Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 11 Review: The Ground Shifts Beneath Us

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Will Choi ever learn to mind his own business?

He spent most of Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 11 minding the Abrams' instead, and even discovering that he was wrong about who his patient was didn't deter him.

Choi apologized to Marcel for his judgmental behavior by the end of the hour, but I'm not so forgiving.

A Safe Injection Site - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 11

This isn't the first time Choi has stuck his nose into patients' business, and it never ends well.

Half of the reason he and April got into that fight on Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 9 was due to Ethan informing the army that a soldier had disobeyed orders, causing his patient all sorts of problems.

He learned nothing from that, taking it upon himself to decide whether or not Abrams' wife had the right to make medical decisions on his behalf.

This can't be my Sam. Are you sure?

Mrs. Abrams

Choi's attitude was obnoxious from the moment he met Michelle Abrams. He thought she was too young to be Abrams' wife and didn't make any attempt to hide his feelings.

Natalie Worries About Gwen - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 11

And once Michelle decided to turn off the machines, Choi fought it bitterly when it wasn't his decision to make.

Ultimately, it didn't matter whether or not Michelle was a golddigger who wanted to kill off her comatose husband so that she could get her hands on his life insurance money or if she was acting out of love.

She was next of kin, so it was her decision, and Choi wasted the ethics committee's time on trying to impose his opinion.

And why on Earth couldn't he leave it alone once he found out that the patient wasn't Abrams, resuscitated the guy and reunited Abrams with his wife?

Goodwin and Gwen - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 11

Abrams really should have an advance directive written up now that he knows that certain doctors won't take Michelle's word for it when it comes to his wishes should he be incapacitated.

Of course, Choi was so convinced that Michelle had ulterior motives that he probably would have questioned whether Abrams signed the paperwork freely if there had been one.

Abrams had the last laugh, though, and that was fun.

Now that Choi knows that Abrams' wife is the rich one, maybe he'll learn a lesson for next time, though I doubt it.

Serious Injuries - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 11

Choi's attitude was obnoxious enough on its own, but he also made Marcel sympathetic, and I don't want to like Marcel.

I still think the way Marcel's relationship or fling or whatever it was with April started in a suspicious, potentially non-consensual way, and Marcel's been off my list ever since.

And encouraging April to lie to Choi isn't a good idea.

Maggie: Great news about you and Ethan.
April: Thanks. All I want is to marry Ethan and forget this ever happened.

After watching Days of Our Lives for over 30 years, I know this type of secret will come out at the worst possible time, and with Choi mending fences with Marcel, that's even more guaranteed.

Choi is Worried - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 11

This one is going to get ugly. I wouldn't be surprised if it all blew up at Ethan and April's wedding.

Meanwhile, Will's safe injection site idea was a good one. Too bad it got ruined by political considerations.

Chicago Med is the second medical drama of the 2019-2020 season to address the issue of safe injection sites--New Amsterdam did it first--and I'm thrilled this idea is getting so much air time.

It may be counterintuitive, but Will and Dr. Charles' stats were right. Safe injection sites help save lives.

The board members who questioned this weren't considering the fact that people are going to use anyway, even if the hospital doesn't condone drug use.

Siblings Working Together - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 11

Safe injection sites simply ensure that they do it safely.

Dr. Charles' story brought that point home.

When Will thanked him for sharing it, I wondered if Charles had made it up to make the point. He hadn't, of course, but it was plausible.

Natalie: So that's it? We're just gonna leave Gwen's husband in the dark?
Sharon: Gwen is afraid that he'll use it against her in the custody battle.
Natalie: If someone was trying to take Owen from me, I don't know what I would do. But Devon's father has the right to know what happened.
Sharon: I agree. Devon's father should know the truth. But that truth has to come from Gwen.

Sadly, Will is going to have to go underground because Gwen would only approve the site if Sharon and Natalie kept her secret.

Noah Assists - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 11

I'm not sure whether Natalie did the right thing. Like Choi, she is always minding everyone else's business.

On the other hand, Gwen neglected her baby -- which could have had even more serious consequences than her ex-husband's wrath.

The baby nearly died and Gwen could have lost custody anyway if the team had called the cops.

That's why Natalie might have been justified in saying something, though it would have been nice if Mark had asked Gwen about it instead of assuming.

A Plane Crash - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 11

Finally, what was up with the switched identity trope? That seemed to put Chicago Med squarely into soap opera territory.

I was glad Abrams turned out to be alive, but having the embryos turn out to be switched too was a bit much.

At least the two sets of parents bonded over it.

It has to be rough to learn the baby you're carrying is not yours and the one that is yours might be dying.

What did you think, Chicago Med fanatics?

What's your best guess for when April and Marcel's secret will come out?

Is Will setting himself up for serious trouble?

And is Choi on anyone else's last nerve?

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The Ground Shifts Beneath Us Review

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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Maggie: The manifest says the victim's name is Samuel Abrams. What?
Choi: It's just our head of neurosurgery is named Sam Abrams, but there's got to be a million Sam Abramses, right?

Will: I'm going before the board to propose a safe injection site.
Maggie: Safe injection of what?