Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Foo Fighters

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One thing is for sure: Captain Quinn is a badass.

Quinn took down Kavanaugh in no time on Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 5, but his badass skills might be of no use when it comes to Susie.

Susie is a Danger - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 5

It's hard to tell at this point whether Quinn suspects Susie is trying to manipulate him, but he has to be at least a little suspicious.

Susie is an attractive woman, and Quinn has shown in the past that he's more than willing to give a nice looking girl some time and attention.

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But he's also shown that the job comes first no matter what kinds of fun he'd like to enjoy.

Despite Susie's claims that she keeps a gun on hand because of a mugging in New York City, it's still odd that she just happened to show up at the right time to save Mimi from Fuller.

It didn't seem that he was necessarily buying that story, and he almost found himself in some unexpected trouble when he visited Susie at her home. Had Quinn followed Susie down to the basement to see exactly what she was doing, most likely, he would have gotten killed.

Setting Up a Story - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 5

Amazing badass skills or not, Susie's "husband" would have put a bullet in his head.

Quinn has to feel some sympathy for Susie's injuries at the hands of her "husband" which is probably the only reason he agreed to complete his questioning at lunch.

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Susie is hoping she can distract him in other ways, but her hard flirting in the office may have hurt her.

Quinn isn't stupid. Still, he's intrigued by her and all of her mysteries. It's hard to tell if he's going to keep it all business or let it develop the way Susie hopes it will.

Intrigued - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 5

If Susie can't distract Quinn enough to get him off track, she's going to be in big trouble. If Susie's "husband" takes over the mission, then it will spell great danger for everyone.

I'm still not getting why the Soviets are so interested in Hynek other than the information he inadvertently leaks to them via the bugs in his office. There has to be a better way for them to find out what the Air Force is doing than spying on the Hyneks.

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On a side note, it was interesting that the nosy neighbor started questioning Mimi about her last name. The second "Red Scare" was in full swing at this time, and it wouldn't be surprising if all of a sudden the Hyneks started getting investigated for being spies themselves.

If that happened, it would give Harding a great excuse to get rid of Hynek. He's itching to do it but still needs him to investigate UFO sightings and put the American people at ease.

Big Trouble - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 5

Then again, when he learns that Hynek was the one who set Fuller off, Harding isn't going to hold back. Using the fact the Hyneks are Communists as a way to eliminate the person he sees as the greatest threat to his cover-up wouldn't be surprising.

If Harding was smart, he would just let Fuller fade into the wind, but he's not that kind of guy. 

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I don't know why Fuller set himself on fire after Hynek showed him the drawing (if I missed it, please let me know), but at least Hynek got some useful information from Fuller before that.

Foo Fighters Appear - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 5

And he knows that the drawing is more significant than ever even if the "lab" at the amusement park no longer exists.

One of Fuller's most intriguing revelations was that he and others like him were being studied or used as communicator tools with aliens.

Quinn: This antenna there. What's it for?
Kavanaugh: It's our way of reaching out. See, we can talk to them now, and they talk back.

That may be why Fuller was affected by those strange radio frequencies in his head. The government could have been using those frequencies as a way to locate Fuller. Maybe I'm wrong, but aliens resorting to something so simple doesn't seem likely.

The Foo Fighter pilots thought they had a direct link to the UFOs they had encountered during their flying days.

Unfortunately, Hynek found a more logical explanation for what they thought they saw when they activated the satellite. Kavanaugh and friends didn't want to hear logical answers, and who can blame them?

Foo Fighter Mysteries - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 5

They were the ones who had seen the unexplainable strange objects. So, why wouldn't it be feasible that those same aliens would want to contact them again?

If the objects they saw weren't UFOs (the new name for Foo Fighters), why did the government silence them and dishonorably discharge them?

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Quinn and Hynek have many mysteries to solve, but the closer they get to maybe figuring it out, the more questions get thrown their way.

Hynek knows something more is happening and so does Quinn.

Whether these two will figure it out before everything collapses around them is the greatest mystery of all.

Over to you!

What did you think of "Foo Fighters"?

Will Quinn discover Susie's true intentions?

Will Harding put a stop to Hynek?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Foo Fighters Review

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