Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Into The Black

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Well, damn, Janine Cody.

Smurf let all hell fly loose on Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6 not only in the current day but also in the flashbacks.

I don't know if it was the woman who was driving her nuts or just the idea that she had to go through chemo that set her off, but she wasn't having any of it.

It could be the woman's incessant talking about kids and grandkids was what sent her over the edge.

Tall Young Smurf - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

She might not show it, but she has to have some regrets about the way she raised her kids. And also about what she did to Lena.

After all she's been through in her life, she probably thinks she deserves a better way to die, and she's right.

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But I'm guessing that it's just not her fate she's worried about.

It might be the information Neil told her about someone close to the family talking to the cops.

Jake is a Fool - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

The last thing Smurf wants is to die knowing that one of her boys is sitting in jail. 

There's also the possibility that she might end up in jail herself. And who the hell wants to die in jail, right?

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Smurf also knows that her time is limited which is why she's on such a rampage. 

She needs to find out who the rat is and get rid of the problem quickly. That is why she's firing on all cylinders.

I don't know what J expected to learn by putting a tracker on Smurf's car, but it was clear he was shaken up when he learned Smurf was getting chemo treatments.

Cool Woman At Chemo - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

No one expects Smurf to ever die. She's tough. She's invincible. She's going to live forever.

We'd all love for that to be true about anyone we love, but it's a pipe dream.

As the old saying goes, everybody's got to die sometime. Okay, maybe it's a line from Platoon and not an old saying, but still.

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J doesn't want to lose anyone else. He lost his mother. 

And even though he didn't get along with Baz, losing him mattered.

Smurf dying would be a major blow to J despite the fact he wants to screw her over.

J is Concerned - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

All of that kind of hatred quickly dissipates when something serious happens in a family whether it's a sickness, a tragedy, or something else.

Then again, J is crafty, and he might decide to use this against Smurf somehow.

But I just didn't get that vibe from him. He was genuninely upset about what he learned.

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After he found out, he probably understood why Smurf was so paranoid about things.

And he might have even regretted telling everyone about Smurf asking him to spy on his uncles.

It's going to be interesting to see what J does with this information if anything.

Young Smurf wasn't taking anyone's crap either.

That girl was as wild as they come. And thank God Colin was in her life.

Even though he's almost as crazy as she is, he still brings a stability to her that she wouldn't have had otherwise.

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He's a smart guy, and he loves her. He wants to protect her and understands that she needs to be dialed down sometimes.

Smurf loves him too even if she won't admit it. Like I've said before, he's the love of her life.

She listens to what he says and takes his advice seriously.

Deran Makes a Choice - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

The pact they made about telling each other everything made their bond even stronger.

And who didn't love when he told her if there were someone she needed to take out, they would do it together? Now that's love people.

I hate to think about what happened to Colin, and why they're not together anymore.

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The head of the team (is his name Lou?) isn't going to tolerate too much more of Smurf especially when she excels at showing him how much of a moron he is.

.Talking about morons, what does Pope think when it comes to Angela?

The Man in Charge - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

I don't know what her game is yet, but she just doesn't stop.

How does Pope not realize there's something odd about Angela and all her questions?

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Why can't he see that she's using her former friendship with Julia as a way to get close to him?

It has to be the only reason he's as into her as he is.

But why is J tolerating her? Or any of the other boys?

Angela is Annoying - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

If Smurf wanted to be suspicious of someone, why isn't Angela at the top of her list?

I wish Smurf would think about that and have Pope kill her. You know, manipulate him the way she did with Catherine.

All I know is Angela needs to go and fast.

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If I could fast forward through her segments, I would. That's how much I can't stand her.

And I don't like Adrian, either, but all that really matters is that Deran loves this guy more than anything.

He has to be wondering if Adrian might be the person talking to the cops, but it won't matter.

Tall Pope on Ramage - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

If Deran is willing to kill a guy to protect Adrian, that means he's willing to do all sorts of crazy stuff.

It also means that Deran is putting himself in a delicate situation. 

There will be no second thoughts, chances, or otherwise, if Smurf finds out.

Even if she doesn't and Pope does, there will still be hell to pay.

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And you know that Pope won't have any problems killing his brother especially in the state of mind he is in right now with Smurf having cancer.

I didn't talk about it before, but Pope is taking the news hard.

It might be the reason why he's not thinking clearly when it comes to Angela.

On the Beach - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

Pope loves Smurf, and he's not going to know what to do when she dies. It's just not something he's ever thought about.

Unfortunately, Angela will probably take full advantage of the situation. Ugh. I hate her.

Who I don't hate is Craig. The only thing I'm going to say about him and Renn tonight is that him buying all the coke off her had nothing to do with him wanting to party.

I'll bet my bottom dollar on it. 

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He doesn't want her to do it even if it's only for a paycheck. 

Okay, one more thing about Renn and Craig.

Did anyone else think it was weird when Deran asked Craig about Renn keeping the baby?

I don't remember if she was pregnant when she left before, but Deran commenting on that was odd.

Taunting Frankie - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

Then again, if it is Craig's baby, wouldn't we already know it?

And just so everyone knows, what Craig said to Renn when she showed up at his house was, "You kept it?" I heard it quite clearly on a screener I watched earlier today.

So what does that mean?

Wouldn't that be exciting if the baby was Craig's? Think of the irony of it. Smurf loses her life while another life is born into family. 

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I really believe that there's a connection between Smurf's sickness, Renn's return, and even the chemo woman's chatter about kids and grandkids.

Maybe I'm just crazy. I'm sure you will all let me know.

So what do you guys think?

Is J rethinking his relationship with Smurf?

What will happen with Deran and Adrian?

Is Colin alive? 

Why doesn't Smurf suspect Angela?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

The Codys are dangerous, including your boyfriend.


Smurf: I always protect my people, Neil.
Neil: I'm not your people.
Smurf: Of course you are.