Good Girls Season 2 Episode 9 Review: One Last Time

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And just like that, Beth is out of the business. 

Or is she? 

Good Girls Season 2 Episode 9 was the tipping point for our friendly neighborhood robbers, as the reality of the last few months came and slapped them in the face. But that didn't stop them from pulling off another burglary. 

Afternoon Cocktail - Tall - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 9

Stan's arrest is no small matter, as Turner isn't backing down at all. Stan is guilty, we all know that, but Turner is going off a hunch, rather than actual solid evidence that Stan lifted that pen cap. 

Either way, Stan is in trouble. And step one was to get Stan out of jail, which meant the ladies had to find a way to get cash quickly. 

Going For A Ride - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 9

Robbing the Quikash wasn't a bad idea, but it was rushed. They weren't at all prepared for the safe being on a timer, leading them to panic. And their panic lead them to another Boomer/treehouse situation. 

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Let's talk about JT briefly, because he is fantastic. The entire exchange with Annie over the chips, salsa, and burrito is worth watching at least twice because it's that funny. 

Ruby Thinks - Tall - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 9

It's extremely rare to find a show that makes you laugh while watching a man held against his will. But we know the ladies aren't going to hurt JT, which helps lighten the mood a bit, but it's still a messed up situation. 

It made very little sense that Ruby spent all evening not saying a word, and then decided at the very last second to start talking. Based on her previous actions, JT is never going to forget Ruby, and you just knew he was going to blackmail her to keep quiet. 

JT: I need your address.
Ruby: Don't you have it in your system?
JT: No. I need it for your school district.
Ruby: You can get your GED online.
JT: I majored in finance at MSU, bitch.

Lucky for her, JT isn't a bad guy. A snarky, judgemental man who likes burritos, yes. But not a terrible human being. 

Brother & Sister - Tall - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 9

Being able to walk away with the cash they needed, and only having to use Ruby's address to help a young child get a better education is a definite win for the ladies. 

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After the robbery and a heart to heart with her mother-in-law, Beth drew a line in the sand. Things have gone much further than anyone intended, and Dean was making it very clear that she had to make a decision. 

It was book club or her family. 

The choice may seem easy on paper, but Beth has become addicted to the lifestyle. And she's become a bit addicted to Rio as well. 

Looking On - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 9

Since their bathroom hookup, Rio and Beth have stayed away from the physical. But once Beth decided to choose Dean and her children, she had to get one final thing out of her system. 

We rarely get fun, flirty Beth but she was all that and more when she invited Rio over to her house. It was obvious what she wanted, and Rio was more than happy to comply. 

But unlike their time together in the bathroom, this was a more sensual encounter. It was slow and purposeful, and in many ways even steamier. 

Rio plays it cool at all times. He may get angry here and there, but he always brings himself right back down to his naturally calm demeanor. And he acts that way with Beth too, but he also chooses his own way to show Beth that she's more than just a business associate. 

Gregg And Noah Meet - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 9

Even when she came to him for the money to help Stan, he declined, because of course he did. But his little shoulder pat may seem like nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it's a lot for Rio. 

Whether he ever says the words out loud or not, she's important to him in a way you have to imagine not many people are. 

Beth: You know what would be so nice? Is if you gave me a break just once.
Rio: Rough week?
Beth: My husband took my children.
Rio: I know it's lonely at the top.

We don't know a thing about Rio when you think about it. There are little clues dropped in sporadically that give us a glimpse into the man behind the cool guy facade, but we don't know where he lives or what he does for fun.

But there is no denying his affection for Beth. And even though this was meant to be a farewell, there's just no way these two can stay away from each other. 

Brio shippers probably feel slighted, but Beth can stay away from Rio about as much as Annie can act like she enjoys working at Fine and Frugal. 

That's to say, it's not happening. 

Knock At The Door - Tall - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 9

Annie and Noah's relationship keeps growing, and it's very difficult to watch. Outside of the whole cop and deception thing, Noah seems like a wonderful guy. And it's hard to believe that it's all an act. 

We haven't seem much of Gregg lately, but he came back and was right on the money with his assessment of Noah. 

I'm a d-bag, okay? So I know when I see one. Just be careful.

Gregg [to Annie]

Gregg is a tricky guy to root for, but one thing I think we can all agree on is he does care about Annie, and he loves his daughter. Part of him may be jealous of Noah, but another part of him can see it's a bit strange how quickly Noah has integrated himself into their lives. 

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It seemed like Annie was receptive to Gregg's advice until Noah pulled out the big guns. 

We can all see where this is heading, and it's not going anywhere good. The only thing left to wonder at this point is whether Noah ends up betraying Annie or his badge. 

Angry Gregg - Tall - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 9

Odds and Ends

  • Turner is slimy, and I'm glad Stan called him out. There's nothing I want more at this point than for him to not get his way.
  • Dean was actually tolerable this week. One thing you can't say about Dean is that he's a bad father.
  • Beth frequently gets portrayed as the mother of all mothers, but when she took off her shoes and had on those mismatched socks, I've never related to her more. 

The hits keep on coming, as Good Girls Season 2 continues to impress.

With only a handful of episodes left, do you believe Beth is done with the business and Rio?

Will Annie figure out who Noah is before it's too late?

Leave all your thoughts in the comment section so we can discuss!

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One Last Time Review

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Beth: You know what would be so nice? Is if you gave me a break just once.
Rio: Rough week?
Beth: My husband took my children.
Rio: I know it's lonely at the top.

Gregg: Um, you move fast.
Annie: I work with him.
Gregg: Of course you do.
Annie: He's my boss.
Gregg: Of course he is.