The Passage Season 1 Episode 8 Review: You Are Not That Girl Anymore

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Well, that will go down as one of the most unexpected episodes in quite some time. 

The Passage Season 1 Episode 8 had lives on the line, a desperate fight to create a cure and one hell of a cliffhanger. 

Seeing the Light  - The Passage

Amy has long been seen as the savior of sorts for the virus that's coming, but our heroes never really entertained the possibility that she was going to be urged to join the dark side by Fanning. 

Fanning knew he had to give Amy a convincing tale to switch to his side, and while we were being led to believe the child was cycling her way into doom, I loved that she managed to stop right in time and fight her way back to the land of the living. 

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Brad's comments about a fork in the road were perfect because they echoed through her journey with Fanning. While it would have been fun to see Amy fighting alongside the bad guys, it was obvious she would find a way out of her predicament. 

Brad tearing up while telling the unconscious little girl that it was okay for her to give up was heartbreaking. Brad has been a makeshift father to Amy throughout The Passage Season 1, and it would have killed him if she died. 

Reunited - The Passage Season 1 Episode 6

He would have felt responsible, and it would have brought up everything that happened with his own daughter's death. There's no telling what he would do. 

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With Amy regaining consciousness and reiterating that everyone needs to get out of the facility, it looks like the season finale is going to be filled with death. Lawrence being the one to let all of the prisoners out of their cells was the twist I should have seen coming. 

Lawrence has popped up here and there and appeared as the least violent of all the characters. Having him knock Lila out, lock up Sykes, and just be a complete pain in the ass popped up out of nowhere, but from a storytelling standpoint, it worked. 

Fanning had to manipulate someone to do his bidding. 

The thing I love about Fanning is that there's no telling what he's going to do next. He thinks he's got the upper hand at the moment. 

Lila Tries to Save a Life - The Passage

The team-up of Lila and Sykes was fun to watch. They are both passionate about saving lives, but it was predictable that something was going to prevent the cure getting to Amy in time.

Having Amy cured would peel the paint off the whole show. Amy's abilities are the hook of the entire series, and I couldn't imagine the show going in any other direction. 

Amy's abilities are going to manifest on the season finale to the point she's going to be able to make a getaway with some of her nearest and dearest. 

The jury is still out on Shauna. The flashbacks between her and Clarke were oddly placed in this action-packed installment, but the payoff at the end was worth it. 

Shauna seemed to think that she was going to be able to get her claws into Clarke when she got out of her cell. 

For Shauna, there was a lot of passion in that kiss, and Clarke had the perfect way to stick the knife into her. Telling her he was in love with the Vegas girl who had a terrible upbringing hurt her a lot. 

Clarke Takes Aim - The Passage

But telling her he would not hesitate to murder her when he gets the chance was the real kicker. It makes me think there's a chance that Shauna could try to leave Fanning behind in favor of becoming one of the good guys. 

That would be satisfying, but it would be difficult for her to handle her instincts. If there are humans around, she's naturally going to want to feast on them. 

Clarke has blossomed into one of the better characters on the show. In the beginning, all he seemed to care about was getting the job completed. Now that the layers have been peeled back, I want him to escape from the facility with his life. 

Heading into the finale, it's good knowing that Lacey is on her way to cause some mischief. She's driven by the fact that this young girl has been used for these experiments, and wants those who made it happen to pay. 

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While she'll want to reunite with Lila and compare notes, I'm getting the feeling that Lila is not going to last much longer. Something is telling me she is going to be one of the early casualties in the season finale. 

Lawrence Makes His Move - The Passage

She was bleeding out at the end of The Passage Season 1 Episode 8. I hope I'm wrong, but time will tell. 

I do hope Fox renews the show in advance of the final episodes airing because it will suck if the show gets canceled in May. 

"You Are Not That Girl Anymore" provided the perfect set-up for the two-hour finale. I wasn't sold on the flashbacks this late in the game, but they added to the intensity of that elevator scene. 

What are your thoughts on the way things are playing out?

Who do you think will not make it out of the final alive?

Hit the comments below. 

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You Are Not That Girl Anymore Review

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The Passage Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

The end is near my dear.


Clarke: These things are trying to get out?
Brad: How do we stop them?