Power Season 6 Episode 5 Review: King's Gambit

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No one is safe. 

This isn't a new phenomenon in the world of Power, as every single character on this show is in danger. But that doesn't make it any easier when tragedy strikes. 

And tragedy struck on Power Season 6 Episode 5

Upset Ghost - Power Season 5 Episode 6

Proctor has been a mainstay for a while now. He's been infused into the plot in ways that feel organic, and he turned himself into a principle character on a show that can feel overcrowded at times. 

As of late, he's been the only person that Ghost can at least partially trust and confide in (even if he's paying him). And while he's been witness to murders and knows more secrets than virtually anyone, he's managed to stay safe. 

But Proctor's luck ran out. 

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Playing any mind games with Tommy is tricky because Tommy doesn't see logic. Tommy is driven purely by emotion. If he feels like he has been betrayed, then he will strike back with a vengeance. 

2-Bit Aims - Power Season 6 Episode 5

And it doesn't matter who you are. 

Tommy has been weary of Proctor forever, but Proctor backed himself into a corner with the Lindsay situation. His only viable option was to work with Saxe if he wanted to keep his daughter. 

When he sent Tommy off to murder Maria, he had no idea that Tommy would overhear Saxe telling her that he had secured Proctor as a witness.

It was in that moment you knew it was over for Proctor. 

Tommy Looks On - Power Season 6 Episode 5

Poor Lisa Marie. She loses both her parents in the span of, what? Two days?

Tommy isn't usually that loud and brash with his killings, but he was simultaneously looking to kill Proctor and send Ghost a message. 

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Saxe's intelligence is questionable at times, but he should begin connecting the dots that Ghost isn't the only person he should be going after.

Blanca is on the right track in her assertions that there's another fish out there to fry besides St. Patrick. 

And the all-out assault on Proctor and the penthouse should clue him into that. 

Tommy needed help from Tariq to even get into the penthouse, and while he did the right thing by removing Lisa Marie from the home, the fact that he goes along with whatever is asked of him is tiresome. 

Tariq makes terrible decision after terrible decision and it's beyond tired.

It's getting to a point where I'm starting to forget about all the awful decisions everyone else makes because his are just that bad. 

Vincent Means Business - Power Season 6 Episode 5

Did he think he could get away with fooling Vincent? On what planet was that ever going to work?

Not only did he underestimate Vincent, but he also underestimated Effie as well. It's unclear who she's working for, but she is not on Team Tariq at all. 

Tariq is just one continuous headache for everyone. And in typical fashion, Ghost is the first one to throw the blame onto someone else and act like he had nothing to do with the way Tariq turned out. 

Tariq Delivers - Power Season 6 Episode 5

Every single adult in Tariq's life has played a part in developing him into the person he's become. As Tariq got closer and closer to realizing the truth about his parents and questioning the things around him, Ghost and Tasha lied to him. 

Ghost: Kanan was filling your head with this idea that you were like him.
Tariq: Dad, I'm just like you. How could you expect me to be any different?
Ghost: I sold drugs because I had to, okay? I'm not that person anymore. You're just doing this bullshit to get back at me. Your mother and I are telling you that you're going to ruin your life.

They believed they were doing it for the right reasons, but it pushed him closer and closer to Kanan. And well, we know how that turned out. 

With everyone so wrapped up in their drama, Tariq has managed to skate by for the most part with just a few slaps on that risk. But that is officially over now that Ghost and Tommy have 24 hours to pay back Vincent. 

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This probably wasn't the way most people saw Ghost and Tommy reconnecting. And to have it happen mere minutes after Tommy annihilated Ghost's apartment is horrible timing. 

A Talking To - Power Season 6 Episode 5

It will be interesting to see if they bring Tasha into the fold and how they go about securing that kind of money. Plus, you have to assume the FEDs will be all over Ghost with Proctor's body barely even cold. 

Speaking of Tasha, you have to respect her hustle in getting that daycare up and running in such a short amount of time. But is moving product really the best thing to do right now? 

Her back was against the wall, sure, but this feels like a disaster waiting to happen. 

This is where Ghost and Tasha become insufferable at times. They both preach to others to be careful, yet they never follow their own advice and put themselves in bad positions all the time. 

Hey, maybe that's just the St. Patrick way. 

Keisha Listens - Power Season 6 Episode 5

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Exactly how big is that penthouse? For Tariq not to know two extra people were living with him is odd. Are the rooms soundproof?
  • Lisa Marie is going to give Benny that flash drive and Benny is going to exact his revenge. He has to. 
  • Blanca is redeeming herself this season, as she seems to be the only person with some actual sense. 
  • Silly me, I actually thought Maria was going to take that money from Ghost and disappear. But Saxe just can't let his anti-Ghost campaign die. And now Maria is gone. 
  • Tate and Ramona were looking to ... sorry I fell asleep while writing that sentence. There's nothing interesting going on there. 
  • Can we stop it with the Holly references? Keisha is sort of concerned about Tommy's crazy ex that disappeared but also really into her new lifestyle and not going to do anything about it yet. We get it!
  • Pour one out for Joe Proctor. He went out standing toe-to-toe with Tommy and even threatened him. He was a little jittery and dramatic at times, but he wasn't the worst person on this show. And he loved his daughter with all his heart. RIP, Joey. 

This was by far the most captivating episode we've gotten thus far, and it got me very excited to see where the story goes next. I can't wait to hear what you guys thought!

Are you sad to see Proctor go?

How will Ghost and Tommy work together to save Tariq?

Who does Effie work for?

Drop me a line down below and let me know all your thoughts!

And please watch Power online so you can join us in the comments! 

King's Gambit Review

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Power Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Tasha: You better be careful. If she makes a mistake she could take us all down. Sure she can handle it?
Tommy: Yeah, she gonna be just fine.

James, you can't change your past. You are right about that. But you can dictate your future. If you want to show the world you're not the man in the orange jumpsuit, then you should tell them yourself.

Ramona [to Ghost]