Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Angela

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Danger! Danger!

Angela, Mia, and Frankie may have different goals in mind, but they're all about to cause Smurf some major headaches. 

It's a problem Smurf doesn't need at the moment especially when she might have a serious medical issue which caused her to pass out at the end of Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2.

Angela has Plans - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2

Whatever is wrong with Smurf, you can be sure Angela will take full advantage of every moment she spends with Pope.

And considering Pope is at a dangerously vulnerable point in his life, it could spell doom for the Cody family.

Angela and Pope - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2

Angela seems like another Frankie, only a little more dirty.

It makes sense she would visit the Cody home after not being able to find Julia, but for her to defy Smurf's orders to stay away shows that her intentions are anything but honorable.

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I wasn't sure at first if Emily Deschanel could pull off playing a criminal, and I'm still not completely convinced.

We haven't spent enough time yet with Angela to make a full and fair assessment.

Smurf is the Boss - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2

But when Angela threw Smurf's own money back at her to pay for pizza, I had to laugh.

It was one of the best scenes of the hour.

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Angela had no problems letting Smurf know she wasn't afraid of Mama Bear and would be up for a challenge.

Eventually, Angela is going to figure out there's a conflict between Pope and Smurf and use it to her advantage -- whatever her intentions might be.

Sober Trouble - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2

It's not clear if Angela and Pope were lovers, but I get the feeling they might have been at some point.

Smurf wouldn't have been so quick to send Angela away if she was only Julia's friend.

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Smurf is trying to mend the rift between her and Pope, and anyone who might rock the boat, isn't welcome.

Although, the anger Pope has been harboring seemed to have dissipated a bit while he was in Angela's presence.

So while having Angela around might not be good for Smurf, it might be a godsend for Pope.

Frankie has a Plan - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2

Anything to get him back to normal, right?

Frankie is a conundrum.

She showed up on Animal Kingdom Season 3 with Billy and stuck around even if he didn't.

She used Craig for a job and then disappeared only to show up again with another job offer.

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Craig can't seem to resist Frankie's charms.

What he should have done when she showed up at his place on Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1 was throw her out the door.

J is in Trouble - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2

But Craig loves his women, and Frankie is a mystery he desperately wants to unravel.

Besides, she's sort of a classy criminal, and the money for this sculpture heist is too good to resist.

But any job done behind Smurf's back is never a good thing.

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It'll come back to haunt them at some point.

Just ask J.

J never expected anything to transpire from Morgan's murder, so it was a surprise when the detective showed up asking questions.

You have to love Smurf's manipulativeness. She truly is a master.

Smurf can't let it go that J was involved somehow, and she's determined to find out the truth.

Pretty in Pink - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2

She may already know J killed her which is why she decided to play a new game with her grandson.

She needs to reel him back in. Hiring the fake detective to freak out J was what she needed to put him back in line.

J realized he may have lost ground to Smurf, but he didn't want Morgan's murder hanging over his head.

Craig: Dude's an asshole.
Frankie: An asshole who pays people to steal things.

And he had no choice. He was the only one who could make it go away even it was her own doing.

J is smart, and he's going to figure out something is fishy with the whole situation eventually.

He'll just have to hang tight and play Smurf's games until he can get out from under her thumb again.

But J has other problems to worry about in the form of Mia.

Flaky Frankie - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2

I'm not a big fan of Mia. She's starting to become as annoying as Nicky.

I don't quite understand the purpose of her story or even her existence at this point.

Stealing from J isn't a wise decision so why is she even considering it?

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And why doesn't Smurf know Mia is working at J's bowling alley. 

I'm still confused by that since Smurf knows Mia did her dirty work killing Baz and Lucy.

Smurf's Dirty Secret - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2

Still, J needs to keep an eye on Mia. For a kid who seems to know everything, he doesn't know crap about women.

Why can't he see that Mia is another little Smurf wanna-be?

Have you guys noticed how these women all have Smurf-like qualities to them?

And as we saw in the flashbacks, young Smurfettes can be quite dangerous.

Over to you!

What did you think of Emily Deschanel as Angela?

Can she pull off playing a criminal? Does she have a history with Pope?

What's wrong with Smurf?

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Why is Craig addicted to Frankie?

Will J figure out Mia's playing him?

And BTW, I interview Ben Robson who plays Craig Cody on Thursday. If you have any questions you'd like me to ask him, let me know in the comments!

Hit the comments and share your thoughts! If you need to catch up, you can watch Animal Kingdom online right here via TV Fanatic!

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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Adrian: This is only going to work if we're equals.
Darren: What are you talking about? We are equals. You're just broke.

You trying to die, man? 'Cause I'm not.