Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Exit Strategy

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Secrets were the name of the game on Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10.

But like many secrets, they don't stay secret for long.

Smurf learned the biggest secret of all, but we all knew she would eventually.

Tall Smurf - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10

Deran seemed a bit stunned when Smurf dropped the bombshell that she knew about Adrian.

But at least she gave him an opportunity to take care of the problem before Pope got involved.

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I don't see how this is going to turn out well for Deran or Adrian. Now that Adrian got his sister involved, you can bet that she's going to try her hardest to get Adrian to cooperate with the police.

It had to have crossed Deran's mind when he came home and saw them talking.

Deran Ponders - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10

And now that Smurf knows, Deran is going to have to make a hard decision. If I were him, I'd drown him in the surf.

It's a horrible thing to say, but would you rather have Pope do it because we all know it wouldn't be a pleasant death.

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But, who knows, maybe Adrian will get into witness protection before Deran has a chance to do anything. In that case, Deran might end up being the one to receive Pope's wrath. Smurf won't let Deran go unpunished.

She wants her family to be together not torn apart, but as with Baz she'll get rid of one to save the others.

And she doesn't like Deran that much anyway. Don't roll your eyes. You all know it's true.

It might have something to do with the father. She favors Pope because Colin was the love of her life.

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He could have taken Manny's advice and abandoned Janine and their kids, but he decided to stand by her side and support her.

Colin is an awesome guy, and I wish we could find out what happened to him already.

Craig is Shocked - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10

These bits and pieces of flashback are driving me nuts. I understand how they fit into the overall story at hand, but I want to know all the details about Colin NOW!

The hit on Jed's bunker is going to be Smurf's last stand -- at least that's how she sees it. And I bet we'll learn at that time what happened to Colin.

And I believe Smurf is going to make Jed pay for what he did to Colin.

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She wants to go out in a blaze of glory, and who could blame her? Why else would she throw the biggest bash of her life? She's living it up before she checks out.

However, the look she gave Craig when he told her about the baby almost seemed to ruin her good mood.

It was enough for her to learn about Adrian's betrayal, but when Craig told her she was going to be a grandma again, the look on Smurf's face was golden.

She doesn't want another grandchild and Craig's baby is going to put a hitch in her plans. He wants her to meet Renn! That was cute but laughable.

Renn doesn't want to meet her, and Smurf sure as hell doesn't want to meet Renn.

J is the Boss - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10

But I wonder if Craig approached Smurf about his mother-in-law problem if Smurf would take care of that problem?

Craig was so sweet this hour. He doted on Renn and stood up to her mother. He's ready to take on the responsibility because out of all of the boys he believes in the power of family.

Think about how he defended Smurf when Deran was upset she didn't want to talk about her cancer? It was different than how Pope defended her earlier.

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Family is important to him, and he wants to do right by Renn and by his son.

I hope he does make a change in his life and that the honeymoon phase of being a dad isn't short-lived.

His brothers and J are going to be shocked when they find out. Deran will probably call him a fool.

Pope is Pissed - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10

But it's just like he said if Deran can have a family, why can't he?

J also got a shock when Olivia told him she knew who he was. But J is a criminal mastermind.

I almost fell off my chair when he turned Olivia's stupid plan on herself. The kid is smart, and if his uncles were smart, they'll let him be in charge when the time comes.

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He might not be smart in finding jobs, but it'll come. And even if he doesn't gain that skill, his ability to get himself out of tough situations is admirable.

And the way he put Olivia in her place was beautiful. She better forget him as he suggested. If she doesn't, she's going to suffer the same fate as Mia.

J will have no issues taking that little bitch out.

Hearing Bad News - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10

One woman I wish would've been taken out was Angela. Pope was hotter than hell when Angela showed up high as a kite.

What was the point of him locking her in the bathroom? He should have drowned her in the pool.

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With all the drugs being passed around, he could have gotten her blown out of her mind and shoved her in. Nobody would have noticed. And no one would have cared.

It was a lost opportunity.

What do you guys think? Should Pope have taken care of the Angela problem?

Will Deran take care of Adrian?

Are J's Olivia problems over? 

Will Craig be able to ditch his party boy ways and be a stable dad?

And most importantly, how much do you love Colin?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts! 

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Exit Strategy Review

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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Pope: How do you know this guy?
Smurf: I've done business with him over the years.
Pope: And you decided you want to rip him off?
Smurf: I didn't say I liked doing business with him, did I?

Deran: She taught us how to fight and lie and cheat and steal. Not exactly mother of the year material.
Pope: Did you ever have an empty stomach? Did you ever sleep in a car?
Deran: There you go defending her. Always defending her after everything she's done to you.
Pope: You're my brother. When you call me with a problem, I show up. We're family whether you like it or not. Family.