iZombie Season 5 Episode 3 Review: Five, Six, Seven, Ate!

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Ravioli is the best! 

The only thing better than Ravioli is Clavioli. See what I did there? 

The beauty of iZombie Season 5 Episode 3 is we discovered Clive has yet another talent. He's an excellent dancer, and he did a fantastic job teaching beloved Ravi -- who is all limbs -- how to find his inner ballroom dancing king.

Paso Baby - Tall - iZombie Season 5 Episode 3

They pulled out all the classic callbacks to dance movies from Flashdance to Dirty Dancing to get Ravi in shape for a dance competition he and Liv had to fake.

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They spent more time preparing for the dance than investigating the actual deaths of Nancy and Gulliver. It was OK though because of how much fun it was to have Liv on codependent dancer brain and Ravi unwillingly dragged along.

Dance, Dance Man - Tall - iZombie Season 5 Episode 3

Sex, jealousy, and secrets were what contributed to the deaths of Nancy and Gulliver. Nancy was obsessed and possessive of Gulliver, and his ex-boyfriend Ronaldo had enough.

He couldn't take it anymore and wanted Nancy gone so he could have his relationship back. He didn't realize Gulliver would share the cyanide-laced smoothie.

He confessed before he drank cyanide himself. It was tragic, but there is always dance!

Liv: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Ravi: Are you thinking about searing groin pain?

Clive served as Ravi's coach during most of the case. He was such a proud dad during Ravioli's performance.

Clive is a regular renaissance man with such varied interests; it's a delight when a new one is revealed. He made me giggle in glee.

However, his talent may extend to getting two women pregnant at the same time.

Papa Clive - Tall - iZombie Season 5 Episode 3

On the list of things one couldn't see coming, Clive being the potential father of Michele's unborn baby is at the top of the list.

It doesn't get messier than that, and Clive is not the type of guy you'd expect that to happen to at all. He and Michele barely dated and only slept together once.

When he recounted how brief his relationship was with Michelle, it was a painful reminder of how terrible he treated her.

Ravi: This might be weird, but I think Clive just got me pregnant.
Clive: Let's not joke about that right now.

His heart always belonged to Dale, but he didn't have to break hers in the process. She informed him the baby could also be that of her ex who she sought out for comfort.

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It's a sticky situation for everyone involved; there are no wrong parties here. Dale has every right to be uncomfortable with this situation.

She was a bit too insistent when she wanted Clive to pressure Michelle to find out even though Michelle didn't want to put her pregnancy at risk testing her fetus.

Dad Friend - Tall - iZombie Season 5 Episode 3

However, she also knows Clive is an honorable man who would want to do right by Michelle and this kid if it's his.

Clive was right; Michele has no one. She couldn't even attend the Lamaze class without the instructor shaming her for being a single mom to be.

It was such a heartwarming moment when Dale offered to be Michele's partner during the Lamaze class.

Dancing Queen - Tall - iZombie Season 5 Episode 3

Speaking of partners, Peyton and Major have to learn how to work together better. They both are overwhelmed and taking it out on each other, but they're both doing the best they can.

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I was quick to get slightly annoyed with Peyton for assuming the worst of the Fillmore Graves soldiers under Major's leadership, but I realized I shouldn't.

Major made many disastrous and volatile choices during iZombie Season 4, and from what was caught on tape, her doubts were reasonable.

I'm keeping my end of the bargain if you're too overwhelmed to return a phone call, maybe you're a little out of your depth.


Dolly and her followers are making their mark and getting into everyone's heads. The school was pretending to check kids for lice when they were looking for signs of zombieism instead and then separating the children.

Poor Michael was teased mercilessly. It's typical how none of the adults or authoritative figures saw how the other kids were treating him.

PR Managing  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 2

They only paid attention when Michael had enough and raged out. It was the same when no one noticed the kid reaching for the FG soldier's gun.

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It was surprising to learn Michael (and Jalen) were Jordan's brothers. They were zombie orphans in the aftermath of Jordan's death.

Major felt some responsibility for them after finding out their identity. Given their experiences with humans, Michael's aggressive anti-human sentiment was not a shock.

Humans killed his sister, treated him poorly and bullied him. Outside of Peyton who he disregarded or maybe didn't realize was human, all the humans in his life let him down.

Heavy is the Head - Tall - iZombie Season 5 Episode 2

While it was discouraging when he mentioned he wanted to be an FG soldier so he could "kill humans," it was also nice.

Because it was apparent a moment like that of Baron's memorial would happen and turn this kid's opinion around. As long as Michael and the youth are capable of breaking cycles, there is hope.

Michael: So, who died?
Teen zombie: This guy Baron. He was the coyote who brought is here. He saved our lives.
Tween zombie: We saw him take five bullets to the chest.
Michael: That shouldn't kill him.
Tween: It kills most humans.
Michael: He was a human?
Teen: Yeah. All coyotes are humans.

It was touching how the underground spoke fondly of Baron. He was a great guy who gave his life protecting kids -- zombie kids.

You could see the change in Michael when he heard the story of Baron's death and realized all the Underground coyotes were humans. They were human allies who risked everything to help zombies. #NotAllHumans

Fun Ravioli - Tall - iZombie Season 5 Episode 3

It's a full house at Renegade's hideout. I rather enjoy the concept of their location serving as a zombie orphanage.

It's a lovely way to honor Mama Leone.

Other Brain Bits:

  • The brain shortage must still be a thing.
  • It's the second installment in a row, and we don't know where the heck Blaine is, and what he's up to now?
  • We also don't know what is happening with Dr. Collier and the zombie cure development.

Did you love this dancing hour? Do you think Clive is the father of Michele's baby? What will happen with all these orphan zombies? Hit the comments below!

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iZombie Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Liv: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Ravi: Are you thinking about searing groin pain?

I've been saving that up for a while so, [sings] that girl was poisoned. And so was that guy with cyanide.