Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24 Review: Drawn to the Blood

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It's that time again!

Finale time is always an eventful, stirring period for many of our favorite series; however, you can trust Grey's to be on another level. 

It was the case with  Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24, which was a damn great penultimate episode of the season even if I didn't care for some of the developments.

Jo Needs Help - Tall - Grey's Anatomy

We want the drama, and the series brought it, but what was a nice touch was revisiting many tidbits from the rest of Grey's Anatomy Season 15. We started the season with Bailey's enthusiasm over her hyperbaric chamber, and it was put to use for one of the most dramatic scenes of the installment.

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Meredith dreamt of Cece, Gus was back at the forefront, and Carrie, too. Meredith mentioned her past a few times -- in her opening voiceover she discussed the hospital shooting and her miscarriage, and with Jo, she spoke about the time she almost surrendered to the icy water and drowned.

Mer Helps Jo - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24

She name dropped when Alex was Evil Spawn, and she reminded Jo (and us) of the contributions Jo made with her tiny livers and more. All-season the show had a way of paying homage to the series' longevity and the fans who have been there for the show's tenure.

The hour felt like one of the final of the season based on how they wanted to touch upon developments which happened during the season and hit us in the feels with a heart-pounding finale.

Based on the way the hour ended, we know the finale is going to be intense!

Deluca's Sacrifice

Let's get the big issue out of the way first. If there were any doubts about how much DeLuca loves Meredith, they dissipated when he sacrificed his career and freedom by taking the fall for her.

It was an act of true love and stupidity, and I both respect him for it and want to smack him. I love Meredith, and I love DeLuca, and their relationship isn't my cup of tea, but it's tolerable.

Jo: Do you love her?
DeLuca: She told you.
Jo: Do you?
DeLuca: Who wouldn't?

They have spent the back half of the season trying to build this couple up and flesh them out. It's a legitimate couple, and the show has invested a lot in it. Fine, OK.

The biggest issue with this development is how Meredith rarely faces the consequences for some of her actions, even when she does it tend to work out in her favor in the end. 

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The moment we saw Bailey and Catherine were in the board room all-day with insurance people, I suspected it had to do with Gabby's surgery. It's all fun and games and girl power and f**k the system when Meredith goes on one of her crusades.

Cracking Down  - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24

Hell, I get wrapped up in it too, but she puts herself out there, and she dares the universe to make her pay, and then other people swoop in and keep her from facing the music. It's a repeat pattern for her, and untouchable Meredith is annoying.

The worse part about DeLuca making this choice is you can bet both Catherine and Bailey know what happened. It's such a Meredith thing to do, and DeLuca hasn't been there as long nor is inclined to risk the entire career he nearly lost two seasons ago.

Dr. Deluca, It has come to light that Dr. Grey has submitted her own daughter's name for a patient's surgery here and that is both fraud and a felony, so we're going to need you to be a lot more specific.


It's a Meredith thing; it was her daughter's insurance for heaven's sake, but for some reason, Meredith wasn't the first person they called into the room to address the issue. Why?

Also, we saw they called in DeLuca, but they didn't call in Richard yet, which is interesting too. He was the one who helped Meredith cover it up afterward.

No, they put the squeeze on DeLuca who they know is dating Meredith and loves her, and it means, to me, that they know someone has to pay for it since the issue was flagged and warranted an investigation.

Daddy's Boy - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 17

Ideally, they would want this whole thing to disappear; however, if someone had to pay for it, you know they'd feel better about losing DeLuca over Meredith which is rather effed up.

I'm sure in the finale we'll have more insight into how the meeting played out, and they'll show how Bailey at least didn't want DeLuca to 'fess up when she knows he's lying, but still.

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Another downside to how Merluca has developed as a relationship is for a while it felt like Meredith was happy and having fun, but DeLuca has stronger feelings and wants more than she does. He has gone so hard, at times to the point of it being offputting, to win her over.

Being the Boss - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24

He's put himself out there a lot for Meredith, so if he didn't spend the entire season in pursuit of her sometimes to the point of desperation, his grand gesture wouldn't have made me cringe too. I felt oddly sisterly over him during the moment, "Oh, DeLuca, baby, what are you doing?"

DeLuca's line of reasoning made sense. He loves Meredith, and he knows she's an incredible doctor who is accomplished and has many years of changing the course of medicine and leaving her mark ahead of her. He knows she has kids, and dare I say he thought of her children more than she did when she chose to do this in the first place.

You've taken your darkest experiences that life gave you and you turned it around and turned it into light and if the woman who gave birth you doesn't want to see that than that's on her.


He doesn't want her kids to lose their mother or the woman he loves to lose her children, her license, years of her life, and more. From that viewpoint, his career has barely begun, and he's a single guy, and he could bounce back from this. He doesn't have as much to lose.

It's understandable why he did, but my God it was painful too. DeLuca was honorable and brave (a theme of the hour), but stupid too. It was dramatic as hell though -- him letting her know he took the bullet for her while she screamed from inside the hyperbaric chamber she was stuck in; it was brutal!

Wanna Date? - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 12

Plus, his decision hit harder knowing his past and his feelings about his father. Vincenzo was shrouded in infamy, and DeLuca has a real fear of being like his father. He didn't want that for himself, and now he's the guy who could face a felony and jail time for actions he didn't even initiate.

It's meant to speak to the love he has for Meredith that he's willing to take this particular hit knowing what it costs him. My poor, brave, dumb child -- worshipping at the altar of Meredith Grey this season has been a journey for him.

Free at Last - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 9

It's an agitating and intriguing development. I also have to give a shoutout to Kevin McKidd who has directed enough episodes where he's starting to have a distinctive style. I loved some of the shots during this hour -- the MerLuca one of them peering through the window was lovely.

Meredith at Alex's house sleeping with Jo until she talked to her was another classic Grey's callback. The relationship between Jo and Mer is a great one, and it made sense that Meredith was the one to get through to Jo.

My whole life I was convinced that if I ever met my mom she would do the same. She would say she was sorry and she would hold me until I felt safe but that's not ever going to happen because I never should have existed in the first place. Paul, everything he did to me. Everything he did to me before I escaped that was my birthright. That was my inheritance.


Jo telling someone about her mother and her feelings was long overdue. As expected, she's struggling with her mother's rejection and how she wears the face of a monster. She feels she never stood a chance; her life from birth until now has been violent and traumatic.

She admitted she wants to give up but she doesn't, and it's a start. She's open to getting the help she needs, which is great. Unfortunately, with her timing, I don't know what to expect from her portion of the storyline moving into the finale.

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I'm pleased with her breakthrough, and her scenes with Meredith were some of the best of the hour. Their heart to hearts was great, and while talking about their lives, it was a reminder of how much both women have gone through and what they overcame.

Jo and Meredith Hug

This series will forever excel at exploring the complexities of female bonds and friendship. Aunt Jo is on her way to helping herself, and thank the heavens this isn't being dragged on; I sympathized with Jo, but it was too much.

Another character who has been frustrating and impressive with their growth is Owen. Yeah, Owen has been working my nerve for a while, but the therapy arc is appreciated.

It's too bad they didn't focus on that alone, but Owen wasn't an issue during this installment. The likable Owen who is the strong, reliable man and soldier was in full effect. He was what Frances needed.

New and Improved Owen - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24

Teddy was turned on and realized her feelings and what she wanted at the moment when she overheard and watched Owen encourage Frances and promise to protect her. I can't blame the woman; it was hot.

However, I'm not ready for another round of Teddy and Owen again. Once upon a time, it felt like the most natural progression in the world, but that was before stupid love triangles, Germany, and Tom.

You will not break. I will lift you up and carry you. I served four tours in Iraq so there is no one better equipped to protect you, Frances.


Why couldn't Teddy reach the conclusion we all suspected she would reach anyway before she ended up with Tom? He doesn't deserve to have his heart broken like this, and it's funny how it's easier to be more invested in the feelings of Tom and Link than the characters we're more familiar with over the years.

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They're decent guys who never deserved to be strung along like this. Teddy hightailed it over to Owen's and confessed her feelings to an unfazed Amelia, and now she's in labor.

Odd Man Out Again

Why does this feel like a similar situation to when Warren had to deliver April's baby during -- was it a snowstorm? No. A rainstorm? A wildfire? It was some natural disaster.

Teddy leaving the hospital when she was likely in labor after deciding she had to tell Owen how much she loves him before their baby arrives proves the woman doesn't make the best decisions when it pertains to Owen. Bless her heart.

They're disaster humans every last one of them.

Tomcat - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 7

Tom getting hurt is unacceptable, and I'll pout about it for a long time, but there may be a chance Amelia and Link become a real thing. If one of these 'ships has to die so the other can live, so be it, but give us one!

Link is a perfect fit for Amelia, and they balance each other out a bit. They could be something magical; Amelia need only give their relationship a chance.

Link is decent and perfect. He didn't give Amelia an ultimatum, but he let her know his feelings and wanted to know where he stood. He didn't demand an answer on the spot, but he needs one since he doesn't live his life in this unknown.

I think I might be wrong about Malibu Barbie he really may be marriage material.


He's 100% in, and he won't hold it against her if she isn't, but he's not going to be unhappy waiting either. Meredith screwed him over earlier in the season, so you cannot fault the guy for wanting someone to be upfront.

Amelia may be considering something with Malibu Barbie, and he's Tom approved, which counts for something. Give it to us already! Chris Carmack has come a long way from being a barely used, poorly fleshed out character at the beginning of the season.

All Good - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25

On the other hand, it's a pity Nico didn't get much development until the end of the season. It feels too late now.

He's grappling with his error, and he's taking it out on everyone around him. Nico was snarky and rude to Teddy, Webber, and Helm. I hate the direction his character has taken, and I expect he'll be taking a new position elsewhere by the end of the finale.

He was annoyed by Alex paging Ortho and expecting Link, but has Nico bothered to interact with anyone outside of Link and Levi?

Speaking of Levi, he was not the best person to send to the tarmac to retrieve Frances. The woman was agoraphobic and terrified, and Levi is awkward and uncouth.

Customs proved they are the worst sometimes, and they took Frances' therapist away for reasons that weren't him being brown and Sikh, so Frances was stuck with Levi coaching her through getting off of the plane.

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While he had a few amusing moments (joining in with her singing), for the most part, I felt bad for Frances. She needed a bit more support Levi couldn't provide. She was what stood between Gus and death, and it's commendable this woman braved the airport and two plane trips to get to another country to give her blood.

A Real Hero - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 23

Time was pressing, and Gus' mom was having a meltdown. Hell, her meltdown is what led to her husband busting his ass on Legos. Frances needed the motivation she got from seeing Gus and his mom.

It's too bad the one thing settling her down is what is putting them at risk: the fog. The car accidents happening around them and to them were intense. Holy crap! Will they ever get to the hospital in time?

Does fog descend that fast? They couldn't see anything within seconds


I guess God's water just broke too.


It's one of those times where I'm invested in each of the cases and want everything to work out.

Carrie and Toby make me emotional. I loved Carrie's speech to Toby about how much they inspire her with their bravery.

Thanks to the fog and the drama, it was a terrible time to go camping. Listen, Jackson is cute, but he's not that cute. Maggie, bless her heart, she tried to be a trooper, and she was, but nature was testing her.

Workplace Rendezvous

So did Jackson only want to go camping and that's it? It seemed like he was adamant about it because of specific plans.

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He was thrilled to be out there with Maggie. He was happy as a damn lark. Maggie probably won't be going camping anytime soon though.

Taking Care of  Mom - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 18

All the drama is going down at the hospital; Teddy is in labor at Owen's house with Amelia and Leo, DeLuca got perp walked out the hospital, and Owen and Levi and Maggie and Jackson are out braving the fog.

The finale is about to be INTENSE!

Over to you, Grey's Fanatics! Let's discuss everything in the comments below!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24 Quotes

Zola: How much longer is mommy staying with Aunt Jo?
Alex: Until Aunt Jo feels better.
Zola: What's wrong with Aunt Jo?

Jo: If you're not going to leave just be quiet so I can sleep.
Mer: Sorry, I had a bad dream.
Jo: How long do you plan on doing this for?
Mer: Until you talk to me.