Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 18 Review: In the Name of Love

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Okay, now I'm mad!

And it's not because of the latest Ethan/April nonsense, either.

Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 18 provided one of the best demonstrations of how cruel the health care system can be if you're poor, and little Augie's plight broke my heart as much as it broke Ben's.

A Controversial Treatment - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 18

Throughout the hour, the writers implied that Augie's foster mother was a negligent parent, and then that turned out not to be the truth at all.

Ms. Ruth wasn't deliberately neglectful. She was poor. 

And because she was poor, she couldn't risk answering the phone at work because if she lost her job that was it. And she couldn't take Augie to the doctor as required because going 40 miles each way was impossible.

She likely lives in a poorer neighborhood where there's little opportunity and has a big heart, so she wanted to help a child who lost his parents to the ills of that community, only to find that her situation meant she couldn't take care of him properly.

There is so much wrong with this situation that it's hard to know where to begin.

A Terminally Ill Patient - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 18

If only there were a community health center equipped to take care of Augie's issues or a service that paid for Augie's transportation and medical care so Ms. Ruth didn't have to worry.

Natalie: Ms. Ruth loves you, but she isn't always able to take you to the doctor.
Ben: I know going someplace new can be scary.
Augie: I'm not scared.I understand why she doesn't want me.
Natalie: That's not true. She loves you but -
Augie: Nobody wants a sick kid.

God only knows why Augie is in foster care in the first place or how many homes he's been shuffled to because his foster parents couldn't take care of his health issues.

When he came into the hospital, he seemed more sad than in physical pain, and no doubt his self-esteem has taken a hit because of the way his illness affects his ability to have a stable living situation.

It sucks that a kid his age has to deal with all of this just because he was born into whatever crappy circumstances he was born into with a serious health condition.

Disagreeing With Marcel - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 18

There is one silver lining here, and that is that Ben and Maggie were so upset about Augie's situation that the chances are high that they'll end up adopting Augie themselves, and he'll finally get the loving, stable family he deserves, complete with a nurse who understands his health problems.

Maybe that's wishful thinking on my part, but they cared enough to cancel their spa trip, and that could grow into something more.

Natalie: Crockett?
Marcel: Yeah.
Natalie: Why would you suggest a radical surgery for a terminal patient? Even if it is successful, it is highly unlikely to save his life.
Marcel: But it could buy more time, and a higher quality of life.
Natalie: Yeah, if he doesn't die on the table, which is a real risk given his heart problems.
Marcel: And I didn't sugarcoat that risk.
Natalie: He has seen many surgeons, and none of them have put this option on the table.
Marcel: Yeah. Cause most of them are gutless, obsessed with their stats.

Meanwhile, Marcel and Nat had another fight about whether or not Marcel should perform a controversial procedure.

Ever since her TBI, Nat has developed this annoying habit of putting her nose in all sorts of things that don't concern her, and this was the latest example.

April's Consequences - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 18

Marcel informed Nick and Alice of the risks involved with the surgery and Nick wanted to do it. 

While we don't know exactly what was said since it was off-screen, there's no evidence that Marcel sugarcoated the risks in any way or kept any vital information from Nick.

So it was the patient's call, whether or not Nat thought it was the right one, and it wasn't her place to either try to talk Marcel out of doing the surgery or talk to Alice or Nick about it.

Plus, Nick was competent to make decisions, so Alice couldn't stop the surgery no matter how much she disagreed with it.

Goodwin Is Worried - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 18

Too bad Nick ended up dying after the fact, though it was somewhat predictable.

He came through surgery just fine with fifteen minutes to go in the hour, so there had to be some complication.

Marcel's reaction to Nick's death added depth and complexity to his character, though.

I've got to admit that his character is growing on me. When he first appeared at Med, he didn't seem to have much of a purpose beyond flirting with April and making a drink for her that appeared to be laced with something.

But over time, he's developed more and more layers, demonstrating a willingness to take risks in the operating room and a sensitivity that only seems to come out around Nat.

Past Mistakes - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 18

Nat and Marcel challenge each other as friends, but hopefully, it won't go any further than that. After five years of Nat/Will, I'd prefer she stay single instead of jumping into another roller coaster of a relationship.

Speaking of Will, I think Goodwin spoke for the viewing audience when she asked him if he ever learns.

Elliot: No. No dialysis. She has an advance directive.
Evelyn: Don't listen to him. He lies.

Will was seeing what he wanted to see as usual and had convinced himself that a dying woman with dementia's "Yes" constituted informed consent when it most certainly did not.

It was so predictable that Elliot would walk in as soon as Will placed the tube that Will should have seen it coming.

The more interesting part of this story was Molly's reaction, though.

She disagreed with her father about what her mother would have wanted and was ready to sue him to keep that breathing tube in.

That conflict wasn't developed as much as it might have been, but at least she got a conversation with Sharon out of it.

After the Reveal - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 18

I couldn't help thinking how awesome it would be if real-life hospital administrators took the time to talk one-on-one with grieving patients like that.

In addition to the medical storylines, there were a bunch of relationship stories that I mostly could have done without.

I was over Marcel/April/Ethan almost from when it began, and Ethan's behavior post reveal wasn't helping that.

Suggesting his patient have her husband arrested for putting protein powder in her shake was ridiculous.

It wasn't like he knew she had a genetic disorder and couldn't process protein. It wasn't a nice thing to do, but it was hardly a criminal matter.

Ethan just wanted to get revenge on April for betraying him by ruining these people's marriage. Sheesh.

And Will/Hannah is just another disaster waiting to happen, but what else is new with Will? He listens to nobody and plunges headfirst into stupid situations on a regular basis.

Sharon's relationship with her son and ex-husband was more interesting, though. 

Michael: What is he doing here?
Sharon: I invited him.
Michael: If he stays, I'm leaving.
Sharon: Sit down. Now this cold war between you and your father ends tonight.

I liked how she took charge and didn't let her son get away with continuing to harbor resentment against his father. He is an adult and so are his parents -- no matter how protective he thinks he's being of his mother, it's not his place to decide if she gives his father another chance or not.

So what did you think, Chicago Med fanatics?

Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button and share your thoughts on Will's latest stupid decisions, Marcel and Natalie's conflict, and all the relationship drama.

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In the Name of Love Review

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Elliot: No. No dialysis. She has an advance directive.
Evelyn: Don't listen to him. He lies.

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