Younger Season 6 Episode 11 Review: Holding Out for a Shero

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"You wrote a letter to the wrong guy."

That statement at the end of Younger Season 6 Episode 11 made the whole episode worth it and oozed so much truth.

And it was incredibly sad -- my heart sank when Josh said those words as it revealed just how much he still loves Liza. 

Bachelorette Party Vibes - Younger

Liza's love triangle keeps getting messier, and though she tried to make a choice and wrote Josh a "Dear John" letter hoping to cut ties with him and focus on her new squeeze, Charles, she opened up a can of emotions instead.

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As a fan who has been pushing towards a resolution to this drawn-out triangle, I applaud Liza's efforts for wanting to give her new relationship a shot.

But clearly, there are feelings that keep pulling her back to her ex-boyfriend despite being "content" with Charles. 

Because at this point, she's not happy, she's just content.

Back to the Basics - Younger Season 6 Episode 11

Team Charles fans have waited so long for Liza and Charles to get together, and the moment they did, their chemistry died, and things became mundane.

Since she's gotten with Charles, Josh has always been lurking there subconsciously. 

Kelsey: There's so many of them.
Lauren: Yeah, that's because this is an issue that affects so many girls. I mean, imagine having rampant hormones and being on the verge of womanhood in this era. There are no men in here for a reason. They would tear their pussy-grabbing limbs off like a pride of lionesses.
Kelsey: Terrifying pep talk. Thanks.

She wasn't even able to justify her reasons for Charles being the one; there's nothing sweep-me-off-my-feet romantic about dating someone because they're your peer and age-appropriate. 

And she can't deny that being with Charles reminds her of being married and suffocated, which is the first thing that came to mind after her confrontation with Josh. 
Strippers Everywhere  - Younger Season 6 Episode 11

After everything she's been through to get to this point, Liza doesn't need to go back to how things used to be. 

The tension has been building up between Liza and Josh for a while, but this was the confrontation Josh fans needed.

He needed to call her out on her bullshit. 

The problem with memories is they lock us in the past, and we both need to move forward. As much as I want you in my life, I can't right now. And I hope you understand why.


If Liza were convinced with her decision to pick Charles (and she should have been considering she was ready to move in with him not too long ago), Josh wouldn't be able to plant a seed of doubt in her mind. 

Yet, it's obvious that she never believed in what she was dishing out; she was hoping Josh would fade away quietly so she'd never have to face her true feelings. 

Feeling Sorry For Ourselves - Younger Season 6 Episode 11

The more Liza tries to make things with Charles stick, the more we all realize that these two might not be it for each other. 

Josh was also right about Charles being the "safe choice."

This is the first time we've seen Liza stand up for Charles and make a concrete decision, but she's making it out of a place of fear; despite her millennial mindset, Liza doesn't think she could have a relationship with Josh because she's allowing the age-gap to dictate things. 

Drink It All Away - Younger Season 6 Episode 11

Liza fell for Josh, and that scared her. With Charles, things are more stable and thus, more secure. 

And that's why Charles is going to get blindsided. 

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He's so head over heels in love with Liza, he never questioned her feelings, not even when she was feeling super guilty about an innocent ad for Infinitely 21. 

At this point, the love triangle is stifling all the characters and keeping them from evolving. 

Author: With matters of the heart, be clear and direct. Write them a 'Dear John' letter.
Diana: Isn't that a little old fashioned? I mean, do millennials even know how to hold pens?

Liza's constant back-and-forth pining is hindering her development and making her less of a boss babe then when she began determined and unafraid to take chances.

We need the Liza that did whatever was necessary to succeed instead of the woman chasing a man to Chicago.

Liza's whole mindset at the beginning was that the men are secondary to everything else in her life. 

The characters all need to find a way to exist independently of each other. 

It's My Party  - Younger Season 6 Episode 11

The concern seems to be that without the love triangle as a hook, there won't be a need for Charles and Josh, and that doesn't have to be the case. 

They're all valuable in their own way and can add to Liza's life without being romantically involved.

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The love triangle may have been what attracted us to the series, but it shouldn't be the thing that makes us distance ourselves.

Diana's bachelorette party was a dud. There, I said it. 

Inspiration - Younger Season 6 Episode 11

For millennials, these girls don't know how to throw a proper "same penis forever" party. 

The teaser photos painted such a wild night at the strip club, but they were deceiving. 

Josh: Then just say it. Just say it. Say you love him more than you love me.
Liza: Is that what you need to hear?
Josh: Yes.
Liza: Then fine. I love him more.
Josh: You know, you forget Liza. I know you. I know when you're lying, especially to yourself. You wrote a letter to the wrong guy.

It should have been the perfect way for Kelsey to unwind after the day she was having but instead, they all moped around robbing Diana of her moment. 

Diana didn't get remotely close to doing "something she'd regret for the rest of her life" and had to remind them on numerous occasions that this was her night.

Diana's Bachelorette - Younger Season 6 Episode 11

It's upsetting to see Diana's momentous events overshadowed by Liza's constant boy problems. 

Kelsey's off the hook here because she's going through a rough patch after becoming a viral meme, losing her position as head of the company, and having her failure rubbed into her face by off-again boo thang, Zane. 

As exhausting as Liza's love-triangle is, Kelsey's tumultuous relationship with Zane is even worse. 

I'm going to get back to work, but seriously Josh, unload on me.


Mostly, it's because I can't figure out what's going on in Zane's mind. 

They both had a mature moment and agreed to pursue a relationship, but all of that went down the drain after her sexting mishap. 

One minute Zane was concerned about Kelsey and checking in on her and the next minute, he's a jerk who is using her screw-up to advance at work and cozy up to Charles.

What gives, Zane?

Are You Okay? - Younger Season 6 Episode 11

Kelsey was already in a low place, and his actions just pushed her lower.

Not to mention returning to Millennial as an editor was never going to work -- Kelsey was given a taste of paradise and then told to go back to mediocre lifestyle. 

Liza: She got the money, honey. And that is why you have a job. That is why we all have a job. She's a goddamn hero.
Lauren: Told you. Shero.

Charles, on the other hand, fell right back into a groove and seemed to enjoy wielding all that power again, thus forcing Kelsey to write her resignation letter, which I thought was Liza's break-up letter to Charles at first. 

Will she go through with her decision to leave Millennial?

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And if Liza's all about leaving the past behind and moving forward, maybe she should join Kelsey and start somewhere fresh where her job isn't tied to her relationship.

I'm Doing Fine - Younger Season 6 Episode 11

Other New York Musings

  • Maggie deserves her own storyline. Periodt.
  • Lauren is the real MVP for fixing Millennial's PR image, being a support system to Kelsey, and picking up Liza's maid of honor slack. I could watch her aggresively tell Diana to "get in the hummer, bitch" all day long.  
  • Josh stated that because of his new gig, Claire isn't moving to LA. Did they really drop the child custody storyline just like that? And are we to believe Claire just agreed to give up the dream of a lifetime?
Shero - Younger Season 6 Episode 11
  • There could have been such an empowering moment with Kelsey's speech to the girl's charter school about the dangers of social media, but Younger missed the mark in exchange for more time to focus on the *eye roll* love triangle. 
  • Shelly's come-ons to Josh were hilarious. The thirst is real. 
  • Liza defending Kelsey in front of everyone and telling them that it's because of her that they have a job just spoke to how much Liza always puts everyone ahead of herself. 

Be sure to watch Younger online and comment with your thoughts below! 

Holding Out for a Shero Review

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Younger Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

I'm going to get back to work, but seriously Josh, unload on me.


Author: With matters of the heart, be clear and direct. Write them a 'Dear John' letter.
Diana: Isn't that a little old fashioned? I mean, do millennials even know how to hold pens?