The Village Season 1 Episode 3 Review: In Your Bones

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Things are heating up for some residents of The Village.

A few love connections were made, while another was severed, and Enzo finally made his return to the building on The Village Season 1 Episode 3

It was a busy week for our favorite Brooklynites, as they continued to navigate the many challenges life has thrown at them. 

Upset Enzo - The Village Season 1 Episode 3

Every time it feels like Katie and Sarah are getting themselves on the same page, something happens to further draw a wedge between them. 

This time, the wedge went by the name Jagger. 

Sarah's apprehension about Katie telling Jagger that she was pregnant was rooted in fears and insecurities she had in regards to the decision she made many years ago. 

Nick: You've been mad at this kid for seventeen years.
Sarah: Least I know he grows up okay.

Sarah is a proud woman who seems hardpressed to admit wrongdoing. But she must grapple with whether or not she did the right thing, even if she's unwilling to say that out loud. 

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Katie though is eager to tell Jagger, and it scares Sarah as a person who knows how this story will end. And Sarah is pretty spot on with her assessments of both Jagger and the situation. 

Katie's Confusion - The Village Season 1 Episode 3

Within moments of meeting Jagger, you can tell how this conversation is going to go. And it isn't even a conversation, as Katie has to text him the news since he can't be bothered to look up from his phone for more than a second. 

Jagger is a kid, and he's scared, much like Katie. But Katie has the luxury of having a mother who may overstep at times but always has Katie's best interest at heart. 

With Jagger's parents now involved, it will be interesting to see where this storyline goes. Might Katie decide to give up the child for adoption? The idea is touched upon briefly, but it remains to be seen what the plan is for Katie. 

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One thing that is pretty much a guarantee is more angst between Katie and Sarah. It wouldn't be an hour of The Village without some mother/daughter discourse!

Roof Conversation - The Village Season 1 Episode 3

It feels odd at times that Katie and Sarah are both going through it right now, and Nick is always a few feet away but unable to help. Perhaps he wouldn't even know how to help properly, but he could try.

When exactly are they going to tell Katie the truth?

There's no good time for a bomb like this to get dropped in your lap, but at the same time, getting to know a man and not realizing he's your father may be more damaging than anything. 

Confused Gabe - The Village Season 1 Episode 3

Nick's journey took an unexpected turn when he caught up with Amy. Nick was looking to make amends, but Amy was reluctant to hear the gory details about her husband's death, and she had every right to feel that way. 

Her husband is never coming back, and for her to cope with that, she'd rather not be filled with the anger and despair that comes with learning more about how he was taken from her. 

But once things between the two got physical, Nick had to tell her the truth.

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It's hard to see what happens with Nick and Amy moving forward, as there was very little talking after Nick's declaration. At that moment, it seemed like they were two souls who gave into to their attraction and kind of blocked out everything else. 

But it's much more complicated than that, and I imagine Nick will be very conflicted moving forward. 

A Visit - The Village Season 1 Episode 3

While Nick and Amy were having their moment, Ben and Ava were having one of their own. 

Ben has yet to be fully fleshed out as a character, but from what we've been able to see, he's lovely. And he has a supreme soft spot for Ava. 

You can't help but root for them even as you worry that the relationship may not be long for this world. Ava is fighting to stay in the country, after all. It doesn't help matters that she's keeping some secrets to herself. 

There are a lot of secrets floating the hallways of the Village, but the funny thing about secrets is they always find a way to bite you in the butt. 

A Reading - The Village Season 1 Episode 3

Everything Else

  • Patricia's monologue in the church was heartbreaking as was her conversation with Ron after the party. Patricia is feeling defeated and angry, but I hope she slowly allows Ron in because the man would do anything for her. 
  • Is anyone else hoping John comes back around down the line? We didn't get to know him very well, but I'm not exactly ready for the Nick/Sarah thing to take flight. Sarah deserves some fun, and John could have been it.
  • Gabe's father was kind of a jerk. Okay, he was a real, live jerk. I'm ready to dive into more of the Napolitano's history. 
  • Sarah and Katie have some adorable little inside jokes and rituals. 

Alright guys, how are you feeling about The Village thus far? 

What's next for Katie and Jagger?

Do you want to see Sarah and Nick together?

Are you shipping Ben and Ava?

Leave any and all comments down below!

And watch The Village online so you can join us in the comments!

In Your Bones Review

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