Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17 Review: How Two-Faced Can You Get

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Was that not the scariest image to ever grace our TV screens?

After a brief hiatus, Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17 wasted no time addressing the Liam-sized elephant in the room while also revealing Alexis' new face. 

Look, when I joked about Fallon being the inspiration for Alexis' new face, I was doing just that: joking. 

Video Proof - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17

Double dipping and using the brilliant Elizabeth Gillies to play two iconic characters is overkill.

Not to mention, it may get really confusing. 

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Is The CW on that much of a budget?

I don't doubt that Gillies will bring the flair that original fans have been missing from this new Alexis, but there's no denying that Alexis' new face was creepy.

It almost looked as if Fallon's face was demolished by one too many dodge balls. 

I'm never going to get that image out of my head. 

I'm Going to Do Something  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17

Couldn't they use another actress who looked similar? Or get someone who matched Nicolette Sheridan's status?

I'm also slightly confused as to why Alexis lovingly blew Adam a kiss after seeing her new face.

Did the reconstruction process also alter her memory? Does she not remember that he viciously pushed her into her fireplace?

Adam doesn't need any more allies in the Carrington Mansion. 

Having Blake on his side is doing enough damage. 

With Adam, you never know what you're going to get; his actions are so unpredictable, which make him more dangerous than any character we've dealt with thus far.

What Did I Just See? - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17

Colby and Michael really need not underestimate him. 

If they plan on taking down Blake, they need a foolproof plan and plenty of receipts.

Even video evidence wasn't enough to take down Blake for blatantly switching out urine samples for a drug test.

Blake's untouchable. He has everyone eating out of the palm of his hand, and now he has Adam, a loyal puppy dog to do his dirty bidding.

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Colby realizes that Adam thinks he's invincible under Blake's protection, and Blake, well, he loves that his son is cut from the same cloth. 

Adam will do anything to stay in his father's good graces and protect him from those who mean him harm.

But maybe being a loose cannon will cause him to go too far?

We Got Ahead of It - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17

What did Adam even pour into Colby's paint can?

Is it something that will ensure the room is flammable?

Or is he simply altering the paint color?

Culhane needs to get his head in the game if he's serious about getting revenge on Blake. 

He was naive to think that just because he was co-owner of the Atlantix Team that Blake would suddenly respect him more than when he was a driver. 

Blake uses people to get what he wants and then forgets about them. 

Culhane either needs to quit this family or prove that he's earned his seat with the big boys.

Fallon's storyline picked up right after Liam, or should I say, John Southside, waltzed into her office. 

While Fallon's decisions surrounding Liam are usually calculated, this time she had no idea she was buying the publishing house that would put out Liam's new book. 

What a welcome coincidence!

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Seeing as though Fallon harbors real feelings for Liam, I didn't enjoy her tactics of pushing him away. 

At times, she became downright mean. 

Telling the man you love that his book sucks is crossing a line, even if you think you're doing it to save yourself a $6 million contract buyout. 

Fallon picked up on Liam's anger, and when she finally read the book, she realized he'd been writing their story. 

I've Got a Plan - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17

Considering how poorly Fallon treated him and how she wanted to sabotage his career, I think Liam forgave her too quickly. 

When she showed up at his door offering to publish the book, it's almost as if he didn't even care about all the hell she'd just put him through. 

He kept saying that this was "so Fallon of her," but then ended up falling right back under her charm. 

I'm all for Liam and Fallon getting together, but she should at least have to work for his respect again.

Kirby and Culhane's relationship felt just as rushed as Liam and Fallon's. 

Sure, prior to Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17, the writers were building up some chemistry between the two of them, but at no point were they even relationship ready. 

Take This Seriously - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17

But all of a sudden, they're heavily flirting in the kitchen, making out at his office, and sneaking around at parties?

I'm rooting for the two of them because if anyone deserves happiness, it's Kirby and Culhane, but why can't the writers take their time developing this romance instead of awkwardly bringing them together that it almost feels forced?

Thankfully, we won't have to witness Fallon and Kirby have a fallout because of Culhane. 

Okay, I am doing something with my life. And I assure you, I don't want Liam Ridley or John Southside to have any part in it. Nice porn name, by the way.


They've come such a long way since the frenemies they once were. 

Their current relationship is heartwarming but not overbearing; Fallon still puts Kirby in check while Kirby never shies away from being herself.

Kirby has always wanted a real friendship with Fallon, and though she wouldn't admit it, Fallon always needed a side-kick. 

And Fallon accepting that her friend is going to date Culhane means she's matured and moved on. 

Snake Oil - Dynasty

Fallon showed a much more mature side as she didn't allow her anger to cloud her judgment and ruin this great partnership she'd built with Kirby. 

It's a character growth for Fallon; call it a 'glo' up.

I couldn't help but laugh that Monica, Culhane's other ex, was the one to send Fallon the photo. 

Culhane sure does get around, huh?

In a male dominated world, ladies have to stick together. 

That statement rang truer at Femperial, where the basis is female empowerement. 

Fallon's always been an independent and empowering character but most of that stemmed from her money. 

When money doesn't do the trick in landing her first author, Fallon gets pushed out of her comfort zone, and we watch her truly rise to the occasion and shine. 

Buying people may have worked in other business dealings, but when dealing with raw, creative people, money can often have an adverse effect. 

Fallon landed her first author when she changed her tactics and instead of buying someone's love, she helped them nurture their craft. 

Get It Done - Dynasty

Sammy Jo needs a new storyline fast. 

They've reduced him to being Cristal's side-kick and Anders' tae-kwon-do buddy. 

Cristal wanted Blake to heed her warning about her dangerous family so much that she had Sammy Jo drug Blake's driver and draw a family crest on the front windshield. 

I'm sorry, what?

Fallon: I am not working with Liam, Kirby. You were in Sun Valley.
Kirby: Where you made a mockery of your dignity, self-esteem, and feminism in general? Yes, I was there.

Clearly, Cristal's family isn't that dangerous if she has to fake attacks from them. 

Second off, Adam is an immediate danger and they aren't even seeing it. 

Thirdly, why didn't Blake question why she turned to her family for help securing the land when she's always quipped about her family's estrangement?

Cristal has talked about her "scary Papa" so many times that when he does finally grace us with his presence, it won't be as effective. 

Also, how macho of Blake to be completely unphased by any threats because he's a billionaire with "clout."

He hasn't looked back at his family history and realized how many people have infiltrated Carrington Manor without even lifting a finger. 

Kirby: I'm really amazed at how well you've handled all this Liam stuff.
Fallon: Well, as long as he doesn't take his shirt off, or look at me with his eyes, I should be able to stay focused.

It's about time they got better security around there. 

While there were plenty of promising moment, overall, I found Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17 uneventful. 

Hopefully, it serves as a transitional episode for all the drama that will round out the latter half of the second season and lead us into a jaw-dropping finale. 

Missed episodes? You can watch Dynasty online and get caught up!

And share your thoughts in the comments below! 

How Two-Faced Can You Get Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Okay, I am doing something with my life. And I assure you, I don't want Liam Ridley or John Southside to have any part in it. Nice porn name, by the way.


Fallon: I am not working with Liam, Kirby. You were in Sun Valley.
Kirby: Where you made a mockery of your dignity, self-esteem, and feminism in general? Yes, I was there.