Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge

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Weddings can bring out the worst in people. 

And Frankie Trowbridge is not a wedding person. By the end of a Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 4, it's a wonder no one thought to offer the woman a Snicker's. 

Maybe all she needed was a drink at their pub and Will giving her the cold shoulder.

Love Sucks - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 4

It was the hour where everyone recognized their flaws.

It seems all of the team members took a turn acknowledging their shortcomings or having one of their teammates point them out.

It's not the most fun when it happens, but the team makes up for it in other ways.

A Married Couple - Whiskey Cavalier

The mission required Frankie and Will to go undercover together and pose as a married couple.

If not for Frankie's physicality and fighting skills, I would've loved it even more if Will and Susan went undercover together as a couple.

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They already have such a kinship where they behave like an older married couple anyway.

The give and take in the friendship between Will and Susan grows fascinating with every installment. There is genuine affection between the two of them.

Mind Reader - Tall - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 2

It also helped to have Susan in a more vulnerable headspace this time, so it wasn't solely Susan serving as a supportive figure for Will.

But more on that in a moment.

We're only four installments into the season, and they already provided us with two instances where Fiery Whiskey poses as a married couple (and two weddings too).

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It's the perfect opportunity to get the two of them in a vulnerable space.

It proved to be effective. The wedding hoopla and everything surrounding it had Frankie crawling out of her skin. 

It's curious how often she harps on Will's inability to pull of specific missions or his skills while undercover, but she couldn't play a convincing wife at all.

Frankie: Someone has an admirer.
Will: She probably thinks I'm single because your body language says I'm single.

Will was correct about her body language sending off conflicting messages. Frankie is so damn guarded; I gnash my teeth at how distant she is, and she can't help herself.

The moment she comes close to a real moment of intimacy, she puts her guards back up and bolts.

Frankie has such a difficult time allowing herself to connect to people without being snarky or mean that when she spoke to Will about the first time she was in Europe and her past, I thought she was playing with him again.

It was the same when they nearly shared a real kiss as themselves and not their covers.

It scared Frankie, so she proceeded to have a makeout session with someone else for "information," or to tamp down the growing feelings she may have for Will.

Married Undercover

It's the push and pull which could be of interest, but Frankie hasn't succeeded in being emotionally detached (or at least attempting to be) without being bitchy. She's a total badass, and it rocks, but she's also an ass, which often sucks.

Is anyone else surprised they're putting the whole "Frankie is developing feelings for Will" thing into the atmosphere this early on?

I expected the familial component where Will's primary objective is getting Frankie to accept the team.

I didn't expect Frankie to catch feelings this early in the game. After giving the barest pieces of herself and then trying to walk them back and spending most of the hour crotchety and upset over allowing herself to be vulnerable, she took for granted Will would put up with her unaffected.

Will: Frankie, you have a heart and a pulse, and the capacity to feel.
Frankie: Take that back.

She gave him the beer while in the bar, and it was meant to be a peace offering and an apology, but she was taken aback when he left her hanging and wasn't all Will about it.

He was colder than he typically is, and you could tell she didn't know what to do with his demeanor.

She opened up to him, nearly kissed him, freaked out and kissed someone else, and spent the rest of the mission being mean to cover her embarrassment.

Opposing Viewpoints - Tall - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 3

Perhaps she didn't think about how hurtful she was to Will.

His best friend slept with his fiancee, so even betrayal in a fake marriage would get to him. It would be understandable if he felt she did it deliberately.

Frankie was also mission-oriented, but she didn't see the obvious in front of her.

The spy was in love with his mark. It was abundantly clear from early on in the hour. He developed real feelings for her despite his best attempts to take down her father.

The car scene as he, Frankie, and Will chased after the genocidal father of the bride was hilarious.

Frankie was livid and wouldn't hush up. She was over the whole thing by the time the bride turned on her father and led to his capture.

Susan was also expressing some awareness of her shortcomings. The scene with Ray was a nice one, and Ray is becoming more likable with each installment.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. I'd kill to be you.


She was upset when she realized she wouldn't be joining the others in Paris.

It was as if she was transported back to when she felt rejected by her many siblings. Will snapping at her over the phone and telling her to mind her business is what may have tipped her over the edge.

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Susan explained how she grew up reading people.

If she was already aware of how her skills alienated her from others and turned people off, then why does she casually use it on colleagues?

A pep talk from Ray, an apology from Will, and gifts brought from the team reassured her of her place in their group and as their friends.

Jai and Standish are providing the bromance action people crave. They feed off of each other with their odd-couple personas.

Jai is so meticulous and precise with everything; he's a guy who loves to be in control and hasn't accepted how most things in life are out of control.

I loved his explanation for it.

Jai is self-aware and knows he needs to improve and do better. His comments to Edgar were way too intense, but Standish bounced back. He's resilient.

Standish: Your tiny robots are delicious.
Jai: Thank you.

It's a good thing he is, too. They're one of the best relationships on the series. The fraternal nature of it is funny, and so are all the ways they bicker.

Other Tidbits:

  • Edgar singing his freestyle of Otis Redding was hilarious.
  • The music on this series in other languages is the best. - Jai had cookies with nanochips in them. He has the best gadgets.
  • We got a sexy laser dance. It's not a spy show until someone does an Olympic routine to get past a series of lasers. 
  • Will still needs time with Ray.
  • Frankie and Will fight so well together. It's a beautiful sight every time. 

What did you think about the hour? Hit the comments below. 

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Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge Review

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Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Standish: Your tiny robots are delicious.
Jai: Thank you.

Edgar: We should've Frankie'd this guy.
Frankie: Stop using my name as a verb.
Edgar: It's a compliment.