happiness? Hit the comments below!

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Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Mariana: It's great if you can ignore the racism, sexism, and general oppression.
Jesus: Just tell me whose ass I'm kicking first.
Marina: You're not kicking anyone's ass, although, I would love to watch.

Tate: Maybe what I wanted was a father who was there -- who wasn't working all the time.
Wilson: I worked to provide for my family.
Tate: No, no, you worked for this. For a lifetime appointment to play God. It wasn't enough you judged every little thing I ever said or did. You needed a stage to impose your intellectual and moral authority on the world.