Power Season 6 Episode 4 Review: Why Is Tommy Still Alive?

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Angela Valdes was back in a big way this week. 

Now Power hasn't completely jumped the shark and brought Angela back from the dead, but Power Season 6 Episode 4 saw Ghost's vision of Angela, clad in that red dress and everything. 

Confronted with a questioning voice, Ghost had to do some searching inside himself to figure out what kind of man he wanted to be. 

Back Against The Wall - Power Season 6 Episode 4

Angela's reappearance had been spoiled in the season trailers, so it wasn't shocking to see her show up as a hallucination of Ghost's. But this vision wasn't there to coddle him or let him know everything was going to be okay. 

Ms. Valdes was there to point out all the many things Ghost had done wrong and was continuing to do wrong. 

Does Ghost feel guilty about Angela's death? And Raina's as well? Sure he does. 

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But his misguided attempts to enact justice and create legacies seem to be a means to assuage his guilt more then they are to honor the women he loved and atone for the mistakes he's made. 

Meeting Time - Power Season 6 Episode 4

Ghost still struggles to admit his wrongdoings and is always quick to deflect and place blame on everyone else but himself. It's Tommy fault or Tasha's fault or Tate's fault. 

Rarely does Ghost conclude on his own that he messed up. Normally it has to be pointed out to him. 

While Angela prompted his attempt to go after Tommy once again, she also made him think about what it was he wanted. 

Tasha Has Had Enough - Power Season 6 Episode 4

The attempt on Tommy was pretty brilliant. Everything fell perfectly into place, except for the fact that Ghost is apparently a horrible shot. Seriously, he was so close, and yet he missed repeated shots. 

Jason set him up to take the shot at Tommy and it's becoming fairly obvious that in the long run Jason would much rather be tethered to Ghost over Tommy. 

I'd say Ghost could use that information to try again to turn Tommy against Jason, but it's hard to imagine Tommy will be looking to talk to Ghost anytime soon. 

And besides, Ghost has bigger fish than Jason right now. 

Dre, Dre, Dre.

You can always count on him to be lying to someone, and this week he was telling half-truths to Ghost and Proctor, while still firmly entrenched in his deal with Saxe. 

Dre: What the fuck am I supposed to do if he's clean?
Saxe: Clean? If St. Patrick is clean, I'm a founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Does Saxe know that Dre is playing Ghost and Proctor? That wasn't explicitly spelled out, but it's the only thing that makes sense.

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Ghost has been slipping for a while, but the ease with which he let Dre stalk around the club again was frustrating. And trusting him to go with him to Maria's was a head-scratcher as well. 

Pillow Talk - Power Season 6 Episode 4

It was fairly obvious Ghost was never going to kill her. Knowing what he knew about the RICO and the FEDS suspicions that he killed Angela, Maria's death or disappearance would have been pinned on Ghost immediately. 

Witness intimidation wasn't the smartest thing in the world, but it's not the same as murder. 

It was not believable in the least that Ghost didn't notice the FBI raid as he was a few yards away sitting at that traffic light. 

Ghost has been played by Dre more than once, and here's hoping he actually has a bigger plan than putting any of his trust into him. 

Weighing His Options - Power Season 6 Episode 4

Proctor is the only person Ghost should trust, but Proctor may find himself in a whole lot of trouble soon. The kind of trouble that really puts your back against the wall. 

Lindsay was very, very irritating and awful but what Proctor did was cold-blooded. He knew her insecurities, and he preyed on them, to the point that she relapsed and spiraled in a matter of hours. 

Based on his reaction when he saw her, he didn't think she was going to decompensate that quickly but he also didn't seem to care. 

Letting her overdose while their daughter was upstairs was pretty cruel. And the thing is, he doesn't even know about the bug. 

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All he knows is he doesn't want to share custody with her. And he was willing to see her die before he consented to any more time away from his daughter. 

Saxe proves time and time again that he doesn't play by the rules. He will be using that recording of Proctor in some way, shape or form, but what will that mean for Ghost and everyone else?

The one man who knows all their secrets will suddenly have some major decisions to make. 

Man In The Mirror - Power Season 6 Episode 4

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Quinton was attractive, personable, and attentive. But he came on a little strong. Was anyone else getting weird vibes from him?
  • Dre must have a hidden stash of black suits hidden somewhere in the city. 
  • Kate was dropping just enough information about Holly to pique Keisha's interests. They're laying the groundwork for future conflict between Tommy and Keisha. 
  • Shocker! Tariq is in way over his head and doesn't seem the least bit worried. Instead of formulating plans to get more product and save himself, he's hanging out with his girlfriend. 
  • I forgot to mention this last week, but they brought the original intro music back and it's easily the best thing this show has ever done. 

What did you guys think about this week's installment?

Who will prove to be a bigger threat to Ghost and Tommy in the long run? The Serbians or the Italians?

Will Tariq ever tell the truth?

Drop me a line in the comments so we can talk about it!

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Why Is Tommy Still Alive? Review

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Power Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Ghost: Look, I'm trying to be the man you want me to be. I just...shit keeps getting in my way.
Angela: You keep getting in your way.

Raina didn't give a fuck about having her name on some building. That's for you, Ghost. That's about you and your own guilt. She's my daughter, too. You don't own her legacy.