The Passage Season 1 Episode 7 Review: You Are Like the Sun

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Poor Elizabeth. 

After suffering from Alzheimer's disease, having it cured, and turned into a vampire, the character is no more. 

The Passage Season 1 Episode 7 slowed down considerably from the earlier episodes, and it just wasn't as engaging as the other episodes on The Passage Season 1

A Surprising Tryst - The Passage Season 1 Episode 5

We needed a big death to show how far these characters are willing to go, but Elizabeth was the wrong person to go. Elizabeth's death is only going to effect Fanning and Lear on an emotional level. 

Both men were fighting for her heart, and now they're going to be fighting to the death. 

Elizabeth choosing to die instead of embracing her murderous tendencies was enough to tip Fanning over the edge. He desperately wanted the woman he loved to be with him on this new path, but it just wasn't meant to be. 

You have no idea what goes on around here, do you?


Now that Fanning has lost the only semblance of love he has, he's going to be more cunning in his quest for world domination. 

Shauna's Pain - The Passage Season 1 Episode 3

Shauna and the others know Fanning only really cared about getting Elizabeth over to the dark side, so the group of vampires are going to be more fractured than ever. 

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Something's telling me Shauna is going to make a play for power at one point in an effort to dethrone Fanning. I don't know why, but there was something about their back, and forth that made me feel like Shauna was close to jumping ship. 

She's been cooped up in the facility for so long, and all she wants is to spread her wings and fly free. Whether that's in the pack, I don't know. 

Making a Plan - The Passage Season 1 Episode 2

What I do know is that Lear is going to be pissed at the loss of Elizabeth. He's going to want revenge on Fanning, but what can you do to someone whose life is tethered to a young girl?

Amy's life is on the line, and I'm starting to think she'll join Fanning's cause before long. That could be the big twist at the end of the season. 

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I liked that Amy got one last meeting with her mother, but everything in this world comes at a cost. When you're messing with the supernatural, that cost is going to be a lot higher than the norm. 

Amy felt horrible for telling her mother she hated her during that last meeting, so letting her change that was a gift the youngster will remember for years to come. 

Fanning's ultimate goal right now will be to get Amy on his side. She may well be the only person in the world who could take him down, so having her on his side is the best course of action. 

Reunion Time - The Passage Season 1 Episode 7

Sanniya Sidney nailed every single scene during "You Are Like the Sun." I especially liked Amy's interactions with Horace because the youngster knew she was being played and wasn't about to let him lure her into a false sense of security. 

I wasn't a fan of Brad and Lila's desperate mission to escape from their captors and return to Project Noah. 

It was obvious neither of them was going to die, and Clark showing up to shoot the gunman down at the last second was too predictable for me to care about. 

The Passage has been a solid new drama series, but it only takes one episode for the wheels to start to fall off the train. 

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I didn't mind the flashbacks about how Brad and Lila's relationship was destroyed following the death of their daughter, but they felt used as a plot device for them realizing they needed to save Amy. 

Confronting the Past - The Passage Season 1 Episode 7

I like a good backstory, but it felt too early for this deep dive into the death of the young girl. I'm not opposed to them becoming makeshift parents to Amy. Hell, that's what's been foreshadowed all season long.

It's time to let some of the storylines breathe as opposed to jumping to the next extreme. While Clark showing up to save the day was excruciatingly predictable, I'm glad that he's on the same side as Sykes, Lear, Brad, and Lila. 

This group could find a way to fix everything, but there's still a lot of work to do. Horace is going to get rid of anyone who gets in his way because he needs results to keep Project Noah afloat. 

Does anyone else want Lacey to show up? Surely she put two and two together to realize where Lila was being taken after her kidnapping. We've spent little time with Lacey, but enough to know that she's a resourceful individual. 

Clark Looks for Brad - The Passage Season 1 Episode 7

If she doesn't show up to help out with this big fight that's on the horizon, I'm going to feel short-changed. 

"You Are Like the Sun" was the weakest installment to date. Some storylines were moving by at a brisk pace, while others dragged. 

What did you think?

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You Are Like the Sun Review

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Shauna: Are we ever getting out of here?
Fanning: It's almost time.

I'm afraid I'm a monster.