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It was your good old classic vampire vs. werewolves showdown on Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13

Everything was unpredictable, and it was impossible not to gasp out loud at least fifty or so times.

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In other words, Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13 was insane. 

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Reunited - Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13

Firstly, it was great to have Maia back. 

She may have been gone for only one episode, but it was impossible not to miss her. 

Maia is such a strong and irreplaceable presence on the series, and her story was a significant focus of Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13

It only makes sense for Maia to become the new alpha of the werewolf pack, especially with Luke gone and Russell dead.

Maia's desire to step into a leadership role did of course cause her to step back from Simon and break up with him.

But as Simon said, something has been different about them for a while. Ever since Maia came back things between them have felt very forced and loaded. 

It was almost as if they were trying to hold onto something they both knew was no longer there for fear of what would happen if they let it go. 

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The scene was probably one of the most mature and beautiful breakup scenes in all of television history.

We've never seen so many smiles and laughs during such an awkward conversation.

Leadership - Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13

They both agreed that their relationship proved that werewolves and vampires could co-exist, and it will always continue to be important.

The romance did run it's course and run it well, but it's time for both Simon and Maia to move on to the next chapter in their lives. 

Simon, you don't deserve to come second. You deserve someone who will love you heart and soul.


Sizzy? Is that you we hear?

Sizzy Smiles - Shadowhunters

The audience has been long overdue for a scene between Isabelle and Alec but Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13 made up for it entirely. 

Ever since letting Simon feed off of her to save her life, Isabelle appears to have developed some withdrawal symptoms. 

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Isabelle is usually the last person to talk about her problems as she always goes out of her way to help others first. She did mention it to Magnus, who of course mentioned it to Alec. 

Alec's reaction to the news couldn't have been more brotherly or supportive.

I wish I was half as strong as you on your weakest day.


And let's not forget the fact that Alec bought Isabelle a candy bar in an attempt to help her venom addiction, and then couldn't even name what was in it.

Alec Lightwood is officially the most adorable Shadowhunter in existence. 

Alec at the Institue - Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13

The Lightwoods are always on the side of justice, and we enjoyed their team up to try and figure out what the Clave is really doing.

Alec: The wound was caused by a seraph blade. But all of our people were accounted for.
Isabelle: We think it was a Clave hit.

While Maryse's advice to them to leave it alone didn't sit well with either of her children, it's easy to understand where she's coming from if you're looking at it from a mother's point of view.

Maryse will always put her children first, and we can't blame her for it.

Speaking of Maryse, there's no denying the sparks that were flying between her and Luke.

Sparks are Flying - Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13

Their kiss was soft and intense all at once, and Shadowhunters should continue to take advantage of their incredible chemistry. 

Don't shoot the messenger, but there was ten times the amount of sparks flying between Maryse and Luke then there ever was with Luke and Jocelyn. 

And then there's the presence or lack thereof of Jonathan. 

While he wasn't physically on Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13, he was there in other ways. 

Jace and Clary finally had the moment of peace they deserved, and it couldn't have been more beautiful.

Clace on a Mission - Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13

After spending the whole day trying and failing to remove the rune that connects Clary to Jonathan, they finally decided to take a moment to themselves.

They've both lost each other to death, and it seems as if it's made them both realize how that each and every moment is important.

I love you, Clary. I'll love you until I die. And if there's a life after this, I'll love you then too.


As moving and intimate as their scene was, the message Clary received carved into her arm the next morning was all kinds of creepy. 

Did anyone else get Professor Umbridge and her magic quill vibes?

It's not surprising that Jonathan misses Clary. Despite everything he's done to his sister, he does seem to have a twisted kind of unconditional love for her.

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Clary tried to kill him, and he got over a minute later, so it's clear that his obsession with her goes pretty deep. 

So where do we go from here? Jonathan is still paying attention to Clary's every move and there's no escaping that until they find a way to remove the rune from Clary's skin. 

Clary's Back - Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13

And then there's the crazy showdown at the end between the New York vampire clan and werewolf pack. 

Jordan and Maia just barely escaped with their lives, and with Jordan's injury and the vampire trying to break down the door, they may not be alive for much longer.

Alright Shadowhunters fans, what were your thoughts on Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13? Let us know in the comments down below!

Shadowhunters airs Mondays at 8/7c on Freeform! 

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Simon, you don't deserve to come second. You deserve someone who will love you heart and soul.


I wish I was half as strong as you on your weakest day.