This Is Us Round Table: Are Kevin and Madison a Good Idea?

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Kevin went to Pittsburgh to support Sophie during her mom's funeral and come to terms with everything that had gone wrong in their relationship.

This Is Us Season 4 Episode 12 was the Kevin-centered portion of a three-part arc, each episode featuring a different one of the Big Three during the same difficult week.

Our TV Fanatics Mariha Morales, Christine Orlando, and Jack Ori debate the way Kevin and Sophie settled into their friendship, whether Kevin hooking up with Madison was a good idea, and how this entire experience will affect him moving forward.

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Kevin seemed especially touched by the fact that he'd never "earned the ring" like Claire said. What do you think this means to him and how will it affect his behavior in his next relationship?

Christine: Kevin wants to be the guy that could have earned that ring, and he’s beginning to realize how his behavior has sabotaged many of his relationships.

With Sophie apparently moving on, he’s also learning that you only get so many chances.

I think Kevin really wants to be all in with someone, but he needs to figure out how to take things slowly. Love takes time and nurturing, and those seem to be the steps that Kevin is missing.

Mariha: I agree with Christine! Kevin always seems to jump, no pun intended, into bed with women before having anything grow organically.

Reconnecting With Sophie - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 12

He is impulsive, and I think Claire shared that trait with him.

I think she saw Kevin was going to be a star and the chances of him staying with his high school sweetheart were pretty slim. 

Kevin wants family life now, but he hurt Sophie too many times. Now he will never get that ring, and I think he is finally coming to peace with that.

Jack: I agree too. I think that Kevin realizes it's too late for him and Sophie, but he wants to be that guy who would have deserved the ring anyway.

However, he has a ways to go. Jumping into bed with Madison wasn't exactly a departure from the old, impulsive Kevin.

How did the subplot about little Kevin needing a sheep on a mobile to be able to fall asleep, only to learn Rebecca threw it away, relate to what Kevin was going through as an adult?

Christine: Oh, that broke my heart when they learned Rebecca had given away his beloved sheep. It was probably Kevin’s first experience with loss.

I think Kevin frequently feels as though what’s important to him isn’t acknowledged by his mom, whereas Rebecca dotes more on Randall and worries more about Kate, and this has affected all of his relationships as an adult.

Mariha: This was a perfect comparison!

Kevin was holding on to the idea that he couldn't sleep without his sheep mobile, but after a little speech about grief, Kevin was able to sleep just fine with the tiger.

(TALL) Questioning Everything - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 12

As an adult, Kevin is so stuck in this picture of a family and his desire for Sophie to be the one. Little does he know, life has other plans.

After his talk with Claire at the grave, I think he was finally able to let go of the future he dreamt for him and Sophie.

Jack: I think Christine makes a good point. Rebecca didn't bother watching Kevin's appearance on Days of Our Lives either.

I think Kevin has been holding onto his dream of a relationship with Sophie just like he wanted to hold onto his sheep.

I also think he turned to Claire and Sophie a lot because Rebecca was always doing things like throwing away that sheep.

Kevin and Sophie's reunion seemed to end with them accepting their place in each other's lives as friends. React!

Christine: It seemed perfect to me. These two will always hold an important place in one another’s lives, and in an unexpected way, Claire’s funeral gave them an odd sort of closure.

I love Kevin and Sophie, but you only get so many second chances, and it's realistic to think they’ve used theirs up.

Mariha: Thank goodness! I was so pleased they didn't end up sleeping together.

This was the perfect setting for closure between them and having the guts to finish Good Will Hunting.

Giving Condolences - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 12

Now we know the ending to Sophie and Kevin's story, and it was sure better than I imagined.

Sophie and Kevin are soulmates in the way Joey and Dawson from Dawson's Creek were, but you're not always meant to end your with your soulmate, and that's okay.

Jack: I second all of the above.

I was dreading another Kevin/Sophie hookup.

I know there are some "Kophie" superfans out there, but I feel like the ship has sailed on their relationship, and I'm glad the writers think so too, at least at this point.

Kevin and Madison -- good idea or another impulsive hookup that might come back to bite Kevin?

Christine: Can’t it be both? I’ve always thought that Kevin and Madison had the potential to make an interesting pair, and I wouldn’t mind seeing that explored.

Unfortunately, Kevin has a bad habit of falling into bed with people on a whim, and this appears to follow that pattern.

Mariha: I literally laughed when I saw Madison.

Goodness Kevin, right after such a great speech you repeat bad habits.

Calling Randall - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 12

My theory: Kevin gets Madison pregnant.

They start to date or Kevin being so baby crazy just proposes to Madison.

She might even accept, but eventually, they break up.

I don't think they are endgame. I would be highly surprised.

Jack: Yeah, Kevin and Madison might have been interesting, but not like this.

The impulsive jumping into bed with whoever catches Kevin's attention at the moment needs to stop, at least if he wants a real romance.

What do you think happened with Kate and Toby now?

Christine: Oy. Who knows?

Has Toby gotten closer to his cross-fit flirtation?

Have they had a huge disagreement over baby Jack’s treatment or future?

As much tension as there has been between these two of late, not much would surprise me.

Meeting His Crossfit Buddies - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10

Mariha: Christine hit the nail on the head!

These two have been on thin ice this entire season. Raising a special needs child is stressful, and they haven't been on the same page.

I have a feeling Toby will soon be leaving the series since the actor has been tapped for a top-secret marvel project.

The only way I can see divorce is if he cheats or makes it known that he cannot deal with Jack's condition.

Jack: I'm sure whatever happened had to do with Toby's crossfitting obsession and/or his lack of ability to deal with baby Jack's disability.

I have a feeling that we're going to see a relationship between Kate/Marc and the implosion of Kate/Toby, but I have no idea as to the specifics.

What was your favorite scene, storyline, or quote from This Is Us Season 4 Episode 12?

Christine: Little Kate waking up Jack and telling him they have a problem was such an adorable moment.

But I really loved how much Claire believed in Kevin, told him not to settle, and was always rooting for him even when she doubted that he and Sophie would make it as a couple.

Claire gave Kevin a place to run to and feel accepted when he didn’t always feel that way at home.

Claire and Kevin - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 12

Mariha: I really enjoyed the Good Will Hunting subplot.

Not only was it a great game to play, but it really spoke to the rollercoaster of life. You don't know the ending of your story so you have to make it up as you go along.

Jack: I liked Kevin's speech at Claire's grave, especially juxtaposed with Jack's comforting words when little Kevin lost his sheep. That was an emotional moment that I hoped would lead to some growth for Kevin.

Your turn, This Is Us Fanatics.

What did you think about Kevin's reunion with Sophie, his hook-up with Madison, or anything else that happened on This Is Us Season 4 Episode 12?

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Kevin: I miss my sheep.
Jack: I know. Look,bud, sometimes we lose things we love and it makes us feel sad. Really sad. Now I know right now this feels like the worst thing in the world, but I promise you will find something else to love.

Hey Soph, I'm really sorry. She was a force of nature.