Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 13 Review: The Revenge of Farouk

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I love it when a plan comes together.

The words of A-Team leader Hannibal Smith were never more prophetic than on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 13.

Suddenly, the little oddities from through the season made much more sense.

Seeking Answers -- Tall - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 13

And we also got to enjoy some character growth, which is also a plus on summer froth such as this.

Somebody was going to get Jacob Reece for all the wrongs he had done throughout his decades-long quest for the sarcophagi of Anthony and Cleopatra.

Determined Party-goers - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 13

Danny and Lexi wanted to bring him down.

Also, the son he had never claimed was also working to, well, kill him.

More on the season's big surprise later.

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This episode picked up directly after Reece's poisoning of Anna on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 12.

Which was a shame, because she would have been a great resource for Danny and Lexi on Blood & Treasure Season 2.

That leaves Father Chuck to be their researcher. If that means more of Chuck, I'm all for it. He was criminally underused this season.

Secret Weapon - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 13

Reece's weak-ass effort to pin Anna's poisoning on Farouk's disciples made Danny suspicious from the get-go.

He was still trying to give Jay the benefit of the doubt for all the times he had helped Danny through the years, but Danny's faith, it turned out, was badly misplaced. 

But Gwen, with the emails from Gasaul she had procured, quickly filled in several holes to propel along the action.

It's been so much more fun having Gwen working with Danny and Lexi, legal niceties be damned, the second half of the season. That was much better than her being a stodgy obstacle.

Hey, Father Chuck was responsible for that conversion as well.

So the Egyptian Gasaul, who we barely remember, was Farouk's mole inside the investigation.

Gun Drawn - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 13

More importantly, it was Reece who arranged to have Lexi's father killed after he inadvertently learned that Jay was Farouk's father.

It showed Lexi's growth as a character in that she didn't immediately run off to confront Reece. I'm sure it helped that she was in Rome while Reece was in Cairo.

Since Roarke had stolen back from Gwen all the incriminating documents from Fabi's investigation, Danny and Lexi had to start over when it came to taking down Reece.

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It was a good call to reach out to the Brotherhood of Serapis. Too bad they didn't survive the truck bomb planted among Farouk's men.

Even though they were very Cleopatra-oriented, I can't believe that's it for the Brotherhood. Lexi still has a lot to learn about her history, so there's got to be more the Brotherhood can teach her.

That was a clever diversion by Farouk to sacrifice many of his followers to get the police to relax about the biotoxin, figuring it was gone.

Determined Agent - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 13

So, with no other options, Danny and Lexi and their secret weapons, Chuck and Aiden, took Reece up on his invitations to the gala for Anthony and Cleopatra.

Other than slickly getting recording devices into the gala on Chuck's person, the rest of their effort was pretty hamhanded.

Reece quickly saw through Danny's effort to get Jay to incriminate himself and warned his security.

That eventually led to Danny, Lexi, and Chuck getting captured and interrogated by Roarke.

Fortunately, they had an ace in the hole in Aiden, who appeared to run off earlier. He crashed in and rescued them just as Lexi had cut herself and Danny free.

Like a cockroach, Aiden couldn't be killed, with the bullet Roarke fired at him deflecting off the chintzy medal Reece had earlier awarded to him. That was one of many eye-roll-prompting scenes in the finale.

Girl Fight - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 13

On Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 12, Lexi had declared that the real villain was right in front of them, referring to Reece.

She was half right, as Danny identified Simon as the other villain right in front of them, figuring out he was actually Farouk.

So who did Simon kill back on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 10?

As revealed by a handy-dandy flashback, it turned out that that was an invention of Farouk's, a terrorist named Rashid Fahgazi that he had turned into the boogeyman he needed for his grand plan to get back at his father Reece, to work.

So from the time Danny freed Simon, he was guiding this new Farouk, as well as Danny and Lexi, in service of his scheme, playing a long game to get his revenge.

And when he didn't need this substitute anymore, Farouk killed his stand-in. 

Big Secret - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 13

Danny got a call from Gwen about no biotoxin getting destroyed by the Serapis raid and explosion, and he knew that Simon/Farouk was about to attack the gala.

The denouement happened way too quickly. After a brief but memorable brawl, Lexi took down Roarke.

Then Danny came crashing through a skylight, despite being badly outnumbered.

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But, not to worry, Gwen and Interpol arrived to save the day, antidote in hand.

Lexi had to talk Danny down for him to allow Reece to have the antidote.

Farouk escaped in the chaos, but not for long, as Danny and Lexi tracked him down on a tropical island and arrested him, with Danny using his authority as a temporary Interpol agent.

A Beach Encounter - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 13

Best of all, most of the characters are still available to return next season.

Granted, Reece, Farouk, and the Brotherhood are unlikely.

But Chuck, Gwen, and Aiden could all come in handy, whatever the treasure is that Danny and Lexi are pursuing.

To enjoy the season one more time, watch Blood & Treasure online.

Were you surprised by Simon/Farouk?

How did you like the changes undergone by Danny and Lexi throughout the season?

Which characters do you want back next season?

Comment below.

The Revenge of Farouk Review

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