Dark Shadows Sequel Series Eyed at The CW

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The CW is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to bring old shows back to the air in some form. 

Deadline is reporting that the young-skewing network is eyeing a Dark Shadows sequel series which would be a continuation of the original series. 

It would pick up with the supernatural Collins family in modern-day Collinsort, Maine.

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This means the network would be bringing another series set in a world where vampires exist could be coming to the network. 

Tonally, Dark Shadows: Reincarnation is said to “harken back to the original,” and will be written my Revenge scribe, Mark B. Perry. 

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It's certainly a different direction to take the series in, especially after all these years. 

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The original series aired on ABC from 1996-71, enthralling viewers with a whole host of supernatural beings throughout those years. 

What was unique about the original series was that it was a set in daytime TV. Given that CW only schedules during primetime, this new series would probably be considerably darker. 

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Because the series was a cult classic, there have been several stabs at bringing it back over the years, but none of these reboots have had much bite. 

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NBC launched a remake in 1991, but it lasted just 12 episodes before getting the pink slip. Still, that iteration did amass a cult audience who protested the decision to cancel the series. 

The WB tried to bring the show back in 2004 in another capacity, but it didn't make it past the pilot stage. 

In 2012, a movie was made with Johnny Depp in the lead role. 

“As a first-generation fan, it’s been a dream of mine to give Dark Shadows the Star Trek treatment since way back in the ’80s when Next Generation was announced, so I’m beyond thrilled and humbled to be entrusted with this resurrection,” Perry said in a statement.

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“And while I could never hope to fill Dan Curtis’ very large shoes, I do aspire to carry them a little farther into the future."

"I also want to reassure the fans of the original that this version will treat the show’s mythology with the same reverence given to Star Trek, but will also make the show accessible for audiences who aren’t yet familiar with the macabre world of the Collinses.”

What are your thoughts on this potential series?

Would you be on board?

Hit the comments below. 

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