The Resident Season 2 Episode 19 Review: Snowed In

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Spring is here, but winter was in full-force on The Resident Season 2 Episode 19

A huge Atlantian snowstorm was a bold but fun choice for a backdrop in the installment, but it had nothing on the tension brewing between all the couples and "couples" of the series. 

What in the hell is going on with CoNic? 

A Rift - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 19

Donna was a sweet, warm woman, and while she was dying, I'm pleased the hour didn't end with her actual death. It would have been too difficult; however, it's interesting how this specific case exacerbated the unresolved tension between Conrad and Nic. 

The couple has been coasting by and not talking. 

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The two of them had a significant blow-out on The Resident Season 2 Episode 12, but it was as though they pressed pause on their differences and coasted by on the comfort and familiarity of their relationship without picking it back up again.

It was noticeable and strange, but here we are seven installments later, and they had to face some of their tension again. 

Up in the Air - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 13

Conrad and Nic are crappy at communicating with each other, and while it's not a matter of playing "the blame game" here, it's no way of discussing their issues without acknowledging how Conrad has done the work. 

He spent the entire first season becoming a new and improved version of himself and working himself up to being the man worthy of Nic's affections. He heard what she told him after their first breakup, and he took the necessary steps to address her concerns. 

We only know a little about the nature of their relationship before, so there isn't much to compare Conrad's growth to, but his maturity is acknowledged by both characters, and we can trust that. 

Can I punch him? Kidding. This is the new Conrad, remember?


Nic is who needs to do some work on herself and figure things out now, and she needs the space to do it. It's something Conrad eluded to the last time they broached the topic of their relationship. 

Conrad has genuine concerns that since he's jumped through the hoops, Nic has an issue with him not being screwed up enough for her to fix. Conrad communicates better, shares his feelings, and his relationship with his father has improved. 

He's in a great place in his life, and he's ready to move forward, settle down, and get serious with Nic, but she has a foot out the door right now, and none of us, including Conrad, know why. 

Mature Conrad - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 13

After a full night of being on opposing sides of a delicate issue, they were prime for a discussion about what transpired and what is happening with them; however, Nic decided it wasn't the time to hash it out.

Conrad has sensed something is going on, and he has felt it for a while. He's patient and trying not to pry, but Nic isn't giving him much to work with here.

It was disheartening when he told her he loved her as if he were unsure what her response would be or if she would return it. She did, but she hesitated and responded in the manner of someone who says it out of habit. 

CoNic Uncertainty

The moment was shrouded in uncertainty and unease. Conrad is aware of Alec's feelings for Nic (hell, Jessie is aware of them), and he doesn't consider Alec a threat. 

Nic's lack of response to Alec and her ability to breeze past it is interesting though. It's something Jessie took note of as well. Some part of Nic appreciates the newness and attention. 

Jessie: I didn't ask Dr. Shaw to treat me.
Conrad: He's a good doctor.
Jessie: I know; I prefer you.

I don't think Nic is romantically interested in Alec, but I do think she doesn't know who she is anymore outside of her relationship with Conrad, and she may feel stifled by it and needs out. If so, she needs to be upfront with him sooner rather than later; it's unfair to string him along. 

Niclec  - The Resident Season 2 Episode 12

Nic was all out of sorts regarding Donna. It doesn't matter how you slice it; Nic was in the wrong. 

Donna choosing to forgive Nic, and Conrad taking some responsibility when it was unwarranted doesn't change anything.

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Donna didn't want to be resuscitated and signed a DNR, and it was frustrating how Nic went out of her way to advocate for Donna behind Conrad's back and then flipped out when Bell had to use extreme measures to revive Donna. 

What did she expect? It remains entertaining how Bell is removed from his HODAD days. 

A New Side to Bell - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 16

In many ways, he has been the character to improve the most this season. Words cannot describe how precious it was to see him interacting with the children. You could tell he was out of his element, but he also was a natural. 

The young boy was instantly taken with him and at ease, and it warmed the heart when he clung to Bell -- holding his hand and refusing to let him go. The interactions between Bell and the children and Kit were some of the most lovable moments of the hour. 

Kit: You never had kids, right?
Bell: No, not to my knowledge.

For those who wondered about the nature of Bell and Kit's relationship, it seems they are still smitten with one another and have a flirty, sweet rapport. Bell's loving expression when he stumbled upon Kit and the siblings sleeping was hard to miss. Bell has feelings for Kit; it's as clear as day.

It's hard to say if his feelings are reciprocated, but something is brewing between them. 

Going Down, Down, Down - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 4

Of course, AJ was the other guy willing to do anything for the lady in his life. While he and Mina aren't an official couple, he treats her like the only lady in his life.

Mina has AJ so wrapped around his finger, he trekked through a blizzard on foot for her. Find you someone who cares about you that much and don't let them go. I've been through some insane blizzards in my lifetime, and only love will motivate you enough to do that when it's not necessary. 

AJ's journey provided a heaping dose of humor (outside of the medical student antics). He is the perfect mentor anyone could ask for, and he takes mentoring Mina seriously. It's not solely his feelings for her which motivates him, but they're bonded by their love of what they do. 

AJ Races to Mina

He talked her through as much as he could when she had to perform surgery on the human popsicle on her own. He instantly understood her feelings when she stated the young daughter reminded her of her sisters. 

AJ stripping his belongings off while running down the hallway and racing to the OR was one of the best moments of the hour. He couldn't even be upset about his ordeal once he realized she had fixed everything herself. How could you be angry when Mina utters an adorable apology? 

She reminds me of my sisters.


AJ's hearty laugh in response to it evoked just as much laughter from me. Malcolm-Jamal Warner in addition to having one of the best voices on television, has an infectious laugh. 

Mina can fly solo, but she still needs her mentor sometimes, so AJ figuring out what was wrong with the father post-surgery made the trek worth AJ's while. How crazy is it that they had to put him back into the snow to save him?! I love this show. 

Mina and AJ - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 13

As mentioned, the medical students (and Bell's annoyance with them) provided some humor, but Devon was able to take one of them under his wing. Devon makes a decent mentor, and we've seen a lot of him in the role this season. 

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He's compassionate enough to teach interns and medical students how to view patients whether they are alive or dead as people not bodies, numbers, or tasks. He was effective in the role and left his mark with the young medical student who was in dire need of guidance. 

Devon's Agenda  - The Resident Season 2 Episode 17

I cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for Devon. Outside of the Julian fiasco, he's coasting on through the season with nothing gripping. 

Over to you, Resident Fanatics! Did anyone else laugh their head off when Donna told Bob to go to hell? Who else is obsessed with Stevie Nicks' Landslide? Choose your couple and let's dissect them in the comments! 

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Snowed In Review

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The Resident Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

AJ: Mina, are you afraid to fly solo.
Mina: I am not afraid.
AJ: Well, you should be. Fear makes it careful.

Can I punch him? Kidding. This is the new Conrad, remember?