The Village Season 1 Episode 9 Review: I Am Defiant

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Since the pilot, Ava's hearing has been looming.

And it was finally time for Gabe and Ava to fight for her right to stay in this country with her son. 

But The Village Season 1 Episode 9 threw us a curveball when Ava decided she didn't want her day in court after all. 

Protective Ben - The Village Season 1 Episode 9

The way Ava was treating the hours before her hearing as if they were her last probably should have been a clue that she was fleeing. 

But it seemed like she was preparing for the worst possible outcome, which would be her deportation at the end of the day. 

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Even though the previews led us to believe that Ava was going to run, it still felt like maybe, just maybe, she would show up in the nick of time and Gabe would dazzle us all by giving the speech of his life. 

Sadly, that never happened, and as it stands right now Ava is gone. 

Upset Patricia - The Village Season 1 Episode 9

Poor Ben is left behind devastated, and you can't help but feel crushed for him. 

It's me. Ava, don't do this. If you run now, you'll never be able to come back again. And I need you to come back. Ava, please. Do not let these people make you into a criminal.


Though it was only a few months Ben and Ava were officially together they had become a family. And just like that, it's all gone for Ben. 

Ava did what she felt was best for her family, but did she make the right choice? 

Gabe put a lot of time and effort into Ava's case, and it's a shame he was unable to see the case through. 

Walking The Streets - The Village Season 1 Episode 9

His relationship with Sofia appears to be progressing nicely, and although we don't get to spend nearly enough time with them, they balance each other.

Next up we need a double date with Enzo and Gwendolina!

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Enzo's declaration that he's falling for Gwendolina was enough to make you tear up. 

It's scary at any age to be vulnerable with someone and let them take hold of your heart. 

And for Enzo it's made scarier by the fact that it makes him feel guilty. 

Their romance has been a whirlwind, but it's nice to see them get comfortable and take their second chance at love. 

They both deserve it. 

Katie's decision to lean on Liam and no one else has been frustrating to watch when they are so many people who love her and want to help. 

But Liam has been more that just a protector, he's been a friend. 

Complicated from the start, it's only getting more and more complicated over time. 

Liam has been nothing but kind and considerate, but for Katie, the lines were getting blurred.

Having A Moment - The Village Season 1 Episode 9

He stepped up to the plate when Katie was in the hospital by helping her ground herself at that moment. 

It was quite possibly the most agonizing few seconds of her life, and she needed him to reign in the jokes and sarcasm and be there for her.

And good on her to him what she was feeling and let her guard down.

Their situation may be uncovential, but it's real and it's been very healthy for both of them. 

A Mural - The Village Season 1 Episode 9

At episode's end, Katie looked to be in severe pain and there's no doubt that Liam will be right by her side through all that's to come if she'll have him. 

You do have a talent, you know. It's making people feel like they're not alone.

Nick [to Sarah]

While Nick and Sarah continue to tiptoe around communicating their feelings, it's nice to see them still able to support each other. 

It feels as though Sarah still has a lot of resentment towards Nick whether she knows it or not, but that doesn't stop her from making sure that he feels like he can count on her. 

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Meeting Rashad's daughter was a life-changing moment, as it unlocked memories that Nick had buried very deep inside. 

World's Apart - The Village Season 1 Episode 9

Watching him succumb to those memories in the basement of the souvenir shop was heartbreaking. 

But seeing him smile while at the 9/11 memorial was a true moment of peace. 

Nick has struggled since the moment he stepped back into the city, but understanding his PTSD and allowing himself to feel the emotions of that devastating day, will surely help him to move forward. 

But does he want to move forward in New York City? 

 A Smirk - The Village Season 1 Episode 9

Everything Else 

  • Claire wants a closed adoption, as is her right, but it felt a bit odd that Katie had never seen this as a possibility. Considering we came back from the time jump with her having talked to many couples, it seems like something she would be aware of. 
  • Ethan was very cute and charming. I'm glad Sarah gave him the digits and decided to go on a date.

There's only one more episode this season, guys! And there's still a lot of story left to tell. 

Before you give me all your prediction for next week, let me know what you thought about this weeks installment!

Will we see Ava again?

Are you enjoying Enzo and Gwendolina's relationship?

Leave your comments down below and make sure you watch The Village online before the emotional finale!

I Am Defiant Review

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The Village Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Gabe: You don't want to be defiant.
Ava: I am defiant.
Gabe: Let us be defiant for you.

Patricia: I don't know why we're packing. You're coming right back here.
Ava: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.