Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4 Review: The Prince

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The Honeymoon is over, and things are finally back to normal at Grey House.

A new normal, anyway.

Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4 showed Sam (and assumedly Nick) finally moved into Grey House. So far, it looks like Sam fits in perfectly.

Light, Camera, Action! - Good Witch

On The Good Witch Season 4, Sam’s biggest concern about moving in with Cassie was having to deal with so many guests around.

It was surprising to see him comfortable while people like Henry, Olivia, and Patrick Tyler mulled around constantly. 

Cassie and the Prince - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4

An entire fairy tale was unfolding right in the foyer! 

However, Newlywed bliss is still going strong. Once the honeymoon magic dies down, Sam may find himself in an uncomfortable position.

It’s difficult to imagine the blending of two families going smoothly -- especially with strangers at the dinner table every night. 

For now, “The Prince” pulled away from Sam and Cassie as a couple, and dedicated it’s time to them as individuals, as well as the other citizens of Middleton. 

Cassie Waits in the Wings - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4

Patrick Tyler visiting Sam out of the blue was a clever way to deliver some background about his life before Middleton; it gave better insight into Sam’s life journey. We know a lot about his previous marriage troubles, but we don’t know much about his younger days. 

It wasn’t shocking to hear Sam was quite the contender in medical school, but it’s still enjoyable to picture him as a pre-med student before he became the renowned doctor he is today.

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While the direct focus wasn’t on Cassie and Sam as a couple, Dr. Tyler’s presence also showcased how far the two have come as a couple and a team. After realizing his symptoms weren’t due to cardiovascular issues, Sam settled on stress as the main culprit.

A culprit he wouldn’t have taken seriously before he met Cassie.

Cassie's Witchy Ways - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4

Pre-Cassie Sam wouldn’t have given Patrick’s situation a second glance. Stress is nothing but your mind playing tricks on you. With her influence, Sam took a closer look at the root of Patrick's situation. The stress stemmed from a broken heart. 

These days, a broken heart is a real diagnosis for Sam. 

Sam consulted Cassie and the two coaxed Patrick into reconnecting with Serena, his estranged wife. A prescription for love over medicine -- who would have thought?

Cassie and Sam are truly a match made in heaven. Even Dr. Tyler couldn’t help but point out what a well-balanced duo they’ve become. Maybe one day they’ll open their own practice in Middleton! 

Dueling Mayors - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4

Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4 had Middleton full of blooming love affairs beyond just Cassie and Sam. The town’s renowned legacy of romance is alive and well. 

From the moment Grace met Luke, there was more to their story than just co-interns. They may not have gotten along at first, but Grace’s dedication and efficiency clearly impressed Luke, and it wasn’t long before sparks were flying.

Nobody loves an “enemies to lovers” story more than Good Witch. 

I'm just getting the Merriwicks to trust me. Don't worry; I'll get everything that we need.


But are their sparks real? Or is Luke planted in Middleton by a greater evil? Who could that evil be? And why was Luke so nonchalant about Merriwick magic?

Those questions remain to be answered, but hopefully, Luke turns out to be a good guy. Grace just broke up with Noah, and Luke is her intellectual equal. He might start as an adversary, but I see the potential for these two in the long run.

Stephanie Finds a Gift - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4

Two characters who lack potential are Stephanie and Vince. Stephanie is so consumed by the idea of finding her one true love that she isn’t slowing down long enough to figure out how she feels. 

Which seems to be not much when it comes to Vince.

Vince is a solid man, and his offer to help Stephanie with the food truck is extremely kind. But the heart wants what it wants, and it’s clear Stephanie’s heart is yearning for Adam.

A potential love triangle may be in the making, but her chemistry is stronger with Adam. Whatever happens, Stephanie deserves to find someone who makes her wildly happy. She has kissed enough frogs in search of her prince.

Here’s hoping she finds him soon. 

Speaking of princes, a real-life fairytale unfolded in Grey House.

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Prince Henry fleeing from his familial obligation to marry a Dutchess fit very much into Hallmark's wheelhouse. Henry and Olivia’s plotline could have been its own movie, but somehow the story didn’t feel rushed.

Olivia was immediately likable (and Asian, which is rare to see on a Hallmark series), and her passion for poetry was unbelievably endearing.

Although royalty falling for a “commoner” librarian is a bit of a dated theme, the two characters fit flawlessly together.

Their reciting of poetry was endearing, and Henry’s declaration on Martha’s show was the epitome of romantic. 

Martha may be going off the air with only one show under her belt, but what a way to go out!

It’s interesting to watch characters attempt things they don't do inherently well. Martha having her own talk show would have been a compelling subplot. We don’t get enough people failing on Good Witch, especially in a serialized way.

Martha Worries - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4

Martha back behind the Mayor’s desk still felt like the right decision. 

And she’s a citizen of Middleton again!

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Abigail was excellent at being Mayor, and she didn’t give herself enough credit for what she was accomplishing. She has come far in her love for Middleton; it’s a touching piece of character growth.

You can excel at something and still hate it though. So much of Abigail’s journey has revolved around figuring out her passion in life. Fowers and running a business make her happy, so she should be focusing on those things.

Even if she did take down Mr. Davenport like a pro.

Host or Mayor? - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4

It’s no doubt Martha would have been just as vicious, but Abigail felt like the perfect person to put money hungry Davenport in his place.

If it were Good Witch Season 1, money and status are two things that might test Abigail’s loyalty, but Abigail isn’t that woman anymore. Not only is she unswayable in her devotion to Middleton, but she also taught Mayor Davenport a thing or two.

At first, I worried Mayor Davenport talking down his father would cheapen Abigail's character; as if she couldn’t talk him down on her own.  Instead, it highlighted how good Abagail is for the Mayor. 

She makes him want to be a better man for his town, and himself. 

Abigail's Challenge - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4

Abagail is a good influence on the Mayor of Blairsville, but what makes him simpatico for her in a romantic context has yet to be proven. He’s handsome and kind, but I’m not convinced he’s Abigails perfect match. 

Donovan: Wow. Flower shop owner, chocolatier, and Mayor. That's a lot of balls in the air.
Abigail: One too many.
Donovan: Flowers are overrated.
Abigail: Running a business, I love. Running a city? Not so much.

There’s also the “curse” to worry about.

In a place like Middleton, a curse is a warning one must take seriously.

The curse may be connected to the wishing well. Even without it being torn down, the well was mentioned too many times to be null and void. It’s of too much interest to too many people. 

It’s also connected to Merriwick magic. 

New Mayor In Town - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4

Uncovering the backstory for the curse promises to an intriguing ongoing arc for the season, as does learning about the well, finding out who Luke is, and watching the Radfords/Nightingale clan blend into a family. 

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I for one, can not wait to snuggle up with a cup of tea and attempt to piece the clues together one by one.

That’s why Good Witch is so successful. Watching it feels like coming home, and following Cassie as she works her magical, wondrous ways helps us feel like we, too, are part of Middleton’s world.

Okay, Good Witch fanatics, it's your turn! What did you think of the return to regularly schedule Middleton programming? 

Do you have any idea who Luke might be?

Do you think Stephanie will fall for Adam, or Vince?

Will the Radfords and Nightingales be able to blend their lives peacefully?

Will Mayor Davenport and Abigail beat the family curse?

I want to hear all your thoughts. And don't forget you can watch The Good Witch online, right here at TV Fanatic! 

The Prince Review

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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Abigail: Wishing Well Park is a Middleton landmark.
Donovan: And the birthplace of the Merriwick/Davenport curse.
Abigail: You believe in curses?
Donovan: It's the only reason I haven't asked you out.
Abigail: Or maybe you thought I'd say no.

You know, Cassie Nightengale, one of these days, I will surprise you.