Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 23 Review: Ho'okahi no la o ka malihini (A stranger only for a day)

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At least Steve finally found a partner who is accustomed to his quirks.

McGarrett and his nosy visiting sister Mary took on an off-the-books case on Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 23.

Mary came home for a little "me" time while her daughter was off on a Scouts trip. Still, she managed to get in trouble without trying all that hard.

Spying on the Neighbors -- Tall - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 23

And it turned out that Mary got some investigative instincts from her father as well, even though Steve was loathed to admit it.

Mary couldn't stay with McGarrett because of Mr. Pickles, since she is allergic to cats. That naturally became Danny's fault because he had refused to become the feline's temporary guardian on Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 21.

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So she opted for an Airbnb with an outdoor rainfall shower. Like, that's something to aspire to?

Then her nosy neighbor set off her perp radar, especially after all he did to get her host to kick her out.

That was a mistake.

Drinking a Cold One - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 23

Naturally, Mary opts to confront Ben the neighbor head on, armed with a box of pastries and her brother Steve, the head of Five-0. 

But just about the time that Mary was getting reassured about Ben, Steve got suspicious instead.

The rock wth a note attached to it didn't help the situtation.

The investigation should have fallen apart when the pair discovered that their source was a boy who just wanted his drone back from that mean Ben, whose only crime appeared to be smoking outside at night.

Mary couldn't let it go, in part because she wanted to get Blake back his drone. So she did a little breaking and entering, then pulled Steve into her crime as well.

Tiny Informant - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 23

Steve had just been humoring Mary throughout this misadventure, but he had to admit her theory of a meth lab wasn't that far-fetched, especially when he located the fake wall while trying to understand the home's architecture.

It was great that Mary saved the day with a gas she formulated with help from the internet. That's also frightening.

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Now has is this case ever going to stand up in court?

Any evidence was obtained without a search warrant. Ben and his wife had the right to protect their property against intruders, although that home arsenal was overkill and an argument for gun control.

I suppose Steve could argue that he smelled gas and went in because of that, but that seems like a stretch.

Abusing Junior Team Members - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 23

Mary still goesn't seem to have it together.

It was sweet of Steve to support her when she was feeling down. It was a nice touch when she found out that the guy hadn't ghosted her but had broken his leg instead.

Since there's no bringing back Aunt Deb, how about catching up with Delores sometime? It's too late this year, but maybe next season?

The bizarro case of the week was fun.

The man carjacked a ride-share driver, and they both ended up shot dead, with no sign of any shooter.

Partner-less - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 23

The carjacker, a mild-mannered statistical analyst from Jersey, was also high and in trouble.

It was amazing that, even though McGarrett was taking time off to spend with Mary, he and Danny found time to argue, both in person and by phone.

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I suppose with Scott Caan only available about two-thirds of the time you have to make those moments count.

Female blood in the dead tourist's motel room/drug den lead to the discovery of a missing woman with exactly the right caliber handgun. It was interesting to find out that women discuss that kind of thing with their girlfriends.

Kudos to Adam for pulling together all the disparate evidence into a scenario that made sense.

Tough Spot - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 23

That left the woman Kira alive but injured, so it was Eddie (you were expecting Mr. Pickles?) to the rescue.

Finding Kira hanging off a branch on the side of a cliff gave Junior the chance to channel his inner McGarrett as he climbed down to secure her position.

Watching Tani, it became clear that she finally might be admitting to herself what has become evident to everyone else. That's undoubtedly what led Danny to offer up his remarks about caring for the reckless.

I guess Will and Grace are still together, at least until they head off to college, so that gave Danny and Grover a prime opportunity to joust over prom etiquette.

Then the conversation turned to Tani and Junior's wedding date with the others jeering at the idea that it was strictly platonic.

Just Friends? - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 23

They tried to keep it that way, right through the dance competition at the reception. Junior was that dancing fool who shows up at every reception.

But as she watched Junior dance with the little girls, the longing spread across her face, and we all knew.

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Tani may be a tough, modern woman. But she had at last gotten to the point where Junior has been for a while -- infatuated with her partner.

They almost sealed the deal during that slow dance. It will be interesting to see where things stand between them next episode.

To catch up before the last two episodes, watch Hawaii Five-0 online.

Did you enjoy seeing Mary again?

Was Junior unnecesarily reckless?

Have Tani and Junior reached the point of no return?

Comment below.

Ho'okahi no la o ka malihini (A stranger only for a day) Review

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So you think you can read my eyebrows? You'd have better luck reading sanskrit.

Grover [to Tani]

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