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There's a new judge in town!

On All Rise Season 1 Episode 1, Simone Misick steps into the role of Judge Lola Carmichael. 

But don't confuse Lola with any other judge. 

The aim of the game for Lola is to find people who have been failed by the system, and to find a way to give them a trial that is fair. 

However, that comes with some caveats of their own. 

In the premiere alone, Lola has to go up against a corrupt detective who uses gender politics to advance her own career. 

Luke Smiles - All Rise

Does Lola choose to make an example of her? 

Meanwhile, Lola's best friend, played by Hart of Dixie's Wilson Bethel struggles to navigate a new relationship. 

But he finds it difficult to confide in Lola now that she isn't able to speak about ongoing cases with him. 

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Marg Helgenberger on All Rise

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All Rise Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Mark: Your honor? Your Honor? Lola? I know you're up here. Why does it always have to be the top floor?
Lola: Because I don't want anyone to find me.
Mark: I told you to be sphinx-like.
Lola: I can't talk about my case.
Mark: It's okay. Lots of other people are.
Lola: Thanks a lot.
Mark: The sphinx has survived for 4500 years by silently staring down the enemy and then asking the right questions.
Lola: She wasn't dealing with LAPD and... I can't talk about it. It's just that... up on that bench, in this thing, everything is different. And that detective, I need to make a difference, but I can't tell if this is the battle, or this is the war.
Mark: What can I do?
Lola: Visit me at traffic court in Palmdale.
Mark: Never gonna happen.

Sherri: Your honor?
Lola: This is a big moment for me. I just want to be present for it.