Younger Season 6 Episode 10 Review: It's All About the Money, Honey

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Another day, another PR nightmare for Millennial.

Kelsey, Liza, and Charles visited my hometown of Chicago on Younger Season 6 Episode 10, but things weren't exactly a breeze in the Windy City. 

The trip was high-stress from the beginning as Kelsey and Charles attempted to sway their last remaining investor in an attempt to keep the company afloat.

Wedding Dress Shopping - Younger

They're broke now, remember?

Charles took charge in the male-dominated meeting, but Kelsey flexed her publisher muscle by explaining that Millennial's main asset is their ability to keep up with the times. Sometimes, a little too much.

There was a mention of transparency, which was worrisome considering Millennial's lack of transparency when it came to Liza's lie. 

However, it wasn't something the investors, all older men, would have been made privy too. 

Charles: It made you get on a plane to fly out here. I think that's what we need to talk about.
Liza: I just didn't want you to see it and wonder.
Charles: Yeah, I don't have to see that to wonder. Everybody's got a past. But, in order to have a future, you move on from it.
Liza: Some people. Other people live in the past in order to have a future.
Charles: Mmm. Is that what you want to keep doing?
Liza: No. It's too complicated. And that last-minute plane ticket was really expensive. I'm not going to see Josh anymore.

As they pointed out in the meeting, they didn't understand the power of social media or how it could make them money, so chances are they didn't Google to read up on Millennial's recent hiccups. 

But they got a very detailed lesson on social media courtesy of Kelsey. 

After securing the funding, Kelsey and Charles' celebrations were short-lived as they were plagued by another social media snafu, this time not one of Liza's making. 

Age Ain't Nothing But a Number - Younger

Kelsey's been cleaning up Liza's messes for so long but now, she's in the hot seat.

You have to feel for Kelsey. She hasn't had an easy time going since assuming the role of publisher, and much of her time in the role has been spent putting out fires. 

Admittedly, the video made for Zane that she accidentally DM'd was a bad look for everyone, and it wasn't surprising that investors thought about pulling their offer. 

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What was unexpected was their decision to keep the funding in place if Charles became publisher again. 

And the most unexpected twist of all was Kelsey's decision to honor their request. 

Honestly, just when you think you've figured this show out, they pull the rug right from under you.

Charles taking his gig back almost feels like we're undoing all the progress we made turning Empirical into a fresh, female-focused company. 

This isn't the direction they were supposed to go in. 

Face on a Billboard - Younger Season 6 Episode 10

And yet, here we are thanks to a bunch of close-minded dudes who probably wouldn't have been so harsh on Charles had he sent a scandalous video into the ether rather than his girlfriend. 

Kelsey never even got the opportunity to prove herself, though, by admitting defeat, she proved her loyalty.

Millennial is bigger than her. 

She loves the company just as much as Charles does and will do what's best for it, even if it means sacrificing her position in the process. 

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It's a big statement move for Kelsey; crappy but bold. 

Charles appreciated her going to bat for the company when they needed the money and now, he'll appreciate her sacrifice even more.

How is it that Charles somehow lucked out by getting his old job back and still being able to stay in a relationship with Liza?

You're going to be so smart, baby girl. You're going to go to Google daycare and then just skip straight to college.


To be fair, Charles didn't seem comfortable with the idea of Kelsey giving up her job and was more than supportive and encouraging throughout the trip.

Sometimes, I think Charles believes in Kelsey more than she believes in herself. 

Therefore, it's highly possible that he won't go through with signing the papers, and Kelsey will get her job back. 

But if Millennial rejects the funding, they'll be forced to find new ways to save the company, and Charles made it seem like they exhausted all of their options already. 

The Moment of Truth  - Younger Season 6 Episode 10

Liza's crisis after seeing the massive Infinitely 21 campaign took more of a backburner role in terms of importance, but when it comes to Liza's story-arc, it was critical. 

Liza's panicked state and impulsive decision to follow Charles to Chicago to explain something that was supposed to be nothing more than an ad to sell rompers was pretty much an admission of guilt.

Though the photo wasn't ideal, Charles reiterated that he understood that Josh was part of Liza's past and that the photo wasn't a real representation of their relationship. 

But now that Liza made it into a bigger deal than it was, he was slightly concerned about where her heart was at.

The campaign simply illuminated what Liza was feeling subconsciously.

Liza: I don't know about you, but I didn't know what I wanted in my twenties.
Diana: Oh, you mean two weeks ago?

And she needed that reminder to be a giant billboard of her and her ex-boyfriend.

Further proving that Liza's subconsciously not over Josh is her decision to "never see him again."

If she was completely over him, she'd be fine having him in her life, especially since Charles never asked her to defriend Josh. 

Out of sight doesn't mean out of mind. The more you can't have something, the more you want it. 

Personal Hobbies - Younger Season 6 Episode 10

What I'm saying is this is going to backfire majorly for Liza. 

We've all said that Liza needs to let Josh go and while her decision to go through with it is refreshing, it's going to be very eye-opening when she cannot go through with it. 

Arguably, the best part of the episode was when Charles and Liza drunkenly made out with each other and enjoyed being together.

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Why can't we just see them enjoy each other without no additional drama?

Josh saw the billboard and turned his model moment into a golden opportunity -- a partnership between Infinitely 21 and Inkburg, which he hopes will keep Claire from grabbing Gemma and moving to Los Angeles. 

And while it's great that Josh is investing in himself and his business rather than getting hung up on Liza again, I don't think this deal will stop Claire. 

I'm not even sure it should stop Claire. 

The Past - Younger Season 6 Episode 9

Claire made some good points about looking at the bigger picture and wanting to take the promotion to secure a good future for Gemma, but is this the only reason she's considering the job?

I doubt it. 

It's a gig at Google. That's a big deal for someone who was working at a bar just last year. 

The position wouldn't just be a good opportunity for Gemma, it would be a good opportunity for Claire. 

They were bound to hit a snag in this whole co-parenting thing. It doesn't have to get nasty as they both care about each other and Gemma, but it has to be fair. 

And realistically, maybe involving a lawyer and establishing custody is the right move so that they can continue on the right track. 

If the roles were reversed, would Josh be okay with having his next big career opportunity stifled?

Wedding Planning Fun - Younger Season 6 Episode 10

On a side-note, does anyone think there may be a relationship brewing between Josh and Shelly? She was very handsy and since they're going to be working closely together, it could happen. 

The Chicago trip almost overshadowed Diana's wedding dress fitting. Almost. 

Liza's drama overshadowed Diana, which shouldn't be the case considering what she put poor Diana through recently, but she did lead Diana to a necessary moment of revelation: she needs to wear a big, flashy yet sophisticated, wedding gown.  

That basic peach gown she was attempting to rock wasn't screaming "I finally found the right one."

This is Diana we're talking about here. The fans have expectations that need to be met when it comes to her fashion! 

Be sure to watch Younger online and share your thoughts about the episode in the comments below! 

It's All About the Money, Honey Review

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Younger Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

You're going to be so smart, baby girl. You're going to go to Google daycare and then just skip straight to college.


Liza: I don't know about you, but I didn't know what I wanted in my twenties.
Diana: Oh, you mean two weeks ago?