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The women of Animal Kingdom ruled the day on Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4, but nothing that happened with any of them was any good.

Smurf is down for the count. Renn is back. Frankie might be trouble after all.

Mia is a nightmare. And Angela? She's just a nosy and annoying biatch.

Drowning in Sorrow - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

Let's talk about Smurf first.

Smurf is in bad shape -- both physically and mentally.

At this point, we don't know if Smurf is dead or alive, but the future doesn't look bright for our favorite criminal matriarch.

Smurf Wants to Party - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

She's trying to reconnect with her boys, but it may be too late.

She knows that they all probably hate her, but she's going to try her best to be a better mother until the end comes.

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But she's been a controlling, manipulative mother for so long, she probably doesn't have any idea what a nurturing and caring mother should be like.

It was apparent through the flashbacks that Smurf has been manipulative all her life. She had to be because that's the only way she knew how to survive.

Deep Thoughts - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

And while we would hope Smurf might end her manipulative ways, painting Lena's room was a cruel thing to do to Pope.

Yet, in the flashbacks, Smurf showed signs that she was at least somewhat normal in her youth.

Her relationship with Colin is curious. She obviously likes him (it might even be love) because he's exciting and dangerous, but it's deeper than that.

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She defended him when the others were making fun of him, and she wasn't ashamed of it, either.

If she didn't care for him, she wouldn't have bothered.

Yeah, that's fine. Wait 'till he's gone and laugh at him. You walk into a bank you need people to believe that you're dangerous. Colin makes you dangerous. Without him, you're just a bunch of twitchy assholes with guns. Show some goddamned respect.


It makes me wonder if Colin was her one true love.

On the Job - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

I also wonder if Colin was one of her kids' father, but I think we might have met them all before.

Pope and Julia would be the logical choice as the children of Colin which might be why she's so attached to Pope.

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If I remember correctly, though, we might have met Pope's dad a few seasons ago when he was gutting fish on the pier, and Pope visited him after he got out of jail.

Pope is Smurf's favorite, but it might not be because he's the most easily manipulated.

It would be nice if Smurf would tell the boys what is going on with her.

Stopping Traffic - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

No matter how horrible she has been, her sickness isn't something she should have to deal with alone.

And even though she hasn't been the greatest mother, the boys still love her and would want to help her through this difficult time. 

Well, maybe all of them except for J.

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J's problems with Mia continue, and it's only going to get worse.

It's not surprising that J locked Mia out of the house. 

It's also not surprising that Mia got angry enough to connect with Tupi to break into and tear J's house apart.

Together - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

What is surprising is that Mia stopped Tupi from breaking into J's safe.

I don't know what's in the safe, or I can't remember, but J was relieved when he saw his papers hadn't been touched.

Mia had to know what the papers were, so the question is why she stopped Tupi from opening the safe.

You know, Angela. Pope has been getting his brains smashed in for months. He can be quite unpredictable -- especially if he likes you.


J is going to have to do something about Mia. Killing her would probably be the best option.

Speaking about killing, Angela would be a good candidate to kill as well.

Coming Up with a Plan - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

I get the feeling that Angela might be working with the cops to bring the Codys down.

I could be wrong, but she's being way too nosy.

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It's annoying that she's clinging to Pope as if her life depends on it. She asks too many questions that are none of her business.

And it's annoying that she walks around Smurf's house like she owns it.

She's also manipulative, and she's playing some serious mind games with Pope.

Kill Her Off - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

Admitting she had a crush on Pope when they were younger was a joke. 

She never had a crush on him. I don't believe it for a second. It's just part of her game.

Angela made some interesting comments about Julia.

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Smurf did something to her, and Pope seemed to confirm it when he apologized to J about not being around for his mother.

Still, Angela's lack of fear -- or respect -- regarding Smurf is disturbing.

There's something up her sleeve, and I wish someone would figure it out so she can go away and never come back.

Manipulative Master - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

Renn showing up at Craig's door was a complete surprise.

Why she's back is a mystery, but Craig welcomed her with open arms.

They had a good relationship before, and Craig is a nice enough guy that he wouldn't turn her away.

Digging a Hole - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

Besides she's pregnant, and I'm dying to know if she came back because the baby is Craig's.

It will be a major life change for Craig if the baby is his, and who knows how he'll react if it is.

(Craig asked Renn a question at one point before he let her in, but I didn't quite catch it even after rewinding a few times. Did he ask her if it was someone else's baby?)

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Baby or not, there's the possibility that they might reignite their romance.

If they do, it won't be pretty.

Frankie still has a hold on Craig, and she's not someone who is going to let him go easily even if Renn is pregnant.

She needs Craig for whatever devious plans she has, and Renn would only get in her way.

Although I have to admit, a love triangle involving Craig could be very interesting.

Someone needs to straighten him out, and maybe it'll be Renn.

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She's not necessarily the best choice, but she might be a better one than Frankie -- especially with a baby on the way.

Maybe Renn has given up her party girl ways. If that's true, then I'm all for it.

I still believe Frankie was a turning point for Craig (even if everyone else in the comments section disagreed), but Frankie isn't trustworthy.

Deran Gets Busy - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

The boys should have gotten paid when they handed over the sculpture to the billionaire. 

He's a billionaire. He shoud have lots of money available.

It's suspicious that she's not being forthright about the money.

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Something else is going on, but Craig is too close to recognize it -- whatever it is.

J doesn't trust her, and he nearly convinced Deran not to trust her either.

But Deran is a good soldier, and he'll believe his brother over a nephew he barely knows.

Want a Drink? - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

However, Deran's problems with Adrian are still at the forefront.

Now that Deran knows Adrian is running drugs for whoever that guy is, maybe he'll finally find out the truth that Adrian is working with the DEA.

It's going to be hard to watch Deran deal with the horrible garbage coming his way. 

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He's been happy lately between the bar's success and his relationship with Adrian.

I just hope he doesn't end up behind bars because his love is making him blind!

Over to you!

Is Renn pregnant with Craig's baby?

Is Smurf alive?

What do you think about Colin and young Smurf's relationship?

Do you like Angela or wish she'd go away?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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You know, Angela. Pope has been getting his brains smashed in for months. He can be quite unpredictable -- especially if he likes you.


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