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Did Rakesh find his soulmate?

On God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 13, he was stunned when his app suggested that Lulu, the princess of an African nation, was the one for him. 

Wedding Party - God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 12

What did this mean for his relationship with Jaya?

Meanwhile, Miles was sent more details about someone close to him. 

Who was it?

Elsewhere, Ali revealed her cancer diagnosis to Arthur and Trish. 

How did they take the news?

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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Rakesh: That doesn't make any sense? Who is Lule Achebe?
Miles: Um, your soulmate is my friend suggestion.

Arthur: What else was I supposed to say? That watching that battle play out with Ella almost broke me? That there would be days where she's going to be days she's going to feel so sick that she's not going to get out of bed. Days where I have to look her in the eye and say 'oh, no baby, it's going to be fine' and hoping that she's not going to see the fear in my eyes."
Trish: They caught it early which means she's going to start treatment early. We are going to get through this. Ali is going to get through this.
Arthur: Yeah, you're right.