This Is Us Round Table: Are Kate and Toby Going to Make It?

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Kate and Toby argued after their attempt to take baby Jack to a music class ended in disaster, while Randall and Beth learned that Malik has a baby of his own and Kevin and Cassidy bonded.

Our TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Lauren BusserJack Ori, and Mariha Morales discuss whether Randall will ease up on Deja and Malik's relationship, whether Kate and Toby are going to make it, and what was our favorite storyline from This Is Us Season 4 Episode 4.

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Carol told Randall that she was wrong to think he was not right for Beth. How do you think that will impact his decisions about Deja/Malik going forward?

Lauren: I really liked this moment between Carol and Randall. It showed a progression in their relationship, and I think that this revelation and the perspective will get Randall to see Malik in a different light.

I can see where Randall and Beth would be concerned about a 14-year-old with a baby, but I think that they just met him and need to get to know him a bit. This could be an important touchstone in their relationship.

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Christine: Randall and Beth need to tread carefully with Malik.

Malik - This is Us Season 4 Episode 4

The easiest way to drive two teenagers together is to tell them they can’t see one another! If you want to keep an eye on your teen, it’s much smarter to invite their friends to your place instead of forcing them to sneak around behind your back.

I’m hoping that Carol’s words will push Randall to give Malik a chance and really see him and not simply label him as "no good" because he’s a teenage father.

Jack: I agree with Christine. Randall and Beth’s concerns are definitely valid, but putting their foot down about Malik will blow up in their faces.

Mariha: Great question! Didn't connect that at the time. I'm not sure it will change his perspective. I'm with Beth, "she can't be with a boy that puts babies in people."

Was Kate wrong to have wanted to take baby Jack to the music class?

Going for a Walk - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 4

Christine: No, she wasn’t wrong. It was a great idea, on paper, but in reality it just didn’t work out. That happens.

They are new parents raising a child with special needs. There will be missteps, but they handled this one well. They got Jack out of a situation that upset him and then gave him a new and positive experience at the beach. Overall, I call that a win.

Lauren: No, not at all.

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The world has a way of messing with the best-laid plans. It was well-intentioned, Kate wanted to connect with her child and show him that he could do anything even though he's blind.

Out With Her Baby - This is Us Season 4 Episode 3

It didn't go as planned, but she tried. They'll learn and grow from it, and as Christine said, they did give baby Jack a nice memory at the beach.

Jack: I agree with the above.

It might have helped if Kate had called the instructor ahead of time to find out if the class would be appropriate for a child who can’t see, but she wasn’t wrong for trying to give baby Jack the same opportunities as any other child.

And I didn't like how negative both Toby and Gregory were before they left for the class.

Mariha: Toby was right. She should have called ahead of time and talked to them about the situation. Music class can be a lot for any baby.

(TALL) Reflecting on the Past - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 4

Rate Kevin and Cassidy's interactions this week from 1 (ugh this was terrible) to 10 (Perfect! Can't wait to see more!)

Christine: I’m giving it a 7.

They are very different people with extremely different backgrounds but that’s what makes them interesting. I’m enjoying how they are relating to one another as friends right now but I look forward to it slowly growing into something more.

Lauren: I agree with Christine, it was about a 7.

The thing about Kevin and Cassidy is that they aren't a match on paper and Cassidy makes him work for the moments where she opens up. That's a relationship that stands in contrast to the many people who fawn over him for The Manny.

Kate in the CD Store - This is Us Season 4 Episode 4

Seeing it grow is what makes me want to see more and depending on how it develops I look forward to enjoying this relationship.

Jack: It’s unanimous! I’m giving it a 7 as well. I’m not a big fan of the hate-turning-to-love trope that’s so common on TV. But I enjoyed Kevin and Cassidy’s interactions and am looking forward to more of this relationship however it develops.

Mariha: Solid 6! I am very happy they are going in a more organic path. If Kevin actually helps her get back with her husband that would be great. I would love to see Kevin find a path through this situation. 

College-age Kate met a cute record store clerk. React!

Christine: It was adorable! When it came to talking about music, Kate was confident and had no problem being herself. It makes me wonder what happened between college-age Kate and the Kate we met at the beginning of the series.

Lauren: Kate deserves to have some fun and I love that she met someone connecting over something she loves. We need to see a little more of this Kate.

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Jack: I agree with Christine. What the heck happened to Kate? I'm curious about how the relationship developed and affected Kate's turning into the woman we know today.

Mariha: Swoon! They are a cute pair. It will be great to explore her dating life before Toby. They can both banter and bond over music.

Are Kate and Toby going to make it? Do you want them to?

Christine: I do want them to! They’re a great couple but there will be struggles ahead, and I hope they will learn to get through them together.

I thought they did a reasonably good job handling the music class. Even though Kate blamed Toby, she apologized once she cooled off and they were able to enjoy their son together as a family.

Lauren: I have grown to like them, so I want them to make it, but there are challenges ahead. They seem to be navigating things okay right now, so I have hope for the future.

Jack: I like Kate and Toby and want them to make it, but I’m still worried about the flash forward that didn’t include Kate.

Baby Jack’s challenges are a definite obstacle for them. They navigated this particular challenge with the music class, but the real test is how they will deal with baby Jack’s difficulties from now on.

Kevin Tries to Understand - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 4

Mariha: I am not too sure. I'm leaning on the possibility that they'll break up. I want to believe in true love, but that's Beth and Randall. I think there is a high chance they'll divorce. 

What was your favorite scene from this week's This Is Us?

Christine: Kevin remembering filming the pilot of The Manny. It was a silly show with a ridiculous concept, but it changed his life. I liked how he stood up for himself with Cassidy and explained what that final scene with the baby meant to him and that Cassidy listened.

Lauren: I loved Kevin's storyline this episode.

For some reason, the scene where he parks his trailer next to his uncle's was great. I think it started a shift in his character, which may lead him closer to Cassidy.

Confronting his Mother In Law - This is Us Season 4 Episode 4

Like Christine, I also like how he examined what The Manny meant to him and how filming that pilot changed his life and the path he was on. I am getting the feeling with this episode that we're going to see a deeper version of Kevin and I am here for it.

Jack: I also loved Kevin’s storyline! But a close second was Randall’s conversation with Carol. I felt like there had been resentment between these two forever that finally got resolved.

Mariha: Randall explaining why he gave Beth a lemon. So thoughtful and observant. Their kiss was perfect! I'm sure the second date went way better.

Your turn, This is Us fanatics! Tell us what you thought of all of the above, and don't forget that you can watch This Is Us online if you missed anything.

This is us airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 9 PM EST/PST.


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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Kevin: They cancelled The Manny.
Nicky: That thing is still on?
Kevin: I can't believe it's finally over. It was eight years ago I shot the pilot.
Nicky: I never saw it. Saw a commercial once though. You were drinking out of a baby bottle.

Kevin: I have plenty of money and it's a good cause.
Nicky: I'm not a cause.