The Passage Season 1 Episode 6 Review: I Want to Know What You Taste Like

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Project NOAH is not going to end well. 

There, I said it. 

The Passage Season 1 Episode 6 focused on the mad dash to find Winston before he exposed the government facility to the world, and it made for an exciting game of cat and mouse. 

Reunited - The Passage Season 1 Episode 6

Winston hasn't been given much to do. He was an expendable character, so he was the best one to go on the run. 

The most surprising thing we learned was how quickly victims of the villains transition. It all seems a little too easy, but it makes for some scary situations. 

Winston was smart initially. He managed to fool one of the doctors into letting him out, but all of his sense seemed lost when he made it to the public, suggesting that the instinct for blood took over. 

That's typical for a vampire, but I'm intrigued to hear what B.S. Horace is going to spew with the aim of keeping Project NOAH a secret. This wasn't just one or civilians hurt. 

There were a whole bunch, and covering that up is not going to be easy. 

Saving Lila - The Passage Season 1 Episode 6

Horace was blindsided by Amy's abilities. Anyone would be. For a 12-year-old girl, she's smart and has a lot going for her. 

Fanning forcing Winston to go after Amy was just par for the course. Fanning's line of thinking is that everyone who does not want to help him is against him. 

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If he wants his plan to come to fruition, he needs to get rid of everyone who stands in his way. 

Fanning is a power-hungry deranged man, and there's no telling how far he will go to achieve world domination. He's waiting for the right time to gather his army and take on the rest of the world. 

If Winston managed to turn that many people in a short period of time, it's scary to think of what can be achieved when there's a group of these people on the loose. 

None of you are going to get out of this alive.


Amy agreeing to go out into the field was predictable. She's bored of everything at Project Noah, and there's likely a part of her that wants to prove her worth to everyone. 

One thing's for sure now:

Horace is not going to let Amy out of his sight. The poor girl is going to be under lock and key until her powers have been utilized to the point she's too exhausted to do anything. 

Making a Deal - The Passage Season 1 Episode 6

The moment Horace said Brad and Lila would be getting the next ride back to the facility, it was obvious what was coming. 

Brad admitted to Amy that his daughter was around the same age as her when he lost her. That's going to play on his mind as his mission to save her gathers steam. 

There's no telling whether he's going to be separated from Lila again, but I hope not. This former couple has a lot in common, and they play well together. 

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I'm on the fence about Clark's motives for having Lila kidnapped in the first place. He's been against Brad for a while but is slowly starting to realize that the end of the world is nigh. 

Sykes: They're going to kill us all.
Jonas: So let's beat them to it.

Him telling Brad he would find a way for him, Amy, and Lila to make an escape confirmed that. Whether Clark will be able to find them during The Passage Season 1 Episode 7, I don't know. 

The connection between Shauna and Sykes was a shock, but witnessing them becoming friends when Project NOAH started was interesting. 

Shauna was bored because she was cooped up in the facility with nothing in the way of answers. The mutual semicolon tattoos gave them a lot to talk about. 

She's Got the Look - The Passage Season 1 Episode 5

Sykes going to see a horror movie just to tell Shauna what happened was a nice gesture, but their friendship fell apart the moment Shauna started declining. 

Maybe Sykes couldn't face her because they grew close over a short period and felt somewhat responsible. 

That's the most likely scenario here, but Shauna is not about to let her former ally off the hook. The two times Shauna entered the mind of Sykes, it was with threats. 

I want to know what you taste like.


Shauna rightfully blames Sykes for what she did to her with the virus. Fanning is probably not helping matters because that man can manipulate like there's no tomorrow. 

Sykes and Jonas having a plan to kill all the vampires was a good move on paper, but it's laughable they thought they could wipe out these forces in a throwaway scene. 

Having Elizabeth and Amy in pain while the others were being cooked wasn't the best reveal. Sire bonds are all too common in vampire TV shows so I would have liked a more original approach. 

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That's not to say the episode was bad. Like I've said on countless occasions, the show is a real hoot. The pace is excellent, the characters are decent, and the plot is strong. 

A Surprising Tryst - The Passage Season 1 Episode 5

We are fast approaching The Passage Season 1's conclusion, and there's no telling what crazy scenarios these characters are going to find themselves in. 

What are your thoughts on the link between the vampires?

What will Brad do now that Amy has been taken from him?

Hit the comments below. 

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I Want to Know What You Taste Like Review

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