Younger Season 6 Episode 8 Review: The Debu-taunt

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What a big, emotionally-loaded episode.

The cast of Younger wasn't lying when they said Younger Season 6 Episode 8 was the episode we've all been waiting for. 

If you're not crying happy tears after Liza's and Diana's "I love you" exchange, you have no soul. 

Catching Up - Younger

We've all been so focused on Younger's love-triangle, but the magic has always been in the relationships between the female characters.

Liza's secret unraveled at a rapid pace and by the end, we were all in a different space mentally, physically and emotionally.

For the most part, everyone was in a better, more honest place, even if Millennial is stuck going through an identity crisis. 

Diana: I've got big news and I wanted to share it with you first since I am your work wife. Just your work wife, of course, despite the salacious gossip in the bullpen. I'm going to be someone's real wife, I'm engaged to Enzo.
Charles: That's wonderful, Diana. Congratulations.
Diana: Do I have your blessing, Charles?
Charles: Sure?

Diana was one of the last remaining Empirical/Millennial employees who was kept in the dark about Liza's real age, and we all wondered when and how she'd find out the truth. 

I knew that when it happened that it was going to be intense, but I had no idea it would be such an emotionally raw moment.

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Diana rarely wears her heart on her sleeve, but when Pauline pubically tore down Liza, she put her foot down against the alleged slander and came to her assistant's defense. 

One might say it's wildly out of character for Diana to be so bold since we've never seen her defend someone so passionately, but it really wasn't. 

Diana loves her co-workers under her icy exterior and she'd do anything for them. 

That's Enough - Younger Season 6 Episode 8

That icy exterior is also there to protect her from getting hurt, so it's unfortunate that the one time she did open up and stand up for Liza, she was made out to look like a fool. 

The betrayal stung not only because it happened so publically but because Diana realized she was the only person on the team who didn't know the truth. 

It's like realizing that your best friends left you out of plans on purpose. It stings. 

Diana was so upset that she suffered a panic attack -- thankfully, not a heart attack!

Liza felt terrible, as she should.

Soon To be Mr. and Mrs.  - Younger Season 6 Episode 8

The moment Pauline exposed her, Liza knew that her lie had reached its expiration date and she was ready to face the consequences, even if that meant losing Diana. 

She didn't try to cover up or laugh off Pauline's accusations, which I would have.

Instead, she told the truth to a vulnerable Diana. 

Not only was she there vouching for Liza, but she had also just inadvertently asked her to be her maid of honor. 

Zane: Ah, Diana Deluca. That's better than Trout.
Diana: I'm keeping Trout.

They'd crossed into "friendship" territory, which explained Diana's anger and also, her forgiveness. 

Diana quickly understood that Liza's lie originated out of a need for a job but that she kept it going to preserve relationships. 

As sweet as that is, Diana's decision to forgive her assistant took away from the serious implications of the lie.

Liza never had to deal with any real consequences. 

Despite the lie hurting those she cared about, Liza has somehow come out relatively unscathed. 

Debutant Ball - Younger Season 6 Episode 8

Her job never suffered, her friendships never ended, and her romantic interests both accepted it. 

Liza may have been coming from a genuine place when the lie took on a life of its own, but everyone's understanding proves that it's okay to lie if you can justify it.

Now that everything is out in the open, what happens next?

Will Liza be allowed to represent Millennial as not a millennial?

While Diana's reaction was certainly the focal point of Liza's fake-life crashing down, all of the other reactions were equally as great. 

Lauren side-eyeing Liza and calling her "ma'am," Zane scoffing at the sight of her and wondering if the interns knew before him, and Enzo applauding how great Liza looks were all true to character.  

There's a lot to unpack when it comes to Pauline being the one to expose Liza. 

It was satisfying merely because she's been presented as the villain in Liza's life since the get-go.

They say keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer, but in this case, Liza kept Pauline a little too close. 

Cringe  - Younger Season 6 Episode 8

She underestimated her and was fooled by how sweet Pauline was leading up to the disastrous debutante ball. 

Pauline truly accepted Liza as Charles' new girlfriend, added her to the school pick-up list, and said she'd be around for the long-haul. 

There was a bit of selfishness in Pauline's kindness as she wanted Liza to become her editor again, but I genuinely think she was just warming up to Liza being in her life. 

So finding out that Liza was lying to her triggered an emotional response.

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Pauline was more than ready to throw her former editor and ex-husband's new GF under the bus.

It was a trainwreck, but I couldn't look away mainly because I was convinced Pauline wouldn't go through with it.

And when she did, all I could think was how rash and petty she was being. 

Early on, Pauline asked Liza " can't we all behave like grownups" and halfway through the episode I found myself screaming, "can't we, Pauline?"

Bad PR - Younger Season 6 Episode 8

What Pauline pulled on that stage was the furthest thing from acting like a grownup. 

Having a woman taking care of your kids that's lied about who she is can be perceived as concerning, but when Charles admitted that he knew the whole time, Pauline should have let it go.

If Liza wasn't lying to the man she was seeing, she clearly didn't have any ill-intentions.  

The decision to bring down Liza and Millennial on such a public platform -- remember, Kelsey might have thought the event was ridiculous, but Diana said two models wearing the same outfit led to declining book sales -- was a vindictive move. 

Liza: You mean like maid of honor stuff?
Diana: If you want to promote yourself to that, fine.
Liza: Diana, I would love to be your maid of honor!

She subconsciously wanted to hurt the woman who she trusted, wanted to like, but who also took her man. 

Pauline's decision to expose Liza also stemmed from finding out that she didn't lose her husband to a younger woman but rather a woman her age. 

And that's the lowest blow.

Pauline could have talked to Liza about it, asked her why she lied, even been a mature adult, but instead, she chose to shame Liza for her age.

Candelight Dinner - Younger Season 6 Episode 8

Pauline mentioned that no other editor understood her or her work the way Liza had and now, she likely understands why. 

If she talked to Liza, she would have realized they are way more alike than she could have imagined. 

Liza's been in her shoes, she's been the housewife trapped in the rut of a loveless marriage, and she's been through a divorce. 

She gets it. 

Pauline did herself a disservice by losing the backing of Liza and Millennial. 

Maybe Liza can write a rebuttal book to Pauline's second "autobiographical" narrative?

Possibly one where she tells her side of the story. 

Lying is bad, but I think Pauline's decision to expose Liza was even worse. 

Millennial is going to need a PR miracle to bounce back from this, and it seems like the right time for Liza to tell her story and use ageism as her platform.

Really, who cares if Liza is 42? She's done a good job of being a millennial sans not knowing what a Four Loko is, and she's brilliantly good at her job. 

That's all that matters.

Charles should have interfered in some way instead of letting Pauline prance onto that stage and drag his girlfriend. 

Best Roomies - Younger Season 6 Episode 8

Why didn't he try harder?

Was he just eager for Liza's secret to no longer have a hold on their lives?

For now, Charles and Liza's moving in together has hit a snag as Pauline rethinks the custody agreement. 

It seems that those of us who cannot stand Pauline (me!) will have to stomach her for a few more episodes. 

Charles and Liza may have found their footing, but it seems obstacles are going to keep coming between their romance. 

If it isn't dueling publishing houses, it's scorned ex-lovers, or Liza's lies catching up to her. 

Diana: Liza has been lying about her age and everyone knew except me.
Enzo: Really? Well, how old is she then?
Diana: She's 42.
Enzo: Huh. She looks good. I just mean she had me fooled too.

After Liza's indecisiveness about whether or not she's ready to fully commit to Charles (and possibly, her old way of life), it was surprising to see her decide to move in with him.

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But when Charles asked her to move in with him, she agreed without any hesitation and didn't even think twice about Josh or rehash any of those previous concerns. 

And if she is that confident in her choice to be with Charles, I need her to let go of Josh fully. 

Bringing him into the episode was utterly pointless. 

It's fine if they're friends, but Josh needs to stop putting his life on hold for Liza, and she needs to stop allowing it. 

Late Night Calls - Younger

The past will always call but if you're moving forward, you don't need to answer it. 

Other New York Thoughts

  • Diana gently letting Charles down and telling him she's getting married was such a pure moment. 
  • Did they really not have any better writers than Pauline to take to the ball? It's almost like Millennial is asking for drama and bad press. 
  • Can someone find Caitlin? Why doesn't she call her mother? 
  • Diana going back to how things used to be and ordering Liza around was her way of saying she loves her. Liza's "I love you, too" was everything.
  • Enzo is such a good man, I cannot wait for their big Italian wedding. 
  • I love Diana. She's the star of the show. 

What do you think happens next?

Will Millennial just pretend nothing ever happened?

Will Pauline continue to pose a problem?

Will things between Liza and Diana go back to normal?

And are you happy Liza's secret is now out in the open?

The Debu-taunt Review

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