Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Did DeLuca's Selfless Act Make You Root for MerLuca?!

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Fans are still trying to recover from the cliffhanger!

On Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24, DeLuca put his livelihood and career on the line for the love of his life Meredith Grey, and we have no idea what will happen next!

Join TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Rachelle Lewis, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour!

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Was DeLuca taking the fall for Meredith dumb or romantic and honorable? What do you think will happen to him or both of them?

Paul: Romantic. It was the first time I truly felt the MerLuca connection. It was a little dumb, but it proved just how far DeLuca would go for his love. They're both screwed. There's no way this is not going to come out.

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Rachelle: It was romantic and honorable. I felt for the first time this couple was the real deal.

Their conversation as DeLuca told Meredith what he had done, was heartbreaking, but you could see the genuine connection between the two of them.

I agree with Paul; they are both screwed. It's a disaster waiting to happen that will no doubt affect both their careers and personal lives. I have a feeling though it will be a cliff-hanger, and the viewers won’t see the fallout until next season.

Deluca's Sacrifice

Jasmine: I guess I'm the odd person out. I felt it was one last-ditch effort to make those on the fence about this 'ship jump onboard, and maybe because of how overt it was, it didn't work for me. I thought it was honorable and stupid as heck.

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Putting aside how head over heels DeLuca is for Meredith, I'm annoyed at how little Meredith ever faces real consequences for her actions because of someone stepping in to try to save her from herself. It was the same way when Richard covered for her during the Alzheimer's study.

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In the real world, both of them could lose their medical licenses at best and face some time at worst, but it's Grey's, so I doubt they'll face any real consequences.

Meredith's sterling reputation will remain untarnished, and DeLuca will go back to subtly preparing to go into Peds instead of General surgery, as he planned because Meredith is in it.

Should Teddy and Owen rekindle their romantic relationship for good or are you disappointed by her choice?

Paul: I'm done with all things Teddy and Owen. Being disappointed implies that I cared about them in the first place. Kim Raver kills it as Teddy, and it pains me that she's being given these tedious storylines.

Rachelle: I am over these two as well. The back and forth is exhausting to watch. If the show insists on getting them together again, then at least keep them together. I knew Teddy and Owen were going to pick each other, so the surprise was nonexistent.

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Jasmine: I was so excited when they made Kim Raver a series regular again (she does kill it as Teddy), but I have been disappointed in Teddy for most of the season. I'm over it, and I'm tired.

Teddy spent much of her relationship with Owen feeling like a consolation prize, took this huge stand in Germany by telling him that, and then went and did the same to Tom.

At this rate, I don't give a damn about Teddy or Owen, but my loyalties are with Tom, and I'm upset he was strung along to have his heart broken.

Hot Toddy - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 15

Jo finally told Meredith about Pittsburgh. Thoughts?

Paul: It was about time. Jo has been self-destructing, and there's no telling how much further she would have fallen had she not come clean to Meredith. It also highlighted just how far these two have come as friends.

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Rachelle: It is time she told someone, but I wish it were Alex. He has been her rock.

However, I liked how Meredith was able to relate to “giving up.” There is a definite bond between Jo and Meredith, but I wonder if telling Meredith is going to be enough. I am not sure Jo is truly ready to get help.

Jasmine: It was long overdue. I'm glad she told someone, but I also wish she spoke to Alex about it. However, I did enjoy her scenes with Meredith. She's going to need more work than this though.

Mer Helps Jo - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24

What will Amelia's answer be to Link regarding their relationship?

Paul: Amelia will be on board with it. She has to be, right?! They're the surprise pairing I liked from the get-go.

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Rachelle: Honestly, who knows with Amelia? She is so up in the air with relationships, but I do think she is more into Link than she wants to let on. I like them as a couple a lot, so I hope she is on board.

Jasmine: If Amelia doesn't take Link, I happily will. They have somehow become my favorite new couple of the series, and I would love if she succumbs to the feelings she has for him.

Protective Boyfriend - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 21

What was your favorite or least favorite moment from the hour?

Paul: My favorite moment was DeLuca telling Meredith what he did. The reaction on Meredith's face said it all.

Rachelle: I agree, the Meredith and DeLuca scene was outstanding. It changed my view of them as a couple.

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Jasmine: It was the most dramatic scene. I liked Owen reassuring Frances on the plane how he wouldn't let anything happen to her, and he'd carry her out if necessary, and I loved Levi and Frances singing in the car.

Daddy's Boy - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 17

What do you hope or expect to see in the finale?

Paul: I expect there to be a crazy cliffhanger to keep us questioning what's about to go down in the fall. I do hope we get some resolution about Amelia and Link, and, of course, everything with MerLuca. 

Rachelle: I expect to see a lot of craziness. I mean DeLuca in cuffs, Owen, Schmidt and the donor in a car crash, as well as Amelia delivering Teddy and Owen’s baby. Grey’s is known for outlandish finales, and I expect this one to the same.

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Jasmine: I also expect a hell of a lot of insanity! I hope to get a resolution on this federal offense debacle with DeLuca and Meredith. I hope to see Amelia deliver Teddy and Owen's baby. I want Gus to get his blood.

Cracking Down  - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24

Grey's was renewed for two more seasons (with three series regular promotions). React!

Paul: I'm on the fence. Grey's Anatomy Season 15 has had some great moments, but it's been an underwhelming one.

I get that the stories are endless thanks to the hospital setting, but we need some changes. The three promotions are a good start because all of those actors are playing solid characters.

Rachelle: I am not surprised it got renewed for two more seasons. I am sure ABC wants to keep the show and Ellen Pompeo around for as long as possible. I liked season 15 better than the past few seasons, but the show is running its course.

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The three cast promotions are a good start to switch things up; however, Shonda and company need to bring a way to make the stories fresh again. And please stop with all the love triangles.

Jasmine: I'm starting to think Grey's Anatomy will never die. I pretty much summed up my feelings about the renewal on Twitter:

I agree; I liked season 15 a lot, and I could do without the love triangles, quadrangles, and pentagons.

Tom and Link have become two of my absolute favorite characters, and I always enjoy Levi. I'm a fan of all of them, and the actors who play them, so I'm thrilled about the news, and I hope they have great storylines next year.

Over to you, Grey's Fanatics. Do you agree with us or disagree? What do you hope to see in the finale? Hit the comments below!

The season finale of Grey's Anatomy airs Thursday on ABC.

If you want to relive the drama, you can watch Grey's Anatomy online here via TV Fanatic.

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24 Quotes

Zola: How much longer is mommy staying with Aunt Jo?
Alex: Until Aunt Jo feels better.
Zola: What's wrong with Aunt Jo?

Jo: If you're not going to leave just be quiet so I can sleep.
Mer: Sorry, I had a bad dream.
Jo: How long do you plan on doing this for?
Mer: Until you talk to me.