Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25 Review: Jump Into the Fog

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To borrow from Link, when the fog clears, let's hope the sun meets us on the other side -- on Grey's Anatomy Season 16

Because Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25 left us right in the thick of it.

It tied up stray ends and left an unexpected opening.

Saving Gus  - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25

It's interesting when you as a viewer were a DeLuca fan from the beginning. You sat through years of Blandrew jokes and Andrew receiving the brunt of fandom ire when Alex beat him to a bloody pulp.

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Somehow making him the new owner of Meredith's heart has led to an influx of DeLuca fans which is cool but because of his relationship with Meredith, which is meh.

Daddy's Boy - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 17

The only thing stranger than being a longtime DeLuca fan is being one who feels indifferent to Merluca.

All of that aside, I appreciate how many of Deluca's best qualities were on display this season, and it includes his nobility and loyalty.

DeLuca committed to covering for Mer. He couldn't envision any other outcome. His choice was as natural as breathing, and it led to him being perp-walked through the hospital with his Blues buddy wondering what the hell was going on.

DeLuca in Jail

It led to my boy DeLuca looking way too handsome in prison reds and talking to his girlfriend through the glass. Seriously, the man makes a prison jumpsuit look good. How?

He got what he needed out of Meredith's visit. She told him she loved him back after reminding him of how idiotic his actions were.

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I can hear Merluca fans swooning and squealing from the couple's final moment together. Yeah, things are up in the air with their careers, but Merluca will weather the storm together.

Andrew, as stupid as this was and as much as this terrifies me, I love you too.


It's something for you hopeless romantics to cling to during the hiatus.

Meredith deserves credit for laying into Andrew and everyone else compelled to protect her from her choices.

She's a strong, passionate woman with agency, and it's frustrating how the twisted sense of loyalty she's the biggest benefactor of often has her loved ones fighting like hell to save her from her mistakes.

Being the Boss - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24

As Meredith said, she knew what she was doing and the risk when she did it and didn't regret it. She was prepared to take accountability, and she's prepared to confess, so DeLuca gets spared.

Deluca's career barely began; he spent years working hard to become a doctor. He's only a resident -- and the star resident in the absence of Stephanie. He has years ahead of him -- it's foolish to throw all of that way for love and Meredith's magical hoo-ha.

Bailey: What can I do? You're fired.
Mer: Who's fired?
Bailey: All three of you; you're all fired.

Meredith and her elite status will be fine. I liked that she spoke to her children about possibly going away for some time and reassured them their aunts and uncle would be there for them.

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No one wants to see Meredith go down, but it's due time someone in this hospital, especially Meredith, faces the consequences for once.

It's crazy how of all the things that happened over the years DeLuca is who landed himself in custody for something he didn't even do.

Cracking Down  - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24

For some time, fans have been asking why on earth Meredith didn't do the surgery pro bono or cover the costs or anything that didn't include fraud. We tried to come up with reasonable explanations, but all we have is a shrug and "for plot reasons."

If Catherine was able to cover the costs for Gabby's cancer treatment with the Catherine Fox foundation, then why in the bloody hell didn't Mer (one of the doctors who helped treat Catherine) call in a favor?

His Last Case?  - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25

You mean one phone call to Catherine meant we could have avoided all of this? I have tried to avoid discussing the absurdity of this particular plot because of the drama of it all, and it IS Grey's Anatomy, but seriously?

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Richard and Alex tried to reenact the LVAD fiasco, but Bailey was not having it. She's right; they are not interns. They can't keep doing things like this and taking for granted that they're all family, and it'll spare them.

Was it shocking and sucky that they got fired? Yes. Did they deserve it? Also, yes.

Mer Helps Jo - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24

The moment the insurance company came in Bailey's hands were tied. She couldn't sweep any of their actions under the rug. Richard and Alex were shocked, and Bailey was upset, but it had to get done.

It's not a matter of how if it'll stick but rather how to undo it. I cannot imagine Grey Sloan without Alex and Richard, can you?

There is a big baby who is trying to come out of a small place in my car.


Fortunately, Alex's last case turned out well. It's surprising how the fog didn't play a bigger and more destructive role. Frances got to the hospital to have her blood drawn in record time.

Owen's best and hottest moments are when he gets all Alpha soldier hero when taking care of people. He carried Frances bridal style to the ambulance like it was nothing and treated a victim of the crash too.

Alex could be happy that his final case worked out, and he saved Gus. The scene of Frances and Gus' mom bonding was sweet.

New and Improved Owen - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24

Alex also had a necessary conversation with Jo. I'm not fond of Meredith telling Alex Jo's story instead of Jo. We were deprived of an important Jolex scene and conversation for a Merlex one.

I'm happy Jo is getting the help she needs. She checked herself into the psychiatric ward, and it's the best place for her right now.

Jo's story was important, and we shouldn't be dismissive of mental illness, but that portion of her arc lasted longer than it needed.

I'm not OK. I know how to rise when I need to, and I know how to take care of other patients, but I'm not okay. I'm sorry.


The prized residents of Grey Sloan both found themselves locked away -- Jo in the psychiatric facility and DeLuca in jail.

Is anyone else shocked Carina is still in town and at the hospital? I forget she's there often.

So, her baby brother got hauled away, and no one told her? WTF?!

Too Much Stress  - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 17

Scuttlebug at a hospital is next level, but somehow she was stuck in her bubble of delivering baby Towen and didn't know anything happening with her sibling.

Once again, the fog wasn't as bad as expected since Amelia talked their way to the hospital.

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Owen's ex didn't have to deliver his baby in a car, but his old bang buddy got to deliver baby Allison at the hospital, and it was no less awkward.

I'm in love with you. I'm in love with you, and I've been in love with you since the first day I met you. I didn't understand that I was allowed to be happy. I was afraid; the way I feel about you wasn't safe. Not safe because it feels so good. You make me feel so good. Teddy, I'm going to spend the rest of my life proving to you that I'm worthy of your love -- if you'll let me.


Teddy going into labor, battling fog to get to the hospital, and going through entire labor and delivery with Owen while an oblivious Tom was at the apartment he rented for her putting together a baby crib for another child he won't get to raise will haunt me for weeks.

Tom didn't deserve this. He did not deserve any part of this.

All Good - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25

Teddy had ample time to tell Tom the truth. She could have ended things with Tom before she went searching for Owen, but she probably wanted to keep him in her back pocket as a backup plan.

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Now that Greg Germann was promoted to series regular, (yay!) I'm curious as to where Tom goes from here? What will they do with his character in the aftermath of Teddy stomping on his heart?

Tomcat - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 7

Teddy and Owen are committed to pursuing their relationship again. Owen had his turn to confess his neverending love for Teddy that slightly contradicts his past relationships similar to how she dismissed Henry, but I'm a sucker for friends to lovers relationships, so if they plan to stick it out this time, then mazel tov to the new parents.

At this rate, whether you love the pair or loathe them, we can all agree they deserve each other.

Happy Towen

Teddy in labor was amusing, and Owen was so excited about the whole ordeal. It was a beautiful shot of the happy parents cooing at their new baby. Little Allison has arrived, and this next chapter in Owen's and Teddy's life should be interesting.

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It's all Owen ever wanted. That one therapy session was life-changing, wasn't it?

Amelia escaped this season as the most centered, well-adjusted character of the series. When did that happen?

Standing Up to her Sisters - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 21

She acknowledged how she jumped into the relationship with Link too soon after Owen. She admits she loves Owen, but Amelia also knows she and Owen aren't meant to be and made peace with it and is happy for him and Teddy.

She also admitted she has feelings for Link. He may have started as a rebound, but he doesn't quite fit that description anymore. However, she's not ready for another relationship yet.

Amelia: You are pretty wonderful.
Link: I hear a but coming.
Amelia: But I jumped into you really fast after the life I had with Owen and the kids that I thought I was building.
Link: A rebound.
Amelia: You definitely were. I don't know if you still are.
Link: So you're saying ...
Amelia: I'm saying I'm open to possibilities.

They're a possibility despite not being a definitive couple. It works for me. Of all the couples the series gave us this season, Link and Amelia, whatever they are, are my favorite.

The Schmico allure returned when Nico apologized to Levi, and the pair talked. I loved how Levi acknowledged how he's annoying.

He knows he's annoying, but he also knows he deserved to get treated better.

Possibility - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25

It's a true shame Nico didn't get much depth or character development until the final installments. He and Levi were adorable together, and then they weren't, but now they're back to being a cute couple. It gave me whiplash.

Nico's hardened exterior melted away when he witnessed Carrie's glorious miracle. Unfortunately, he couldn't get as happy as everyone else.

I don't know where Nico goes from here. He's disillusioned with the job, and overall he isn't happy.

Levi: If you love me, I deserve better than what you've been giving me.
Nico: I do. I don't think you're annoying. I have just been jealous.

He and Levi were sweet together in Levi's basement watching My Girl and snuggling. However, I'm unsure about the state of their relationship because of Nico.

Levi came out to his mom in my favorite Levi moment of the hour outside of him asserting himself to Nico and singing/praying in Hebrew to Frances.

She got caught off guard, but she didn't seem angry, and it didn't keep her from mothering Nico and giving him soup.

Domesticated Schmico

The last couple of the hour was frustrating as well. Jackson insisted he and Maggie went on this camping trip. I assumed he had something planned.

The only thing in store for them was a ridiculous argument. I'm at a loss for how it even happened. What?

Jackson knew Maggie didn't like camping. She is not an outdoors person. She's allowed not to be an outdoors person.

Jackson: So you just kind of have no respect for me.
Maggie: And you just kinda don't like me.
Jackson: Maggie, I love you.
Maggie: I know. But you don't like me. Not the way I am. You want me to expand.

Maggie went camping anyway since it's something Jackson loves. She dealt with bug bites, allergic reactions, and a sprained ankle. She had more than earned the right to complain a little while they tried to find their way out of the woods.

Who goes camping and doesn't know the trail? All of that "feel the earth and follow your instincts" stuff was poppycock.

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Jackson needs his card revoked; not that one, I meant the Grey's Anatomy one. No person at Grey's has ever had a positive experience in the woods. Jackson going camping without checking the forecast with someone who doesn't like camping is asinine.

Troubled Jackson - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25

While some of what he said about her not experiencing some things because of how she sped through school at a young age is true, it's not his job to determine what she should and shouldn't like.

It's condescending and no good can come from a relationship if one person feels they have the upper hand or is superior.

Jackson feels like he's more experienced with relationships and holds it over her head, and she was right about him trying to change her.

I've been defending you, but you're turning into someone no one wants to work with.


She's not a project; she's a person.

Maybe there is some truth to her saying he loves her but doesn't like her. It's especially interesting since Jackson knows what it's like; April treated him the same.

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She pointed out how he had certain privileges growing up wealthy, and he gets defensive about that.

Maggie is Annoyed - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25

Honestly, the whole argument gave me a headache and led to Jackson exiting the vehicle and disappearing into the fog with nothing more than a flashlight.

As if this was a horror movie.

Some of these people are so damn pretty but too damn dumb.

The Look - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25

Where the heck is Jackson? Who knows? However, you will hear me cackling come September if Maggie has to hobble out of the car and save his dumb arse.

So that concludes the season of love.

Did you love it? Did you love this finale? How do you think they'll fix it so Mer and DeLuca don't face prison time and Richard and Alex get their jobs back?

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Would you have shipped Amelia with Carina? Who was your favorite couple during the season of love? Sound off below!

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