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Was there hope to rescue Lynn?

On Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13, Jefferson and his team descended upo Markovia to take down the people responsible for the animosity in Freeland. 

Tobias' DNA - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 12

However, Lynn found herself in even more danger when she met up with Gravedigger, a metahuman on the Markovian side. 

What did this mean for her?

Meanwhile, more details about Jennifer's new superhero abilities spread across the city. 

Was she really stronger than ever?

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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Brandon: Is your name Jace?
Dr. Jace: It is! What can I do for you?
Brandon: You can die, b****!
[Brandon uses his power to shake the earth]
Gardner: Stop! Brandon, stop! Stop!
[Gardner knocks him out]
Dr. Jace: Who the hell is that?!

Gravedigger: By the way you’re standing, you’re not all there. Biotics … lots of them. Not enough nervous system for me to push. Not enough sense to run. Clearly, you’re what they call a “millennial.”
Khalil: You talk too much.