Supergirl Season 4 Episode 18 Review: Crime and Punishment

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Supergirl is finding the power buried within Kara Danvers.

On Supergirl Season 4 Episode 18, Kara realizes that amidst a witch hunt, she has more pull as Kara, the reporter from CatCo, than she does as Supergirl, National City's heroine. 

It's incredibly upsetting to see how quickly everyone turned on her and began to call her out as a terrorist after Lex Luthor's Red Daughter posed as Supergirl and attacked the White House. 

Lena Looks For Clues - Supergirl

The media is a powerful medium. It can shed light on indecency, but it can also do plenty of damage by spreading false news. 

Supergirl's name was tainted when the President declared her an enemy of the state following the fake attack, and despite all the good she's done, people gobbled it up. 

The media continuously talked about Supergirl's attack thus persuading the masses that their once beloved hero was a terrorist. 

But alas, the same media is the one who can help exonerate Supergirl and bring down Lex Luthor. 

Kara realized that she had plenty of pull when she approached the inmates, specifically Steve, as Kara Danvers. 

While he was aggressive towards Supergirl, he handed Kara a copy of Lex Luthor's drive without a second thought. 

Shivved - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 18

Seriously, a pair of glasses makes a world of difference!

Kara has never been the "powerful" character; it's been reserved for her alter-ego, but it seems she's underestimated the persona she's crafted for herself. 

Keeping up with her cover, she'll be able to spin the media to work in her favor. 

It's unclear how she'll explain getting the drives to Lena and Alex, who are on board with clearing up the misconceptions about her, but don't actually know her true identity. 

The moment she mentioned that Supergirl must "lay low," I thought she was going to tell Lena and Alex the truth about her identity. 

If she's serious about laying low, she's going to have to embrace her disguise, right?

It's true, keeping her true identity a secret helped her out immensely at Stryker's. 

What Do You Know? - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 18

Not only was she able to evade Otis Graves, she was able to buddy up to Steve and even avoided getting shanked. 

Those are huge accomplishments. 

But to have the best team by her side, I think she's going to have to come clean to them. 

The earlier half of Supergirl Season 4 made it a huge deal to find out Supergril's true identity, but after a few episodes, it stopped being a real priority for everyonce including Colonel Haley. 

Considering that no one cares about her identity anymore and that Haley turned out to be a Supergirl supporter and protected her from being ambushed by Lockwood, I think it's fine if she enlightens her closest friends.

Steve  - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 18

Haley should remain in the dark because her loyalty is unsteady, but since she's no longer gung-ho about cracking this mystery,  Supergirl can safely loop in Alex.

Things would be a lot smoother for Supergirl and she'd be under the DEO's protection fully if Alex knew the truth.

And given how supportive Lena has been throughout the whole process of helping her clear her name, she deserves to get clued in finally.

I mean, Lena risked her life by hanging out with Supergirl only to get some insight into Lex's master plan. 

Otis Graves has more lives than a cat. 

Super Krypto Suit - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 18

Seriously, how many times was this dude blown up simply to be put back together?

It's tiring to see Supergirl constantly face off against Graves when we want to see her face-to-face with the Red Daughter. 

For now, neither Supergirl nor Lena nor Alex have been able to figure out how Lex Luthor managed to pull off the White House attack. 

With the hard drive, she'll hopefully be able to understand more about the Red Daughter, find a way to reach her, and even get the proof she needs to clear her name in the public eye. 

Though this episode didn't establish much of anything, I did enjoy Supergirl's fight scene with all the inmates. 

It's always fun to see tough dudes that are so sure of themselves get their asses handed to them by a woman. 

And it was especially entertaining because it was very effortless for Supergirl. 

James PTSD finally began manifesting as powers.

Anastasia - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 18

His sister, Kelly, tried to convince him what he was experiencing were hallucinations, but methinks crushing a metal lamp with your hand is a sign of something way more dangerous. 

James may be experiencing some trauma from getting shot, but he's thinking straight by requesting to chat with Lena about what's happening to him. 

Unlike the other people who have gotten the cure, James' powers seem to be taking on a dark vibe.

Does that have something to do with the anger bottling up inside of him?

Or the fact that he no longer feels like a hero despite being The Guardian?

Lex's Diaries - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 18

The writers are slowly trying to push together Alex and Kelly, but it didn't seem natural for Alex to turn to someone who's practically a stranger and divulge important DEO business. 

Not to mention, Alex never needs advice on doing the right thing.

And it isn't like Kelly's advice was something Alex couldn't think of on her own. 

It was a pathetic attempt -- let's not do it again. 

Ben Lockwood never irritated me more than when he messed with Brainy. 

Sure, the situation only happened in Nia's dream sequence, but given that President Baker just recklessly deputized the Children of Liberty, it's only a matter of time before the dream comes to fruition. 

And that doubles in danger because Brainy decided to delete the alien registry with the only copy available in his brain. 

Lex's Lair - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 18

He downright made himself a target, all in the name of being a hero.

At least Brainy is thinking about the safety of all the other aliens and not just Supergirl's. 

Nia has been lacking as a superhero and refusing to look into the future to help Brainy make a decision proves she still has a long way to go. 

She hasn't even helped Supergirl in the slightest. Wasn't that her whole point?

After reigniting the spark that Supergirl Season 4 was missing in the episodes introducing Lex Luthor, it seems Supergirl has lost it's spunk yet again. 

Will it return by the time the season finale rolls around?

If you need to catch up on episodes, you can watch Supergirl online right now! 

What did you think of the episode?

Is James going to the dark side? 

Will Haley help clear Supergirl's name?

What will they find on Lex's harddrives?

Crime and Punishment Review

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