The Code Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Secret Squirrel

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This episode had as much action out of court as in it.

In court was a real dog-and-pony show on The Code Season 1 Episode 10.

But quite a bit of character development took place outside the courtroom, even more than usual for The Code.

Getting Reassigned - The Code

The case of the week looked to be flat-out treason.

A gunnery sergeant helped a terrorist to escape from Guantanamo Bay and was caught red-headed wearing a gas mask and deleting surveillance footage.

Catching No Breaks - The Code Season 1 Episode 10

Even worse, surveillance restored by NCIS showed the sergeant's superior was also involved in this operation to free a man who killed dozens of Americans.

But what should have been an open-and-shut case was anything but, with all kinds of obstacles getting thrown in Abe and Harper's way.

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First, Maya and Trey got tossed as defense counsel in favor of Major Acevado, a hotshot litigator who only gets used on special cases.

So a Marine who got charged with helping a terrorist escape was getting the best possible defense, which Maya and Trey agreed was strange.

Then everyone this case touched started acting hinky.

Rough Week - The Code Season 1 Episode 10

Abe went to a court generally friendly to prosecutors to gain approval to get transcripts of online conversations between Wilks and McCoy, only to receive heavily-redacted material that is unreadable after a lengthy wait.

On a side note, Scout Mannion of NCIS reappeared, and the writers resisted any "To Kill a Mockingbird" jokes.

That's progress!

Next, Col. Judge Zugler reviewed the evidence Abe wants in chambers, only to come back and slap more restrictions on the prosecution, such as making the hearing private and not mentioning the conversations between the two co-conspirators.

Zugler, played by Robert Picardo, was his usually irascible self and is the best of The Code judges.

Shrouded in Darkness - The Code Season 1 Episode 10

But what he discovered even cowed him.

Abe, who was gaining no traction on what should have been an easy case, had a theory forming.

But he needed Col. Turnbull's help.

He asked her to check with her estranged husband Asa, a private security consultant, to see what he could find out about the case, using channels unavailable to them.

Busy Commander - The Code Season 1 Episode 10

After a pricey meal and too much wine at a nice restaurant, and spending the night together, Asa came up with a key piece of information. 

Wilks and McCoy were CIA assets embedded in the Marines who had abducted the terrorist for some reason.

Abe was super-annoyed at being a prop in a show trial.

So he went off-script, telling Acevado he would expose the two if the terrorist wasn't brought back to Guantanamo.

So Abe got a bit of a win instead of the trial being a total whitewash.

Creamer? - The Code Season 1 Episode 10

Since Maya and Trey suddenly had their day cleared, they decided to conspire on how to get Rami back so they could be rid of the incompetent Glen "One-N."

Maya had visited Rami at his new post, which seemed to be the Marine equivalent of the Land of Misfit Toys.

Listening to someone play ukelele all day has to be a special sort of hell.

Apparently, Rami has been in charge of warehousing the unassignables until his real new assignment comes in.

If they are unassignable, why not just cut them loose?

They're doing nothing for military readiness.

Sudden Free Time - The Code Season 1 Episode 10

Trey tried to intimidate Col. Maddox, Rami's jailor, by threatening to come down hard on any of her staff who got into legal troubles.

But she didn't scare.

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Then Maddox's assistant came through with a tantalizing tidbit: Maddox was having an affair.

But neither Trey nor Maya could bring themselves to win that way.

Finally, Maya threw in the towel.

She told Rami that he'd make his point and he should take the citizenship test so that he could get the hell out of there.

Still in Exile - The Code Season 1 Episode 10

Now maybe some of the new friends of Maya's politician brother could take up Rami's cause, once he might have some spare time to meet with them.

Glenn was still being pulled in too many directions.

She was busy working with contractors to make her house accessible for Adam, while still trying to run the office.

No wonder she had too much to drink and fell in bed with Asa.

She deserved a break.

Arguments Please - The Code Season 1 Episode 10

Abe did an admirable job getting the word out that he and Alex were taking a break so that their relationship wouldn't adversely affect her case against the Marine Corps.

So they're back to sneaking around, this time to fool anyone involved with the case instead of family, friends, and coworkers.

I don't think Abe in civvies and Alex in a pair of sunglasses is much of a disguise.

The inevitable happened: Harper and Bard broke up.

She kept looking for any excuse to push things back, so the outcome was obvious.

They're not the same people anymore.

Wedding Weariness - The Code Season 1 Episode 10

She has a new career she loves, and he has, what, a trust fund?

I guess after you've been in a firefight in Syria, it's hard to give a crap about brunch at The Ritz.

Her actions at that firefight and the resulting medal gave her the cred she needed to get selected for SERE training.

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I got to figure not many lawyers get invited.

It's been fun to watch her make the transition from debutant to full-blooded Marine.

Helping Rami - The Code Season 1 Episode 10

To follow how the various relationships developed, watch The Code online.

Were you surprised Harper and Bard broke up and Abe and Alex didn't?

Didn't you think Glenn was divorced already based on her interactions with Asa?

Hasn't Rami suffered enough?

Comment below.

Secret Squirrel Review

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The Code Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Sgt. Wilks helped a terrorist escape from the most secure facility in the world. And it seems like the Marine Corps wants him acquitted.

Maya [to Trey]

Your repartee is squared away as always, Glen "One N."